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Key Points for Dr Alice MacKinnon (PhD)

  • Dr Alice MacKinnon has a PhD in Adult Education (University Technology Sydney, 2004).
  • She is an Advance Australia Award Winner (Services to the Environment); Alumni Award Winner (University of NSW).
  • She is an organisational and business keynote speaker; designer and facilitator of training programs, workshops, retreats; facilitator of public and organisational events.
  • Alice is a social and ecological consultant to City of Gold Coast Council, Logan City Council, Scenic Rim Regional Council, Hervey Bay Water, Gold Coast Water, Qld State Government, Communities for Children Northern Gold Coast.
  • She ha published three: “Surfing as a Dance: How one woman found grace in and out of the water” (2018); “the dharma of surfing: wisdom from the water for life” (2016); “Expanding Green Strategies: Transformative Negotiation” (2006). Her fourth book in production is due to be published July 2023 “Surfacing: Resilience, Recovery and Love”.
  • She has written numerous freelance articles published in magazines and newspapers (MiNDFOOD, Griffith Review, Gold Coast Bulletin etc); Inclusion in collaborative books (Social Ecology).
  • She is host of Smart Sassy Seniors Podcast and live public events with wife Jennifer Jefferies.
  • Alice is a spoken word storyteller – Byron Bay Surf Festival; Gold Coast City Council Libraries.
  • She is the producer and surfer for the documentary “Taking Off: Tales of Older Women Who Surf” which has its world premiere on May 20 2023.
  • Alice is also the co-founder and executive officer of The Ethos Foundation – Not for Profit Sustainability Adult Learning Centre.
  • She is designer and facilitator of five-day Courageous Conversations.

Topics for Dr Alice MacKinnon (PhD)

  • Mindfulness as a martial art (keynote, workshop)
    Mindfulness is a verb – it’s a doing word. When we consistently exercise our mindfulness muscles they improve as if we’ve been working out in a brain gym. We become mindfulness martial artists by skilfully engaging with inner and outer energies. We learn to feel stillness and clarity in the storms of life AND we can better ride the big waves of life with composure and dynamic balance.
    This engaged practice enables us to:
    • Manage and reduce stress
    • Increase our focus and attention
    • Improve our capacity to collaborate
    • Harness the power and creativity of our mind
    • Regulate our emotions in healthy ways
    • Live our lives more joyfully in relationship with others and ourselves.
  • Surfacing: Choosing resilience, recovery and love (keynote)
    We all encounter Big T and little t trauma during our lives. The trick is to hone our skills in resilience and recovery so we can effectively process our experiences physically, mentally and emotionally and choose how we chart our way forward. Sometimes we even have opportunities to consciously pursue our dreams with greater purpose, commitment, love and joy.
  • Creating healthy psychosocial workplaces (keynote, workshop)
    In April 2023 the Queensland Government’s “Managing the risk of psychosocial hazards at work” Code of Practice will go live under the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011. Many other states across Australia have been or are introducing and enacting similar legislation.
    What is psychosocial? What is a healthy psychosocial workplace? What does it look like? What are the psychosocial hazards workplaces need to identify, assess, control for and review? How can we consciously craft psychosocially safe and healthy workplaces?
    This keynote and/or workshop directly address these questions in relevant, practical and meaningful ways to help workers and managers understand and apply their responsibilities and rights under the new Code so they can create and nourish workplaces that are safe and healthy for everyone.

Testimonials for Dr Alice MacKinnon (PhD)

Thank you Alice, we made a formidable team. Eighty percent of the students said their biggest takeaway was learning how to manage their breath, release stress and centre themselves through the Qigong and meditation. They loved your energy and commented on how you do everything with love and a huge heart – for the land, all people and your work.
Unleash Your Power

When we did the Qigong session it was the first time in weeks that I felt really present. My mind was peaceful, not racing around thinking of all my commitments and what I still needed to do in the next few days. It was so good for my soul to have that break from my hectic life for that time and just enjoy movement and sound and connection and nature and community.
Program Manager
Communities for Children Northern Gold Coast

I am so glad I participated in this workshop, it helped me become better at being the person I want to be. Alice leads the workshop skilfully and creates an environment of trust, respect and compassion. Her knowledge of mindfulness as a subject is incredible, and her ability to impart the motivation and skill to help us acquire life enhancing practices is real and sincere. The whole day was a pleasure to attend.
Mindfulness Public Workshop Participant, 2023

I want to tell you how you have made a difference in my life SO QUICKLY! Honestly, I have found what you and Alice taught me such a help to my crazy busy mind. A lady backed into the mini on Sunday morning and smashed up my car. I never even had a elevated heart rate. I stayed so calm. I could see she was beside herself so I got out and hugged her and reassured her. She was a really lovely woman. It was just an accident. No one was hurt. Car still drivable and I had two Syrian refugees in the car as I was taking them for the day to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, which was a blast. If that had happened a month ago I would have had a meltdown and totally catastrophised the whole situation. The car will be repaired. It will not cost me a cent. All good. It was such a stark illustration of how much I have changed and so quickly too. This is 100% down to the Smart Sassy Seniors and the tools I walked away with after our day together on the GC. Thank you my darlings. Xxx
Smart Sassy Seniors Live Event Participant, 2023

To Alice – My Mindfulness Guru, Thank you for taking the time to work with me over the past six weeks. I have seen such a huge improvement to not only my sleep, but my quality of life and how I think about things. Words cannot explain the impact you have had on me and how much I have appreciated your efforts, work and support. You radiate happiness, joy and a beautiful sense of calm. I’ve truly enjoyed our journey together. I look forward to practising mindfulness and using all of the wonderful tools you have taught me. Thank you!
Head of Community
Campus Consultancy