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Key Points for Denise Lee Yohn

  • Denise Lee Yohn is a top rated keynote speaker at international conferences, corporate meetings, and CEO groups, including TEDx, Facebook, Lexus, CES, and EO.
  • Author of the bestselling book, What Great Brands Do and the 5-Star rated book FUSION: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World's Greatest Companies.
  • Former Vice President/General Manager, Brand & Strategy at Sony.
  • Regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review and Forbes, and expert source for CNBC, CBS, and FOX Business TV.
  • Served as advisor to world-class brands including Frito-Lay and Oakley.

Topics for Denise Lee Yohn

  • Lead through challenge and change
    How to lead your organization to thrive in uncertainty and perform under pressure.
  • Brand leadership: How to build a rock star brand
    How to improve your competitive advantage and achieve the kind of brand leadership that everyone — from customers to employees to investors — wants a piece of.
  • Employee experience disrupted
    How to ensure your workforce is engaged and productive today and ready for tomorrow.
  • The fusion formula: Brand + Culture = Results
    Learn the leadership playbook for integrating your brand and culture to power your performance and future-proof your business.
  • Ignite experience: Fuse customer experience and employee experience to drive your growth
    Learn the complete game plan to win the hearts and minds of customers and employees.

Testimonials for Denise Lee Yohn

Not only inspiring but highly actionable.
VP Marketing
E&J Gallo

Best speaker of the day...a fresh perspective.
Fox Director, Global Vertical Marketing

World class. Even over Zoom you could see Denise’s expertise and feel her passion for the work of building great brands.

Wow – you were amazing!! Such a practical and powerful message and presentation.

Denise really took the time to understand our organization and our challenges. Her presentation was insightful and included many actionable tips for our teams.
Sigma Alimentos Mexico

Denise was a fantastic opening keynote speaker for the Transformational CMO Assembly this past June. This Assembly is one of our most prestigious events of the year and we are always in need of an innovative speaker to start things off on the right foot. Denise’s presentation skills, warm personality, and industry knowledge were all well received and I hope to continue working with her for more of our programs in the future as numerous clients of ours took a lot away from getting to know her and listening to her speak.
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
The Millennium Alliance LLC

You were our highest rated speaker as people loved the handouts, the stories and the passion with which you spoke.
Jay Walter, EO, Australia

We wanted someone who could stretch our thinking. The attendees were blown away by her presentation. We were very pleased with the depth of her experience and her ability to easily communicate that to a broad audience base.
Conference Producer
Canadian Tourism Commission Board of Advisors Annual Retreat

Comments of you being the best speaker ever were common today. Thank you for opening our eyes!
Managing Partner, Executive VP
Skyline Chili Franchise Convention

Denise delivered an outstanding presentation to the 1000 participants to the STIMA Congress in Brussels. She translated her vision on what great brands do into ready-to-use tools and made her methodology very actionable. Her clarity, her enthusiasm and her passion made everyone feel like making her or his brand great.
Senior Director
STIMA Congress

Our goal for conferences and events is to 'engage, enlighten and entertain,' and boy, did Denise deliver on all three! She arduously prepared for our group’s event, conducting numerous interviews with people from across our enterprise so that she knew us, understood our challenges and how her methodologies could be put to best effect. Our audience of independent distribution business owners and executives from large manufacturing companies loved her message, and took home immediately actionable insight for their businesses … they loved Denise!
Director of Marketing Services
Strategic Market Alliance