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Key Points for Daniel Sih

  • Daniel Sih is an award-winning author, TEDx speaker, podcast host, YouTube creator, and the founder of Spacemakers®, a productivity consulting group in Australia and Canada.
  • As a productivity trainer, coach and consultant, he has worked for over a decade with CEO’s, executives, and other senior professionals globally.
  • Daniel’s book, “Spacemaker,” has won seven book awards across Australia and the United States. It's a research-based manifesto for busy leaders who feel overwhelmed and need space to think, rest, plan, and live intentionally.
  • His newest best-seller, "Raising Tech-Healthy Humans" is a guidebook to help parents reset their children's tech habits and give them a great start to life. It won a BIBA in 2023 (Best Parenting Book) and a Benjamin Franklin IBPA Award (Silver Medal) in 2024 (Best Nonfiction Audiobook).
  • Daniel is the creator of best-selling productivity courses such as Email Ninja®, List Assassin and Priority Samurai with more than 30,000 students online and offline. Email Ninja eLearning is Australia's leading inbox-zero course.
  • His broad professional history includes leadership roles in physiotherapy, health management, leading nonprofits, project management, strengths coaching and more.
  • Daniel is a seasoned podcast guest, having spoken on more than 100 international podcasts on topics such as productivity and time management, digital overuse, deep work and tech-parenting.
  • His practical, authentic and intelligent communication style will inspire your audience to make tangible changes in how they live and work, leading to long-term habit change.

Topics for Daniel Sih

  • Making space in the digital world
    Is your team busy and distracted, overloaded with work, and struggling to get the right things done?
    What if the secret to achieving your best was making space for less? Could unplugging from digital distractions be the pathway to your best work and life?
    Online meetings, hybrid working, and generative AI is here to stay, requiring a rethink in the way we structure our time and attention. New strategies are required to make space for our health, happiness, and productivity.
    This popular keynote will encourage you to rethink your relationship with the online world and manage digital overload.
    Audiences will leave with practical strategies to 'keep pace' and 'make space'—learning to habitually unplug and unwind to focus on what truly matters.
  • Deep work in a distracted age
    In the modern workplace, distractions are everywhere. Meetings and notifications compete for our attention, making it hard to engage in deep, meaningful knowledge work.
    Research underscores these findings, as workers report struggling more than ever to concentrate, set priorities, and focus on what truly matters.
    In this engaging talk, Daniel Sih guides us to shape our practices around the quest for deep work. He questions the widespread adoption of MS Teams, Slack, and other notification-centric communication tools, and outlines strategies to help individuals and teams reclaim depth over distraction.
    This keynote is eminently practical, providing a roadmap to reclaim your attention and focus on what truly matters.
  • Raising tech-healthy humans
    According to research, 78% of parents believe that raising children today is more complicated than when they were kids, and the top reason they give is “technology and social media.”
    In this popular talk for parents and educators, Daniel speaks about the joys and complexities of raising children in a technological society. He answers pressing questions such as; “When is the right time to give a child their first phone?” “What forms of media are better for a child’s brain?” and “How can we encourage healthier tech-habits as communities?”
    Rather than instilling fear about the potential perils of the modern world, Daniel offers practical, research-backed solutions to help parents to take small steps towards raising humans who enjoy technology while embracing life to the full!
  • Email Ninja
    How to tackle email overload and get your inbox to zero each day.
    Is your overflowing email inbox adding stress to your life?
    Email inundation is a significant challenge for leaders, managers, and professionals. Despite spending hours each day on emails, most employees have never been trained to focus on deep work and manage their attention in high-volume email environments.
    Research indicates that email overload is a key stressor in the workplace. On average, we check our inbox every six minutes, which hinders our ability to focus on what really matters.
    A clear plan is essential to manage this constant influx of information in a smarter way. Email Ninja, co-developed by award-winning author Daniel Sih, has impacted the lives of more than 20,000 workers globally.

Testimonials for Daniel Sih

Daniel spoke at our Annual Fundraising Dinner in 2022. He is an informative, engaging and motivating speaker. He is certainly across the material and his passion for helping people to lead a balanced, productive and healthy life comes through clearly. Adding to his practical and helpful suggestions about “creating space and balance in daily life” is lived experience which underpins his presentations. Daniel’s presentation reflects his lived values and experience. He will challenge his audience every time as he speaks into one of the hot topics of the day with insight and in a practical and helpful manner.
Executive Director
Habitat For Humanity Victoria

Daniel Sih presented the opening and closing keynote at our Australian Boarding Leaders Conference and was a most engaging speaker, giving all of our delegates some wonderful take-home actions to help in their daily business lives.
Australian Boarding Schools Association

Daniel facilitated the 2022 Aesop Global Retail Summit in London and was incredible. His message was pragmatic, actionable, and well-received by our team. Daniel is personable and energetic, he truly had a marked impact on each individual that attended our summit. I highly recommend Daniel both as a speaker and performance coach.
Head of Retail for the Americas