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Key Points for Dr Philip Merry

  • Dr Philip Merry has lived and worked in Asia for the last 33 years and delivered workshops in 59 countries.
  • Well known team, leadership and cultural intelligence expert.
  • Specialist in helping organisations and teams understand and master change by building understanding and collaboration between those who see the world differently.
  • Conducted learning events in over 100 cities in 59 countries for 38 years, helping them navigate today’s changing landscape in order to influence bottom line, teamwork, performance, conflict, JV’s, leadership and co-operation.
  • Lively experiential sessions link cross-cultural development with solving real current business issues.
  • High level of skill when working in situations where difficult interpersonal and intercultural dynamics are impacting business results.
  • Clients commend his ability to put people at their ease and establish a learning climate where people from different cultures feel comfortable to discuss sensitive business issues.

Topics for Dr Philip Merry

  • Strategic change leadership
  • High performing team development
  • Cultural intelligence
  • Conflict resolution
  • Agile leadership in a VUCA world
  • Head and heart partnership
  • Appreciative inquiry
  • Quantum leadership in a changing world
  • Whole-hearted engagement
  • Leading with heart
  • Synchronicity, intuition and leadership
  • Synchronicity & magical leadership
  • Leadership in changing times
  • Global cultural intelligence
  • Authenticity & cultural identity
  • Cultural intelligence in a global world
  • Culture and personality conflicts in business
  • Your authentic self beyond culture
  • Engagement & happiness in a global workplace
  • Positive psychology and workplace happiness
  • Maximising energy for sustainable performance
  • Happiness & authenticity
  • 60 is the NEW 30

Testimonials for Dr Philip Merry

My sincere appreciation and thanks for all your hard work and really superb facilitation of our branch retreat in October 2017. I was pleased and impressed to have someone so thoroughly comfortable in leading the group to points of learning, and watching how it all unfolded so well! Through your dexterity and skill, you helped us to navigate to what I think was a widely shared feeling of satisfaction and appreciation for a job well done. You helped bring us together in a way that was truly novel and that has helped us on our way.
Chief Resources and Markets Branch
UN Environment

In all this work Mr. Merry and his company have provided IWMI with the highest level professional services in the area of team and leadership development. His personal style, as a trainer/coach/presenter, has received top ratings and feedback from participants from every session that I have seen. In short, I rate Philip Merry among the top ten percent of consultants I have ever worked with, and the best on leadership issues in cross cultural settings.
Former Director General
World Bank International Water Management Institute

Phil was the orchestrator and educator for our Global Leadership Programmes responsible 6 events for over 200 people, held in Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai and Istanbul. He was the anchor of the program, and was responsible for building a constructive climate, where people felt comfortable to contribute. We had representatives from Germany, US, UK, France, Holland, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, India, UAE, Tunisia, South Africa and Turkey. Phil received very strong and positive feedback on his ability to build rapport and connect with people, regardless of cultural background. He had a particular skill bringing people together, and inspiring them around the topic of leadership, in a way that crossed cultures. Many of the participants still talk about the magic that Phil was able to weave during the program, and the impactful memories they have of him speaking.
Senior Manager Corporate OD
Boehringer Ingelheim

In addition to being a great speaker and educator, Phil has a wonderful way of establishing his credibility with the group while also building good relationships. Phil’s strong front of the room presence, speaking skills, deep global experience (working in nearly 60 countries), good relationship building and listening skills, intelligence, and comfortable manner not only help participants relate to him but create a safe environment for learning and raising challenging questions.
Executive Director
Duke Corporate Education

Philip Merry was employed by Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) to facilitate our Team Leadership Building activity. Philip is kind in nature, spoke with passion, communicated effectively to everyone, sensitive to the diverse culture of participants, and bringing much attention to details of relationships within the project structure and process. He was pleasurable to talk and work with, and everybody felt important in the team building activity. He was fair and just, giving equal opportunity to every participant. He was worried, felt concerned, and helped participants to learn and interrelate with the big group effectively regardless of culture, social standing, and rank in the organization.
PRISM Project Coordinator
PhilRice, Philippines

Philip Merry was our keynote speaker at our South-East and Asia Management Conference where he was giving an enormous inspiring speech and workshop facilitation to an audience of 300+ participants from more than 15 countries across South-East Asia on "Empowering People". Philip gave us practical examples and hands-on advice on the benefits of empowerment and in demonstrated to us areas where it can lead to superior results that helped our organisation to move forward in successful collaboration.
HR Manager
African Oxygen Ltd.

I have known Phil Merry for a long time now, he is an extra-ordinary consultant, trainer and most importantly partner, who has the gifted ability to establish rapport and win trust with diverse audiences right away. His forte is cross cultural teambuilding, leadership and management education and assessment and development of senior level managers. I have worked very closely with Phil over the years and feel I can always turn to him in any of the above areas or indeed for coaching or counselling even top managers in very difficult situations.
Former HR Manager Asia