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Key Points for Dirk Ahlborn

  • Dirk Ahlborn is the CEO of Hyperloop and Founder of Jumpstarter.
  • He started a movement that made the rest of the world wonder why they hadn’t thought of it before.
  • From The United States to Europe, South America to Korea, Russia to the Middle East, Dirk Ahlborn has spoken about innovation, the future of transport and the future of building companies in the internet age at 80+ conferences including the WEF, SXSW, CES, SPIEF, DLD, Pioneers, carIT, CeBit, Smart Mobility World Congress and many others.

Topics for Dirk Ahlborn

  • Building the Hyperloop
    After Tesla and SpaceX opened up the Hyperloop Transportation project to the public, Dirk Ahlborn’s company JumpStarter took on the task of making airplane-speed travel at ground level a reality. With the ability to turn travel times between major cities from hours to minutes, Hyperloop will disrupt the travel industry as we know it. In this talk, you will hear behind-the-scenes details about the planning and constructing of the Hyperloop, its international reach, and how crowdsourcing made it all happen. Get in the loop on the next biggest technological breakthrough.
  • Building breakthrough innovations with crowd-powered ecosystems
    When Dirk Ahlborn took on the challenge of creating the world’s first hyperloop transportation system, he knew he would have to use the world’s collective passion to turn his idea into a reality. By inviting over 800 people to work a minimum of 10 hours per week in exchange for future equity, his company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has been able to work on solutions for culture, technology, intellectual property and more on a global scale. In this exciting and enlightening talk, Dirk will share how his company was able to innovate with crowdsourcing and how you can benefit.
  • The new business models that will be changing your industry
    Technology is changing your business model. We have gone from products to subscriptions and customer service to customer experience. But technology will not only change how customers interact with our services, but also how businesses solve their clients’ problems. Dirk Ahlborn, co-founder of JumpStarter and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), is at the forefront of this movement. With HTT, Ahblorn has been using crowdsourcing to problem solve transportation issues on a global scale. But that’s not the only technology that will change your business. Blockchain is already cutting out intermediaries to provide a more decentralized and trustworthy transaction system. In this talk, Ahlborn will share how your industry is changing and how to find opportunity in these new technologies.
  • Invest in people, not businesses
    Businesses aren’t successful on their own; it’s the people who make a company successful. However, not every team has the funding to turn their great idea into a great product or service. What if we could invest in people instead of companies? Dirk Ahlborn, the mind behind JumpStarter and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, believes angel investors should invest in the people not products. It’s the entrepreneurial spirit that carries a business through adversity. By investing in the mind behind the product, and entrepreneur is given the freedom to explore their business ventures. In this talk, Ahlborn will share how investing in people can make for a stronger commitment to success.

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