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Key Points for Dr Katie Allen

  • Katie Allen is a highly published public health expert and paediatrician who has led significant public debate around the challenges facing Australia.
  • She has successfully navigated significant career changes from paediatrics to politics. She has deep insights into how to transition through new sectors and how to change-up to a new environment.
  • Katie has extensive experience in professional mentoring and how to foster personal resilience in the face of adversity.
  • Her willingness to answer the tough questions with honesty and authenticity is enthralling to listen to.
  • Katie has spoken at more than 1000 community events over a 30 year career – in the areas of health, education, science and politics.
  • She has given more than 400 media interviews.

Topics for Dr Katie Allen

  • Katie’s background
    Katie has been driven by a deep desire to make a difference. She has dedicated herself to the health and well-being of the next generation and that has manifest itself through an extraordinary journey from paediatrics to politics. She describes her journey of caring for the health and education of society through a preventive approach to problems – both deeply personally and profoundly professional.
  • If we don’t have our health we have nothing
    Katie has a deep understanding of the healthcare system and the challenges it faces as society becomes older. As for most developed countries, Australia faces the challenges of paying for increasing health costs as the tax base narrows.
  • How women change the conversation and why we need more women inside the tent of decision making
  • Failing fast virtually in order to build resilience
    How the old adage “prepare for the worst and hope for the best” really does work.
  • Having your voice heard
    How do women have impact in the decision making tent

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