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Key Points for Dr Scott Parazynski MD

  • Dr. Scott Parazynski MD is an astronaut with over 8 weeks in space, forty-seven hours on spacewalks and 23,000,000 miles in orbit.
  • Has flown on 5 space shuttle missions.
  • Is the first astronaut to scale Mount Everest.
  • He led a scientific dive in the world's highest lake at 19,700 feet in the Andes on a NASA sponsored expedition.
  • Is responsible for the National Science Foundation's medical screening and healthcare delivery in Antarctica.
  • Has received many prestigious awards, including 5 NASA Spaceflight Medals, 2 Distinguished Service Medals and 2 Exceptional Service Medals.

Topics for Dr Scott Parazynski MD

  • Managing risk vs taking risk
    Scott has zoomed down luge tracks at breakneck speeds, flown high performance supersonic aircraft, walked in space at considerable peril, summited Mount Everest after rupturing a lumbar disc, performed a scientific dive in the world's highest lake and faced myriad other challenges in the planet's most extreme environments. He prepares for work in these challenging realms by exhaustive study, training, pre-visualisation (of success as well as overcoming obstacles) and having a backup to the backup plan. Knowing how complex systems work and how they might fail is one of many skills in his toolkit, and his lessons learned are imminently relatable to all industries. An approachable storyteller, he warmly shares his experiences in a way that leaves audiences knowing they can translate them into their own lives.
  • The opportunity and the obligation to innovate
    For a company to be truly disruptive and grow, it must create an environment whereby, every employee is not only allowed to contribute to the advancement of the mission, they feel a deeply obligated to innovate. That's the kind of environment and work ethic Scott has spent a lifetime advancing: from developing the techniques to recover from the Space Shuttle Columbia accident to enhancing safety on the slopes of the world's highest mountains. He can transfer this mindset to your workforce with powerful examples from; aerospace, medicine, mountaineering and everyday life with engaging, relatable stories and good humour.
  • The road less travelled: Finding your way towards really making a difference
    He derives lessons from an international upbringing in war-torn Beirut and Tehran, from those who inspired him to pursue his passions, and from "the view from the top of the planet," which he attained via rocket and on foot. As he says, "Life's greatest lessons come from outside the classroom"- based on the people we meet, the experiences we pursue, and having an openness to new challenges. Through perseverance, rigorous preparation and a willingness to fail every once and awhile, enormous rewards often ensue. He shares his path through life with stunning imagery, good humour and relatable anecdotes. Your employees will see their own pathways towards making a difference!
  • Murphy’s Law on the final frontier: You'd better be prepared
    Dr. Parazynski has spoken all over the world about the rigours, risks and rewards of exploration in extreme environments, deriving important lessons in teamwork, risk management and leadership under the most demanding circumstances, on or off the planet. He derives lessons from a wide range of spaceflight missions and mountaineering expeditions where in-depth preparation saved the day, and often much more. A focused approach to preparation for critical tasks leads to success, even if via unforeseen “detours."
  • Leadership under extreme adversity, on and off the planet
    Scott has brought diverse teams together, challenging enormous odds on, well above and underneath the earth's surface. Drawing on his lessons learned from the harsh vacuum of space, the route to the summit of Everest, and within tense operating rooms and boardrooms, he relates attributes of situationally appropriate leadership and company culture that have yielded enormous successes over many years. Punctuated by great storytelling, breathtaking imagery and a self deprecating good humour, his style is relatable and inspirational to all audiences!

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