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Key Points for Darrell Hardidge

  • Darrell Hardidge is the bestselling author of The 10 Commandments of Client Appreciation and The Client Revolution, defining the roadmap to No.1 position.
  • He helps design customer service metrics and processes for major corporations and private companies.
  • He inspire individuals and teams to rise above their competition to define their own unique market leading culture and standards.
  • He shows how to use unique IP and processes to support clients in multi award-winning achievements. 
  • He is the highest performing speaker with The CEO Institute on customer experience and culture.

Topics for Darrell Hardidge

  • How excellence starts with your beliefs
  • The power of 10/10 and market domination
  • How Client Appreciation is the heart connection to your market
  • Why Satisfaction is outdated and killing business opportunity
  • The 7 steps to No.1 position
  • How to re-engage your team and deliver excellence
  • The secret behind the most powerful team cultures
  • What is the No.1 profit centre in your business

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