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Key Points
  • Dr Frank Hagenow is a specialist in the psychology of communication.
  • Has successfully performed many conflict resolutions and supported numerous top managers in his coaching.
  • Has a long career as a psychological evaluator and manager.
  • Holds university degrees in psychology and tourism.
  • Studied in Hamburg focussing specifically on pedagogical, work-related, and organisational psychology.
  • Leadership without mind games
  • Winning over people
  • Think beyond the horizon

Our staff received in Dr. H's events many helpful tips for an effective interaction with their clients.
Managing Director
Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein GmbH

Thank you very much for your appearance, dear Dr. Hagenow. The feedback from all sides was very positive.
Member of the Board
H&S Hanseatic Legal AG

We look forward to seeing you in Granada and enjoying your company.
Spanish Psychological Association (COP)

Your keynote was a great experience. We would be pleased to see you soon again in Iceland. We feel it is very important to foster communication between Iceland and Germany with regards to new developments.