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Key Points for David Boyar

  • David Boyar is a No. 1 iTunes podcast presenter and host of 3 shows.
  • He is one of the youngest Fellow members of Chartered Accountants Australia.
  • He makes numbers relevant and inspiring.
  • A case of listening to your accountant, TedX Melbourne 2019.

Topics for David Boyar

  • The future of work
  • Transitioning from a technical worker to a business leader
  • Building the finance team of the future
  • Making better business decisions
  • Mega trends for small business
    • Connectivity between workers, customers, government are creating a Virtual World to do business. How do you take advantage of the opportunity? Or is it a threat? A deep dive into the connective tools that shape the future of work.
    • Business performance used to be something left for the accountants, but digital trends are making data backed decisions everyone’s business. See how finance is coming from the back of the office to the front.
    • New business models are re shaping the way traditional cash flow works for business making more businesses get paid, upfront and more regularly, whilst getting better access to the banks.
  • Backbone – War stories from a financial mentor
    Financial Mentors see the truth behind entrepreneur’s wealth creation
    You will learn:
    • Why a sons realization that he is better off working for the family business than someone else protected his family when his father had a stroke.
    • If you stopped trusting your advisors could you get into the nitty gritty of your business to unlock the real drivers of its success?
    • How to make $1.3m profit even if you’re losing money right now.

Testimonials for David Boyar

Very engaging and relevant 
Plumbing Plus

David was well suited to our audience, he was relaxed, relatable and kept the keynote on topic and relevant. I liked his authentic approach and he was very comfortable speaking, nothing felt like it was forced or text book. He is funny and brought some great insight into the room.
Broker Ideas Group

David assembled and hosted a panel on AI Hype and Business Outcomes for our Public Practitioners forum, I could not believe how he managed to get laughter from a group of over 100 accountants.
Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

David hosted one of the most engaging and well attended panels for us. He was entertaining, and has a unique ability to bring the audience into his presentation.
BT Wealth

David is like the third member of Roy & HG, but for accountants.
From the Trenches Listener