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Key Points for Dr Gill Hicks AM MBE

  • Globally known for advocating sustainable peace, Gill Hicks AM MBE, founded M.A.D. Minds and Music Art Discussion, intertwining art and expression to foster lasting peace.
  • As an adjunct lecturer and developer of critical thinking modules, Gill shapes young minds, emphasizing the importance of mindful choices and awareness.
  • Returning to Australia, she rekindled her artistic practice, garnering acclaim for her Fringe debut, "Still Alive and Kicking," showcasing her resilience and creativity.
  • Through bespoke presentations, Gill empowers audiences to embrace confident choices, urging proactive responses to adversity and advocating for transformative change.

Topics for Dr Gill Hicks AM MBE

  • Surviving the London Bombings
    Learn the attributes needed in difficult times to enjoy life to the fullest
  • Disability
    Explore the ability of those with a disability
  • Peace
    Is it possible?
  • Taking fear out of the equation
    Learn the impact fear has on people's perception of their ability and understand how it holds many back from reaching greater success

Testimonials for Dr Gill Hicks AM MBE

You could have heard a pin drop when Gill was doing her presentation. She is very generous in sharing private & intimate moments and teaches her audience just how precious life is. Every person I spoke to just loved her and her message and our CEO said that Gill was the best speaker that she had ever heard.
City of Yarra

You could hear a pin drop, in all my years in events management I have never seen an audience so gripped by every word, Gill inspired us all, amazing
Events Manager
Adelaide Convention Centre

Gill held the audience spellbound for well over an hour. The presentation was both confronting and inspirational.  It gave our members a new perspective on prioritising their lives and what is truly important as well as the sheer determination in beating the odds… truly a unique experience
YPO Education Chair, Adelaide

In her speaking engagements on behalf of Leonard Cheshire Disability she always manages to move and inspire people so their combined energy and creativity can be used positively to benefit others less able
Leonard Cheshire Disability"

The delegates felt empowered, inspired and appreciative with the opportunity to network and attend workshops
Organiser of Police Service Event

One could not help but be inspired and challenged - and in the very self centred world of the City reflective on how we spend our time, live our lives and evaluate what is truly important. Pity I could not have made it mandated viewing for all on the trading floor!
City Banker

Gill is a constant reminder that our work is hugely valued and appreciated, and has become a dear friend to many.  Her frequent and overwhelmingly positive comments about St Thomas', her fundraising efforts and her willingness to talk candidly about her experiences as a patient and of her recovery continue to enrich the lives of everyone who has met her since those tragic events on July 7
Director of Communications
Guy's St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

You tell your story with such power and pace… it is essential to our survival and that of our planet that we stay conscious – that we are aware of what we are doing … and that we act on that awareness.  By example and by examination, you show us how. Thank you
Dr Scilla Elworthy
Founder of Peace Direct, recipient of the Niwano Peace Prize in 2003 and nominated three time for the Nobel Peace

She has worked hard to regain her mobility with prosthetic limbs, and now works tirelessly for better opportunities for disabled people with the charity Leonard Cheshire Disability, and devotes herself full-time to building networks for peace between Muslim, Christian and other communities.  Gill has displayed an awesome spirit and strength to choose hope over despair, and a relentless sense of purpose, when it would have been so easy to fall into depression. Like so many other women, the unimaginable tests she has faced have not made her give up, but instead inspired her to devote herself to a cause close to her heart.
Sarah Brown

Inspiring! Gill was fantastic – I could have listened to her all day!  … She made me realise that little things mean a lot
Nurse in the Midlands

Gill was an absolute delight and very well received by the audience.
Mackillop College