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Key Points for David Bartlett

  • David Bartlett is a brilliant speaker on Decoding the Future and an outstanding MC and host who gets results for every organisation he works with.
  • He is the former Premier of Tasmania.
  • David Bartlett was named as one of the nation’s 50 Most Influential People in Technology by The Australian, 2015.
  • David is the Chairman of two companies taking them from start-ups to high growth businesses.
  • He is a key government advisor on Digital Technology and innovation.

Topics for David Bartlett

  • The MONA effect
    Ask any Australian what they knew about Tasmania just a decade ago and, in more polite company, you would have heard words like wilderness and beautiful scenery.  In less polite company there would have been at least one passing reference to two-headedness and of course to the fact that digging stuff up and chopping stuff down were essentially than main industries that fuelled the place.  
    Then a random, enormous, lightening bolt of weirdness struck the island in the form the largest, most valuable private collection of art in the Southern Hemisphere that landed at MONA, a purpose built Wonka style edifice to, according to its owner, the art of sex and death.
    Join David Bartlett as he tells some of the behind the scenes stories of the origins of MONA, and through those stories extracts wisdom and learning for other regional economies.  How do other regional communities replicate the ‘MONA effect’ to grow and diversify their economies?  How do regions that have a significant industrial legacy both build on this and honour it, while also transforming for a prosperous future?
  • Love your customers - In the new digital world
    • New digital channels are opening up extraordinary and disruptive new ways of having a conversation with your customer. Conversely, for the first time in history your customer can talk back. No matter what industry sector you are in your customers are looking to new digital channels to engage with your business.
  • Australian political cycles and trends
    • In an election year, David Bartlett will ‘bell the cat’ on how Governments and Oppositions define their election strategies and narratives.  Any company or industry sector wanting to engage Government at all levels needs to understand these trends and cycles and where they fit in the overall Australian economic and social context to better influence Government.
  • The expectation economy
    • Consumers, led by their smart phones and other connected devices are expecting the extraordinary. How can businesses respond to these rapid and growing expectations. David Bartlett tells stories and unpacks strategies from some of the most innovative companies around the world to help audiences understand the expectation economy and its components of two way transparency, motivational currencies, new channels and the immediacy principle.
  • The death of the job, the future of work
    • Technology is stealing our jobs right? Wrong. But technology and ubiquitous connectivity is irreversibly changing the nature of work and will in the future kill the very idea of a job. David Bartlett unpacks the ‘uberisation' of work,  the technological changes to work and the new work markets that are emerging that millennials are engaging with in unprecedented numbers.
  • The next big thing
    • We’ve all heard of and to a large extent are living through the great digital disruption. Change is everywhere but more change is coming.  In this engaging glimpse into the future David Bartlett unpacks the next big five technological disruptions that business and government need to planning for.  From additive manufacturing, augmented reality and autonomous vehicles to collaborative production and the genome revolution - everything has changed and is only going to change more.
  • Think like a startup 
    • The mega startups are riding a growth wave of technology and extraordinary business models.  New and old businesses alike can learn from these startups to understand what these new business models look like, how to apply them in existing businesses and how to apply innovation and lean startup business principles.
  • The digital citizen
    • Led by their smart device as consumers, citizens are now expecting their civic life and interaction with Government to deliver the same experience. But Governments are ill equipped to deal with this rapid and irreversible change.
  • Big data for small business
    • We’ve all heard how big data is changing business strategy overnight but often its all buzz words and big business application.  In this engaging presentation David Bartlett outlines the principles of big data analytics and how to apply those principles for very low cost in small to medium enterprises.
  • What I learnt about leadership from transforming a basketball club, that I wish I had known when I was Premier

Testimonials for David Bartlett

David Bartlett was both a wonderful MC and Keynote Speaker. He was flexible and engaging and very well received by delegates – a genuine delight to have as part of our conference!
IPWEA Queensland

David Bartlett was extremely generous with his time and accommodating of our needs. He was highly knowledgeable, very energetic, and his passion for the topic area was obvious and infectious. We had a great response to his contribution to our events.  
University of Newcastle

David Bartlett was a great presenter at our conference, providing a clear picture of how technology has progressed through recent times coupled with an insightful vision of where we are heading in a digital world.  Very engaging with the audience and his general business knowledge and experience added greatly to his presentation.
National Mortgage Brokers

David Bartlett was charming, open, lots of fun, and has some great stories. It was a tough group of experienced businessmen and everyone really enjoyed themselves.
Young Presidents' Organisation

David Bartlett was an excellent speaker.  He understood his audience and his presentation was perfectly on topic and provided a highlight on which to conclude our conference.  The feedback from our participants has been first class and all wished we had given him more time and we should have.
Small Business Development Conference

David Bartlett was an engaging speaker and offered valuable ideas and insights into the future of technology in aged care. His time slot was just before lunch when most delegates are restless, David managed to keep the audience engaged and entertained.
LASA Victoria 

Much more than an MC, David Bartlett chaired our three day conference with deep knowledge of the subject matter and helped guide our delegates to better understand the future and explore possibilities. David remains a trusted friend and advisor for our organisation.
Midi Cities Conference Convener

David Bartlett helped us glimpse a better future by helping us solve a really difficult problem with multiple high level stakeholders through a highly innovative, flexible and engaging workshop process.
Darling Downs Regional Development

David Bartlett's keynote speeches and forums across the region engaged our key business and education sectors in understanding the digital future and planning for action. Our key business sectors kicked off a digital journey inspired by David's knowledge that has made us an award winning region.
RDA Sunshine Coast

David Bartlett was engaged by the City of Greater Geraldton to develop our Digital Strategy and link into the IBM Smarter Cities initiative He is definitely a leader and expert in the new digital economy.
City of Greater Geraldton

David Bartlett is an excellent and engaging speaker, the content was relevant and up to date.  The audience responded very well.
Leishman Associates