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Key Points
  • Dr Justin Coulson is one of Australia's leading experts in the areas of parenting, relationships, and wellbeing and resilience in the workplace.
  • Justin has a PhD in Positive Psychology, holds an Honorary Fellowship at the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education in the Centre for Positive Psychology and is a Senior Associate at the Positive Psychology Institute.
  • He’s a TEDx speaker and has worked with many of Australia’s biggest brands including the Commonwealth Bank, Intel Security, ANZ, IHG.
  • He has also served as a consultant to the Australian Government’s Raising Children Network, and the Office of the e-Safety Commissioner, Intel Security, Life Education and others.
  • Dr Coulson is a three-time best-selling author and has written several books and eBooks about parenting, including 21 Days to a Happier Family (Harper Collins, 2016), 9 ways to a Resilient Child (Harper Collins, 2017) and Miss-Connection, Why your teenage daughter hates you, expects the world, and needs to talk (Harper Collins 2020).
  • Justin not only brings credibility and experience, he is at the coalface of family life. He and his wife Kylie are the parents of six daughters.
  • When he is not spending time with his family, he can be found doing TV and radio appearances as well travelling around the country delivering talks and workshops at businesses improve professional relationships.
  • Helping Staff “Show Up” When They Show Up
    How to stay positive in a culture of stress and worry
    Mental health has become a genuine ‘pain in the culture’. The fast-paced, pressure-soaked, sedentary screen-pacified way we live our lives is contributing to growing incidence and potentially life-shattering impact of mental health issues in the workplace.  Anxiety and depression continue to rise exponentially, and suicide remains high on "cause of death" for our society - particularly for men. It’s no wonder that workplace wellbeing is one of the most important issues facing companies today.

    Fortunately, we have volumes of research showing simple and powerful ways to increase the wellbeing of our teams and to boost the positivity of our workplace culture. Plus, hundreds of studies emphasising that staff need to be psychologically well to succeed. To put it simply: a team that shows up when they show up is a happy, productive team.

    The question now is how?
    • How do we create an environment in which our staff can flourish?
    • How do we take concepts such as “resilience” and “positive psychology” beyond theory and fad to help our staff thrive at work?
    • How do we find out what’s actually working in real workplaces so we’re not rehashing tired old programs that don’t work anymore?
    • And just as important, how do we inspire and engage staff who are tired of “the next big thing” in workplace programs like "sleep pods" and "ping pong tournaments"? Too often staff start with tremendous enthusiasm, but so many “hope” programs, (where “we hope this works”) can leave them jaded and cynical.
    • This wellbeing package is designed to address all these issues and give your team to tools to stay positive no matter what. It provides powerful, immediately applicable strategies that are empirically proven and can make an immediate difference in your workplace.

      • Key Outcomes
        • Greater staff engagement
        • Increased staff satisfaction
        • Stronger relationships between staff members, and between staff and clients
        • Increased staff productivity
        • Enhanced positive energy at work
        • More hope
        • Greater mental, psychological and physical wellbeing.
  • The Resilient Workplace
    Tough times don’t last but tough people do. All it takes is a little resilience.  Fortunately, resilience is a capability that can be taught, both as a skill and as an outcome. So, your staff will learn how to be more resilient in their actions, which leads to more adaptive, resilient outcomes in their lives, both personally and professionally.

    The Resilient Workplace framework (available as stand-alone presentations or a complete training package) is an evidence-based system of instruction and practice designed to boost employee resilience and help them elevate the resilience of everyone around them.

    Based on his bestselling book about resilience, your staff will unpack and practice resilience-boosting strategies to help them and their teams overcome obstacles, defeat difficulties, and triumph over trials.

    • Key outcomes
      • Participants guided to a learning mindset in order to immerse themselves in the Resilient Minds framework.
      • They develop a balanced view of stress and coping with workplace challenges.
      • This introductory session teaches practical and simple stress/anxiety reduction strategies.
      • An understanding of the empirically validated mindset of success.
      • Staff will also learn to deliver feedback in a way that bolsters a growth mindset.
      • Building awareness of how resilience is supported or diminished based on individual and team roles, and exploration of structural and systemic barriers to resilience at work and in life.
      • Participants explore practical ways to implement learning from today’s framework to day-to-day workplace situations.
  • Rebels At Work 
    Creative thinkers are vital for the growth and development of any organisation because they are the ones who change things. They push companies forward because they question processes and policies, and consistently find novel ways to re-create the system. However, corporate culture is regularly resistant to those who see things ‘differently’. The response is often, “That’s a nice idea, but we can’t do that.” or “we’ve never done it before.”

    Consequently, employees report being afraid to think and respond critically, ask questions, pass on negative information and especially to ‘rebel’. But while rebels can be hard to live and work with because they question the status quo, they agitate for change, and even though they can be a downright pain in the backside), rebels provide extraordinary value to corporations IF corporate culture can be sufficiently accommodating to realise the potential value they bring.

    Diving deep below the surface of his powerful TED talk, Dr Justin Coulson will help you explore ways to promote innovation, creativity, and powerful collaborations between colleagues and clients by encouraging rebellion that leads to results.

    • Key outcomes
      • Increase employee engagement and commitment, particularly amongst the ‘A-graders’.
      • Outline ways that employees can question the status quo reflectively, rather than reflexively.
      • Help leaders identify effective ways to work with rebels – and even encourage rebellion.
      • Identify strategies that build positive energy in the workplace to promote cohesion, even during conflict.
      • Create a culture that builds a sense of team rather than individualism.
  • Cat Herding In The Workplace
    What do you do when you are handed poop fresh from the nappy by a two-year-old? How do you handle being metaphorically handed the same thing from challenging staff determined to do things their own way? While our colleagues, our clients, our teams, or our students don’t exactly hand us their proverbial crap, the challenges they dish up to us can sometimes leave us wondering whether we are managing adults... or children.

    Based on his viral hit video via Goalcast (viewed over 65 million times and counting), Dr Justin Coulson unpacks lessons in life and leadership based on the science of powerful relationships. You'll discover the anatomy of an argument, how to create a climate of psychological safety that promotes risk-taking and creative, positive rebellion and how to authentically relate to clients and colleagues at work. These are powerful principles that can change relationships at work (and at home) in fundamental and significant ways.

    • Key Outcomes
      • Discover ground-breaking principles from the science of relationships that helps us to get relationships right every time.
      • Move past the vicious circle of conflict in constructive, positive ways without alienating clients, colleagues, students, or loved ones.
      • Develop powerful, personal strategies for building trust.
      • Unpack the secret to getting things done when relationships are at an impasse, 
      • Learn how creating a ‘trust triangle’ will lead to more influence in relationships that matter most.
      • Easy-to-implement suggestions for changing relationships for the better RIGHT NOW.
  • How To Change Your Habits So You Can Change Your Life – At Work And At Home
    Do you find that your people often say they’ll do something, but struggle to do what they say they’ll do? Are their workplace habits oftentimes unproductive? Are your team’s goals clear but the systems and habits they need to achieve those goals a little foggy?

    For too long, we’ve focused on goals and then told people to get to work. We’ve attempted to motivate them (or relied on them to motivate themselves), when the systems - or lack thereof - actively work against them.

    Now, you can unleash power of good habits and systems for igniting your team.

    'How to change your habits so you can change your life - at work and at home' is a deeply interactive workshop created to guide your staff to design the systems and habits they need to follow through, increase productivity and get stuff done. Thus, making good habits and breaking bad ones.

    After working with Dr Justin Coulson, your team will be clear on what needs to be done, how they’re going to do it and who they’ll be accountable to.

    • Key Outcomes
      • Systems that support personal and professional habits that lead to fulfilled goals, for the individual and the team.
      • A clear understanding of how to structure the environment to make behaviours that lead to success the most likely behaviours your team will choose.
      • An accountability system that ensures your team members will be positive about reporting their results proactively.
  • An Educator's Survival Guide to Teaching During COVID-19
    There is barely a teacher in the country who has not been stretched beyond capacity through the early part of 2020. Many report "it's like being a first year teacher all over again - but harder!" The cognitive stress, physical exhaustion, and upended circumstances have left educators reeling.

    In this presentation for all staff, Dr Coulson will provide strategies for creating calm amid the chaos with simple and practical tools your team can use immediately to regain balance and energy. You’ll find out the scientifically proven ways that “Batman” - yes, Batman - can boost your team’s capacity, explore how a mental mentor can reduce stress responses in over-stretched staff, and learn why white bears could be the answer to anxiety and worry.

    It’s fun. But it’s interactive. But you’ll hear science-based solutions you can trust from one of the country’s foremost experts in wellbeing and relationships.
  • Running on Empty
    Wellbeing Strategies to Refill Your Teachers’ Tanks
    The upheaval of early 2020, has been substantial. Patterns and programs have been changed. Practice has been turned on its head. Everything is different. The problem, right now, for educators, is that the new normal is exhausting, expectations have only increased, and there is no known “end” to the tunnel. We may be back at school, but things are not the way they used to be.

    Everyone has had the wellbeing talk. You know… the one where the list goes up on the powerpoint and we’re told to exercise, sleep, stay off screens, minimise alcohol, and watch our diets. Everyone has heard it. Everyone knows it. But no one is doing it. It’s just another list of things to do.

    The more advanced learners know about gratitude lists and letters, mindful meditation, and the importance of those random acts of kindness. But wellbeing is still taking a hit. One in 5 Australian adults experience mental illness in any given year - and in a COVID environment, it may be higher.

    This presentation offers a fresh look at wellbeing. Based on cutting-edge science, participants will learn the three basic psychological needs that underpin motivation and wellbeing - for themselves, and others. They’ll learn to lead for motivation that comes from within, and how to create an environment that inspires wellbeing.
  • How to Pivot Like a Pro
    An Educator's Guide to Staying the Course When You Want to Scream
    The past two months have seen teachers "pivoting" more than an Olympic figure-skater! The endless uncertainty, the changed plans and forecasts, the upended calendar and curriculum: it would be easy to become jaded and cynical. But that's not the answer!

    In this wellbeing webcast with a difference, we'll discover what white bears have to do with finding equilibrium in these times of incessant change, and why thinking positive may actually be undermining your wellbeing right now. Join us for 40-minutes that is guaranteed to buoy your spirits and point you in a positive direction as the Covid fallout continues.

Justin’s topics hit the mark and resonated with the audience. It was a perfect opening to our 3 days together and further lifted the energy in the room amongst our colleagues. 

Dr Justin Coulson is a highly motivating and engaging presenter. The session was so valuable and would highly recommend it to others. I can see how the skills that learned in the session will not only help in the workplace but in my personal life as well. 
Endeavour Energy

The feedback received from the last webinar conducted was overwhelmingly positive, and here are some comments:
“That was great and makes me realise that lightening up and laughing more, is what we all need”
“Thanks! An interesting change of topic”
“Great talk. I loved all the practical examples/ ideas. Many thanks for providing a webinar for families”
“Great content and amazing presentation by Justin”

What I like about Justin is that he gets a feel for the group and then adjusts his presentation to meet their needs. He is engaging from the very first sentence. His topics and responses are practical and down to earth. He has a realistic view of families and people immediately sense his genuineness. 
Catholic Education Office, Bathurst

Dr Justin Coulson presented to both our staff and our school community. He was able to use school specific data and information to tailor a package that will have a positive long term impact on the way that we interact with each other. 
Garran Primary School, Canberra

The way in which Dr Coulson supported our Design Make Create Faire theme of strengthening connections with dads with their kids was inspirational. I am certain that his humorous and practical insights into Love, Laughter and Limits would have had a positive impact on all of the families that were present. What our teachers present shared with me afterwards was the practical implication for the strategies he suggested for families and how they would be applied in the school setting. Truly a gifted, kind and warm human being who is a breath of fresh air, mainly because of his unique ability to connect with every parent and every child. 
Kimberley Park State School, Brisbane