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Key Points for Dalia Feldheim

  • Dalia Feldheim is an award winning leader with over 20 years corporate experience (CMO P&G/Electrolux).
  • Masters in organizational psychology from INSEAD and an Adjunct professor for Happiness and Resilience at prestigious Singapore Management university.
  • Corporate trainer (Resilience and Happiness at work) for major international clients like Microsoft, Google, Netflix and Facebook with an average rating of 9.3/10.
  • Her TEDx reached 25,000 and attracting a growing fan base.
  • Her Book Dare to lead like a girl has landed a foreword by Sheryl Sandberg and is due end 2021.

Topics for Dalia Feldheim

  • Resilience and mental health
    The science of stress, resilience and post traumatic growth.
  • Happiness at work and corporate wellness
    A holistic 5 pillar model to boost wellbeing and productivity at work.
  • Women empowerment and feminine leadership
    A personal story encouraging leaders -women and men to step into their super powers and dare to lead more like a girl- with purpose, passion, people and positivity.
  • Find your spark
    A deep dive peer coaching workshop to look at your heritage, draw on your strengths and turn your job description into a calling description boosting passion at work.
  • Emotional Bravery
    Beyond emotional intelligence, understand and embrace the full range of emotions as a mirror to your soul and lesson.
  • Becoming an inspirational leader
    From managing the business to managing people- redefining ROI as return on interactions creating a culture of caring candour and psychological safety to boost performance.

Testimonials for Dalia Feldheim

Dalia combines academic rigor, with her extensive leadership experience, practical coaching tools and her own unique sauce of wit wisdom and worldliness to create an outstanding ‘Happiness at work’ course- a must for every company during these days.
Any manager who is NOT training their people on finding resilience and joy at work these days, should ask themselves if they are really leading.
Professor of Happiness Harvard, Columbia
Founder Happiness studies Academy

Dalia was incredible- she used games and a light-hearted sense of humor to engage the audience but backed her extensive knowledge with research to appeal to the usually left brain Alumni. The feedback we got from Alumni was that her workshop was excellent- informative, interactive and fun with many practical take away tips. Dalia’s session was rated as one of the highlights of the INSEAD MBA events.
Senior Manager, Alumni Reunions

My name is Melanie I work at Microsoft and recently got to attend Dalia’s workshop on building resilience and Joy at work. The exercises and activities were really insightful to learn about myself and also about my peers - I left feeling motivated and ready to take on my project- highly recommend it!
Microsoft US

Dalia captivated the audience with her storytelling and her science-based 5P model to encourage us all to seek post traumatic growth and as Winston Churchill says ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’ Many Practical insights to reduce stress and drive growth from finding our super powers, focusing on single tasking and the right mindset, investing in authentic relationships and finally giving ourselves permission to be human- we each came out inspired with tools to use this inflection point to live healthier and happier lives.
APAC Agency Business Lead

I really wanted to say thank you to Dalia on behalf of women@FB APAC team for the amazing partnership she developed with us in our last global event. I wanted to thank her for inspiring our community for advocating allyship and sisterhood and for encourage every one of us to lead with authenticity.
women@FB, Asia

Wow what a workshop- These Covid-19 times are not easy, that’s why I am extra grateful for Dalia’s workshop- Building Resilience- choosing Joy- despite being online, she was charismatic, super knowledgeable, and really got my team engaged. What Impressed me most is how much my team enjoyed the homework- everyone still talking about this workshop- a must have for every organization dealing with the extra stress of Covid 19 new normal.
Head of APAC
BottomLine Fintech Technologies

Dalia is probably one of the most inspirational speakers I have ever met, yet she is so humble. She has such a powerhouse story and I love how she brings purpose and passion to inspire others. I just signed her up to give us 3 more workshops at Cathay Pacific- She is a true Gem!
Head of Leadership and Org Development
Cathay Pacific

Was a participant this morning in Dalia’s workshop- sometimes you hear Purpose on the agenda- and think this is too big but the gift of Dalia’s ability to connect with everyone in the room even though we were all strangers is remarkable and I think the passion and energy she brings allowed us all to be able to really think about the exercises and break down this topic so even in a short time we came out with new insights.
Senior HR
Danone New Zealand

I lead women @Linkedin and we invited Dalia as our key note speaker for our event. We had over 200 sign up and the lively Q&A shows the great interest from the participants who gave overwhelmingly strong feedback and rated Dalia 10/10 in ‘I would recommend to others. I hope you enjoy working with her as much as we did.
Senior Account Director

My name is Anne and I am VP at Danone. I am also founder of eve program- and we were delighted to have Dalia as our key note speaker to inspire us first with what she did at P&G when she led the wonderful campaign always like a girl which cast a light on gender equality and women empowerment- her testimony was very strong. She has also led for us a powerful workshop on Finding your why- and Dalia we are very happy that you will be onboard for our next Eve Asia edition.

My name is Sherilyn Shackell and I’m the founder and CEO of the marketing academy. We are quite selective on who we get to talk at our virtual campus because our audience of Global CMO’s is quite discerning so we only bring exceptional speakers, and I’d like to say Dalia is one of those- she did her ‘Dare to lead like a girl talk’ inspired engaged and developed our audience- she is phenomenal- so if you are thinking of booking a speaker that will really inspire your talent- I would book Dalia.
Marketing Academy

I attended Dalia’ a workshop on how to lead like a girl it was amazing and inspiring - I highly recommend all female leaders to attend it!
Microsoft Asia

My name is Rob Stevenson- Dalia spoke for us at our global mental health summit 24 amd she is an excellent speaker! Her lead like a girl topic was really well received with delegates and she is a pleasure to work with and have no hesitation to recommend Dalia as an expert on mental health.
Event Organizer
G24 Mental Health summit

Just attended Dalia’s find your why workshop- very enlighten and enriching with lots of ah-ha moments - many of us realised our purpose while attending this workshop. She also gave a planetary session on lead like a girl- content and delivery were amazing- she is an amazing person!
The successful women podcast

I just saw Dalia and I must say it is probably the most impactful talk I have ever had because she was… genuine. I really wish she can come to where I work … She has given me the energy and battery to keep going.
HR leader
Cathay Pacific

This is the second time I am hearing Dalia and I thought it was phenomenal! The first time I heard her (at Content 360) it was really inspiring and this time too, I was a little worried that it will be the same but it was something completely different and as always she blows me away! What is unique and difference to other talks, is that it not just tell you something that helps you for your work life, but also helps and guides you on a personal level which was very interesting and rare to hear in conferences that you attend.
Leading Brand Sponsorships

Dalia came to speak at our event in Malaysia, 300 delegates. She really inspired the entire audience with her talk on ‘Purpose-Led Brand Building’. Couldn't recommend her high enough!
IM2 Group Mad World

Loved Dalia’s speech. Totally inspiring. Lots of great learning to take away. She certainly provoked a conversation...in a good way and her authenticity is rare and exotic in that habitat. Her strength shines. Thank you.
Business Director
Pico Australia

I was in the audience at Netflix tonight and just wanted to share how much I enjoyed listening to Dalia’s speech. Your passion and brilliance is so tangible, yet still so relatable on a human level that you were able to connect with every person in the audience.
Head of Marketing
IPG Media Brands

The Building resilience- choosing joy” session was outstanding! Despite all participants being quite knowledgeable (HR managers), Dalia was able to pack the science in an easy model and include personal stories and interactive exercises so that each came out with a tangible action plan on how to bring positive psychology insights and interventions both for ourselves and our organization. Dalia really inspired and challenged us all to think differently and remember what matters.
Employee Experience Manager / Founder
‘pass it on’ HR community

Dalia's seminar on Find Your Why- was inspiring, thought-provoking and interactive. She seamlessly merged science, research and personal experience to deliver the material and added her special ‘Dalia Touch’ to keep us engaged and inspired. Dalia knows how to establish a safe environment even online and it got the best out of my fellow participants and I during the interactive break-out sessions. Her approach is very grounded, and I was pleased to not be sold some vision of a magical future, but be guided on how to begin - or continue - my journey to living with purpose. Highly recommended!
Regional Sales and Marketing Manager
KeyNote Women Speakers Directory Asia

It is two days since I attended an amazing workshop - Find Your WHY by Dalia Feldheim. The session brought with it life's reflections, experiences, themes and deep insights about ourselves. Added to that were fun elements and Dalia's knowledge which gave me a direction and clarity on my WHY in ways I didn't know of earlier. Grateful for this experience.
Emotional Resilience coach

Working with Dalia as my executive coach has been a true gift and an inspiration. Dalia possesses a unique superpower of being able surface powerful personal insights that can transform how you see yourself and bring clarity to what your purpose is. Each session was thought provoking, challenging in a positive way and ultimately unlocked tangible results - so over the course of the program you grow. If you're feeling stuck, want to rediscover or discover your potential and what the possibilities ahead look like, then I strongly recommend you work with Dalia.

Dalia was my executive coach across a very challenging time both professionally and personally. My time working with Dalia was inspiring, pushing me in areas I hadn’t explored. Her empathetic, focused and understanding style enabled these to be unlocked and provide a clear sense of purpose and vision for myself. This was then grounded in actionable goals and strategies making the whole experience deliver true tangible outcomes. I recommend anyone who needs clarity in their life direction or rethinking of their approach or a total rebuild of goals to call Dalia and start your exciting journey now.
Initiative China

Dalia was my executive coach for 9M as I was going through major changes at work and her support was transformational. She helped me focus on what is most important, set goals against them and design a clear action plan. She helped me reflect, manage my emotions and wellbeing during this turbulent period. Dalia is not just a great listener and an action driven coach, she comes from the business herself, which was a huge advantage. I am so grateful for all her support and guidance as I ‘Took the leap’ with courage and determination towards my next adventure in my career.
Global Director

Dalia coached me for 12M as I was starting up a new bigger role. I loved how she brought a structured approach towards goal setting and yet was flexible to address challenges and dilemmas. She helped me uncover my limiting beliefs to unblock barriers and move towards my goals with more consistency and courage. An outstanding coach that is both empathetic and stretches me to go deeper and further.
VP Global