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Daniel Flynn

Key Points

  • Daniel Flynn is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Thankyou, a business venture he founded at just 19 years of age.
  • All profits from the sale of Thankyou products are used to provide safe access to clean water, health and sanitation programs and training and access to food aid (both short term and long term). Through the new baby range, maternal and child health programs will also be funded.  Thankyou has given over $4.1million dollars over the last 7.5 years to Impact. An incredible business and social enterprise success story.
  • To date, Thankyou has helped over 192,000 people with safe water access, and more than 302,000 people with health and sanitation training and facilities and has funded over 19.1 million days of immediate food aid and long-term food solutions, plus over 60,000 meals to local homeless and vulnerable people in Australia. These projects span 17 countries including Cambodia, Kenya, India, Haiti and Timor Leste.
  • Daniel was named Victorian Young Achiever of the Year in 2013 and Victorian Young Australian of the Year in 2014. In 2015 and 2016 he, along with co-founders Justine Flynn and Jarryd Burns were respectively named number 2 and then number 1 in Smart Company’s Hot 30 under 30. Daniel was named Entrepreneur of the Year, Southern Region, in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards. In 2014 he was named an honoree in the Junior Chamber International 10 Young Outstanding People of The World program.
  • Daniel and his team implemented an unprecedented social media campaign with almost no budget, which ‘changed the game’ in the overcrowded FMCG space. The campaign gained 15.5 million media impressions in two weeks and resulted in Australia’s two largest retailers deciding to range Thankyou products in a timeframe that was previously unheard of in the grocery industry.
  • Thankyou now has products stocked in over 4,500 outlets across the country including Coles, Woolworths, 7-Eleven Australia, Australia Post, IGA, Foodland, FoodWorks and hundreds of independent cafes and outlets.
  • In February 2016 Thankyou launched a bold campaign to raise $1.2million dollars in 28 days to fund the future of Thankyou through the sale of a book, Chapter One. The book has sold over 50,000 copies and raised $1.44million.
  • ONExTHANKYOU - TEDx Brisbane 2014.

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