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Key Points for Dr Edward Hoffman Ph.D

Dr. Hoffman's tenure at Columbia University, coupled with leadership at Knowledge Strategies, LLC, underscores a career blending research, education, and consulting.

Co-writing "The Smart Mission" catapulted Dr. Hoffman into the limelight, securing an Axiom Award and sharing NASA's knowledge management insights.

As the inaugural Chief Knowledge Officer and director of the esteemed NASA Academy, Dr. Hoffman reshaped knowledge strategies, project leadership, and governance after the Columbia Shuttle tragedy.

With a rich history as faculty at respected institutions, Dr. Hoffman's impact extends through journal articles, mentoring, and contributions to institutions like George Washington University, Drexel University, and the University of Sydney.

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Customised 'Smart mission leadership series' 1- day workshop (based on Dr. Hoffman’s award-winning book):

  • 3 hr morning session
  • Conversation over lunch
  • 3 hr afternoon session
  • Conversation over dinner

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