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Key Points for Danielle Kettlewell OLY

  • Danielle Kettlewell OLY is a 2016 Australian Olympian that used mindset and self belief tools to get her to the Games.
  • She is the author of the best-selling book The Unlikely Olympian which navigates her journey to the games and the principles that she used to achieve this unlikely feat.
  • Danielle specialises in speaking on cultivating resilient mindset, overcoming adversity, conquering fear and developing the self worth tools to optimise your life.
  • She made history in 2019 with her duet partner, Ethan Calleja, when they competed at the 2019 FINA World Championships in South Korea as Australia’s first mixed duet.
  • She has been interviewed by every major news channel in Australia from Channel 7, The Sunday Telegraph, The Project, ABC News, NOVA 93.7 to Global and CTV News in Canada.
  • Danielle has spoken at schools and workplaces around Australia, wowing the audience at PWC and E&Y to name a few.

Topics for Danielle Kettlewell OLY

  • Overcoming adversity and fear
    We all have adversity in our life, however the ones that have the ability to shift their perspective and see it as their greatest gifts are the ones that soar. Receive tools to overcome adversity & fear to turn it into blessings and then take inspired action in your life.
    • Strategies to have foresight to avoid major adversities.
    • Techniques to move through arising adversities.
    • LEAP formula to overcome fear and take action.
  • Cultivating an unshakeable mindset
    As an athlete who was untalented at her sport that ended up making it on the National Team and competing at the Olympics due to her ability to cultivate an unshakeable mindset - who better to speak on this topic. In our modern world one of the greatest tools to create success in life, work and business is the ability to get your mind on your side.
    • Techniques to cultivate a resilient mindset.
    • Understanding the importance of self awareness to create growth.
    • Knowing how to apply those mindset principles to succeed in life.
  • Mindfulness and gratitude
    A life unnoticed is a life unlived. Come back to practices of mindfulness and gratitude to truly feel the beauty of the journey of your life. Through sharing simple practices of mindfulness have access to more joy, fulfillment, alignment, intuition and clarity in your life.
    • Techniques to find presence in any moment.
    • Understand the power of forgiveness to deeply immerse in gratitude.
    • Daily habits to cultivate more mindfulness.
  • Clearing limiting beliefs
    Our limiting beliefs from the stories, experiences and journeys of our life become stored in our subconscious mind which runs 95% of our life. Understand the importance to becoming clear on these belief systems that don’t serve us so we can live in more fulfillment, accelerate our growth and access our true greatness.
    • Understand where and how the limiting beliefs are developed.
    • Awareness on personal limiting beliefs & the affect on your life.
    • Strategies to break through beliefs to accesses deeper potential.
  • Passion and purpose
    The most common question in personal development is “What is my purpose?” Learn Danielle’s unique method of combining your Gifts & Passions to find that purpose in this portion of life, as well as see the symbols that life has given you to show you your path.
    • See the purpose in every moment.
    • Know your Gifted Passions.
    • Find more fulfillment by tricking passions through life.

Testimonials for Danielle Kettlewell OLY

Danielle was our guest speaker at Tennis Wests ‘Girls In Tennis Camp’ held at Broome Tennis Club. She told her inspiring story of the journey she took to achieve her dreams of competing on a global stage at the 2016 Rio Olympics and that the girls should strive to be the best they can be. I found Danielle’s; passion, professionalism, kindness and honesty were infectious. She went above and beyond her role of guest speaker as she spent the whole day spending quality time with the girls and all staff, participating in the events of that day. I will certainly be using Danielle’s services and experiences for future events, and I highly recommend her for your events too.
Participation Leader
Tennis West

Danielle Kettlewell was invited by the City of Cockburn to address its Junior Sports Travel Award recipients on Monday 30th April 2018. Parents, coaches, staff and elected members from the City, together with the award recipients were treated to an amazing presentation by Danielle of her sports journey from eight years of age to the current day and what drove her to excel in the sport of synchronised swimming. Danielle’s message to award recipients was targeted to all present with a delivery style that covered the passion, discipline, respect, commitment, individual and team values and perseverance required if you were going to excel in your chosen sport. As I stated on the night; Danielle’s presentation was one of the best, if not the best, delivery I had ever heard from an elite athlete. Her skills as a motivational speaker were simply superb.
JP, Mayor
City of Cockburn (WA)

Thank you again for sharing your story with us. The staff couldn’t stop talking about your presentation. Not only were you great for the kids, but staff members were inspired. It really did bring tears of joy to my eyes.
St. Agustine's Elementary School