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Key Points for Darren Flanagan

  • Darren Flanagan received a call late on the Sunday night telling him that Beaconsfield Miners Todd Russell and Brant Webb were still alive.
  • He spent a week underground after his arrival at the site, test-blasting.
  • When all other options failed, Darren blasted to within 300mm of the trapped miners, Todd Russell and Brant Webb.
  • Darren Flanagan’s story of the rescue is an emotive, dramatic and extraordinary story.

Topics for Darren Flanagan

  • Achievements
  • Inspiration
  • Motivation
  • Risk Management


Testimonials for Darren Flanagan

Darren Flanagan’s story was quite incredible delivered in a very emotive way. The story was very captivating for the entire presentation and was wonderfully concluded with a set of key poignant messages. It was obvious that Darren was heavily invested in the presentation and entirely committed to bring across his important message regarding safety.   

Darren Flanagan delivered a heartfelt, very humbling session for our leaders. His story helped our leaders see that at times we need to step into leadership challenges and never lose sight of the people impacted by our choices.  He helped us understand the importance of a safety mindset.  His story is shared in a way that makes the audience feel like they are right there with him, experiencing his thoughts, his emotions, his inner conflict, his challenges, his concern for others and personal bravery.  We absolutely loved this opportunity to have Darren as key note speaker for our Leadership Conference.
Estia Health

Darren Flanagan had the audience at the NSW Ambulance Safety Summit laughing, crying and holding their breath during his incredible account of his role in the Beaconsfield Mine rescue.  He received a standing ovation from the audience, predominantly medical professionals including paramedics, doctors and flight nurses. Within his presentation, framed perfectly to the NSW Ambulance Summit safety messaging as ‘Safety in a Complex Environment’, Darren conveyed the unique challenges and pressures of his experience in a way that completely resonated with the audience. His presentation was voted the highlight of the conference with its multiple messages relating to safety, personal resilience, faith in your own abilities and the need to rise to a uniquely difficult challenge. I highly recommend Darren as an exceptional keynote speaker.
Director Marketing & Communication
NSW Ambulance

A very moving story of survival, risk and the drive for families to be reunited

Darren Flanagan was extremely moving speaker.  He was very emotional and honest.  He made us laugh, cry, laugh and cry again.  Evaluations from our delegates rated Darren an average of 5 out 5 with some putting 5++++ Darren was perfect for a Safety Conference and speaking to Safety Professionals.
Russell Transport

Darren Flanagan was a fantastic choice for us. His story was truly inspirational, so genuine and real.  His honesty and openness was so moving. It was an absolute privilege to hear his story. Our team took away some very real messages.

To say it was an interesting, absorbing and dramatic presentation would not be doing it justice. His talk was electrifying, emotional and detailed….His description of the rescue operation and the conditions the miners survived in, made us all understand, not only the enormity of the operation and the delicacy of the final preparations to break through to the miners as well as the extreme conditions that rescuers and rescued were sharing but how the Aussie spirit shone through. As well as privileged, we were enthralled, thrilled but most of all thankful to have such a dinkum, brave Aussie speaker to share his extreme experience with us.
Shoalhaven Council

Darren Flanagan's story is amazing - everyone in the room felt like they were there. Darren made our audience laugh, cry, but most of all realise how amazing we all can be. His story is truly memorable.
ING Australia Limited

In a nutshell, he blew everyone away. Several of our guys who have been with us for 10 years or more said he was the best speaker we have ever had. It was nice to have someone who wasn’t overly professional (that’s not a criticism) and didn’t look like he was ‘just going through the motions’. He is an ordinary, genuine man who was caught up in an extraordinary set of circumstances….everyone in the room was moved by his experience … a lot of our delegates are men in the construction industry - they’re not known for being easily affected.
Hooker Cockram Projects Limited

Inspiring, and emotionally gripping – what a dedicated team can achieve.
National Oil and Safety Conference

Excellent, what a inspiring delivery. Darren had everyone on the journey from the moment he started to the moment he finished. My audience laughed with him and cried with him, there wasn’t a sound in the room. It was such a moving presentation.

Darren Flanagan's presentation received a long, standing ovation -  celebrating his passion for human life and the frailties of our existence.

What a inspiring delivery. Darren Flanagan had everyone on the journey from the moment he started to the moment he finished. My audience laughed with him and cried with him, there wasn’t a sound in the room. It was such a moving presentation.

Darren Flanagan is a passionate, enthralling and inspiring speaker. The manner in which he is able to communicate the human side of the Beaconsfield rescue – the effect on families, on rescuers, and on the survivors themselves – made us realise why safety in the workplace cannot be taken for granted. Darren was the closing speaker of the conference and even after two days of presentations, Darren managed to hold the attention of everyone in the room - and I mean all 300 delegates - for over an hour. 
The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia

 An insider’s version of events of one of the most publicised mining accidents in Australia’s history. Darren Flanagan's speech about his involvement with the rescue of the Beaconsfield miners is gripping from start to finish. His raw emotion takes the audience to the scene of the accident, the efforts of the team involved in the rescue and the toll that it took on the mining community. His speech is a real eye opener and a great motivational tool for anyone involved with the industry.
Rio Tinto