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Key Points for David Mead

  • David Mead is an international speaker and facilitator that brings a relatable human approach to his interactive sessions.
  • David specializes in helping leaders and their teams build trust and human connection through tangible, frictionless behaviors.
  • He is the co-author of best-seller Find Your Why, which has sold over 400,000 copies and has been translated into 25 languages.
  • David has worked with leaders and teams on five continents and over 225 companies, including Mars, The Home Depot, Hyatt, BP and Deloitte.
  • David hosted a podcast series for Indeed.com titled Behind the Talent, interviewing celebrity guests and industry experts about recruiting and leadership.

Topics for David Mead

  • Create high performance through humanity
    How to unlock your team’s untapped capacity
    Every leader wants their people to care about the business and its outcomes as much as they do. Those outcomes require high performance, engagement, productivity and a commitment to results. And often, those things are hampered by friction that naturally arises among messy, complex human beings.
    Friction can look like; office politics & gossip; low engagement; lack of accountability; remote work challenges; poor collaboration.
    Policies and processes aren’t enough to reduce that friction, at least not for the long-term. The solution to reducing friction lies within the human beings who are causing it.
    And everyone on the team, from the senior leader to the newest hire, whether working in the office or in their bedroom, has a part to play.
    The key lies in our ability to activate our innate humanity. That is exactly what David can help you do. In this interactive talk, David draws on science, case studies and a pattern he has discovered in working with leaders and organizations around the world.
    You’ll learn and apply a simple framework you can draw on a napkin, that unlocks trust and connection - the foundation of our collective humanity. The principles you’ll explore, with David as your guide, will help you have productive tough conversations, mix accountability with empathy, engage remote team members and so much more.
    In this session, participants will:
    • Identify simple daily practices they can use immediately to reduce the friction on their teams.
    • Internalize a framework that guides behavior and naturally increases performance, innovation, retention, transparent communication and well-being- Shift their perception of leadership and the role they play in shaping the culture.
    • based on trust, connection and psychological safety.
  • Leading during uncertainty
    How to confidently take on the unknown we face, together
    It’s human nature to seek the sense of comfort we feel with consistency and stability.
    Yet, we look toward the future and see more change and uncertainty than ever - economic downturn, shifts in the workforce, residual effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and more unknowns to come. A Stanford University survey assessed business uncertainty is at its highest since 2015, with the level accelerating at an unprecedented rate. So, the only thing that’s certain is that there is more uncertainty ahead.
    This state of instability can leave us feeling unsettled, demoralized, and anxious about the future. As a result, decision-making tends to become short-term and fear-based. As a result, progress slows; we become more rigid, and effective leadership declines. Rather than becoming adaptive, organization tend to be reactive.
    During these times, leadership expert David Mead urges you to stop resisting uncertainty and choose to run toward it by building and maintaining a resilient culture. In this interactive talk, David will share simple ideas to shift your perception of challenging situations and how you can see them as opportunities.
    Through polling and Q&A, David will encourage active participation that can prompt ideas for action for attendees. Audiences will walk away with tangible tools that can be practiced daily in order to fully engage their hearts and minds when obstacles arise.
    Key concepts of the session include:
    • Our two primary drivers - Love and Fear.
    • How to understand and manage the way we lead and influence others.
    • Leading when we don’t know the answer.
    • How to see humility as a strength and use it effectively.
    • Activating trust on our team.
    • How to create an environment where we can unlock the “collective genius” of the team.

Testimonials for David Mead

I just attended one of David’s workshops and was very impressed. I have been to many leadership trainings over my career and David’s was different. He gave new insights along with the strategies and tools to implement what we were learning. I recommend any company who wants to have better leadership and authenticity to bring David in for a workshop. I plan on having him do another workshop for our company.

Associate Director of Business Development
Tanner Accountants & Advisors

I’ll be honest, I was a skeptic and was going to multitask during David’s talk. But I don’t think he got more than a few sentences in when I took my hand off my computer mouse and started listening. The real life anecdotes shared, the vulnerabilities exposed and the content of the messaging being so relatable, I was drawn in to truly listen. The biggest thing that resonated with myself and many of my teammates was the reminder to be honest, humble and human. Till this day, we echo those words on Slack, in emails and verbally to one another when needed.
Product Manager of Digital Commerce

I recently had the pleasure of going through a training that David did and left inspired to be a more supportive team member, a more attentive and present father, a more loving and involved husband and a better friend. Hard to believe that all that happened in one day during one training but it’s true. I am forever changed.
Public event