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Key Points for Cynthia Morton

  • Cynthia Morton is the Founder of Emotional Fitness.
  • The Pride of Australian Medal.
  • The Prime Minister Award of Excellence.
  • An Australian of the Year Award (local hero category Queensland).
  • Award of Distinction for Services to Humanity (from The Australian Medical Association of Queensland).
  • Author of Helping Hand With Life, Emotional Fitness, The Four Seasons of The Heart, A quartet of books Anger, Sadness, Change and Growth.

Topics for Cynthia Morton

  • Emotional Fitness
    'To thine own self be true' is the catchphrase of Cynthia's workshops offering the opportunity for participants to review their current state of Emotional Fitness in all areas of daily life. The award winning Emotional Fitness formula delivers the three essential emotional structures that improve emotional self-care, knowledge and resilience.
    • Understand why and how some people become emotionally unfit and 'hard work'
    • Universal emotional avoidance techniques via the misuse of 'weapons of mass distraction' (alcohol, drugs, food, spending, workaholism and other obsessive compulsive behaviours).
    • Fight & flight reactions with drama and conflict.
    • Behaviour is a language: decoding victim, rescuer and perpetrator personalities.
    • Anger awareness.
    • Personal boundaries and emotional self-preservation.
    • The stages of the grieving process and how this impacts daily life (divorce, death, sickness, violence, abuse and betrayal).
    • Constructive responses when other destructive react.
    • Addressing patterns of self-sabotage.
    • The art of minding your own business.

The unique Emotional Fitness Formula has enabled thousands of Australians to successfully make that U-turn away from just emotionally surviving life, towards heartfelt and intimately fulfilling relationships with themselves and others. Cynthia's workshop provides the opportunity for delegates to do an on the spot Emotional Fitness Health check to ensure they are not approaching emotional burnouts themselves. A six minute DVD is also included in Cynthia's work in this field over the past decade, featuring client feedback, clinical opinion and television interviews.


Testimonials for Cynthia Morton

Cynthia is a highly valued contributor to BalanceBDH and I have sat in the audience during our live events listening to Cynthia relive her story spellbound. She makes you laugh, makes you cry and importantly she makes you want to be a better person. I think of Cynthia as an earth mother, a maternal, nurturing soul who genuinely cares for people, no matter what their story holds. You rarely come across people like Cynthia, but it would be a far better world if we did.
Deborah Hutton
Media personality
Founder and Publisher of Balance By Deborah Hutton

Cynthia Morton is an extraordinary person.  I first met her nearly 20 years ago when I was a medical specialist and academic in Queensland.  She helps people reflect on how their experiences might have shaped them, and how their thoughts and actions have resulted in addictive disorders and dysfunctional relationships in their adult years.  I am certain those who read “The Four Seasons of the Heart” will experience the healing process which is so evident in Cynthia’s own life and in all that she has done.
Professor and Consultant Physician in Internal Medicine and Addiction Medicine Sydney

Cynthia is one of those women you want as your best friend…the chick who is in your corner telling you like it is.  I knew that she was a wise woman but never fully understood how wise until my life was thrown into chaos. So I am thrilled to see that some of this wisdom and love is now in book form for everyone to gain from.  Whether you pick these books up and down at will or read cover to cover I am sure they will help change your perspective.
Robin Bailey
Television and Radio Presenter

As a strong fit man I once presented a physically powerful external shell but internally I was struggling.  In a nutshell, I was immature and emotionally unfit.  I’m grateful for Cynthia’s Emotional Fitness tips over the years, she has helped me to build the emotional muscle I needed to become a more emotionally accessible man and father.
Wayne Carey
“The King” of Australian football Newspaper columnist, TV and radio commentator

We have had the pleasure of Cynthia Morton conducting her Emotional Fitness workshops to the soldiers at the Soldier Recovery Centre – Brisbane.  The soldiers are complex in nature and are transitioning out of the Defence Force back into civilian life.  Cynthia has held a series of eighteen individual Emotional Fitness workshops and they have been very well received by the soldiers.  Cynthia has a very easy and relatable demeanour and she has the ability to connect with them in a non-judgemental and compassionate manner. The stories she tells is easy for the soldiers to relate to and without knowing it, she is teaching them another way to deal with their emotions – without ‘telling them what to do or what to think’.  The Emotional Fitness workshop has been a great success for the soldiers and has assisted them in becoming more open and receptive to changing their behaviour.
Australian Defence Force, Gallipoli Barracks 
OIC Soldier Recovery Centre Brisbane

Cynthia’s presentation had the girls mesmerised for the two hours and full of positive comments afterwards. You had such strong messages and such an effective way of delivering them. I feel it was a very important part of their education as they set off from school.  We have booked her in advance for next years Schoolies week preparation.
Leader of Student Wellbeing 
Stuartholme School

When I first heard Cynthia speak over ten years ago I knew I was seeing and hearing an undeniable truth. Here was a genuine human being whose personal journey of recovery required her to tap into her own unique Indigene and find the right path of the heart. This is a woman who has learnt to hunt and gather the right soul food for fuelling her journey.  I believe Cynthia’s work ‘Emotional Fitness’ has much to offer to members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community who are seeking  more tools and a road tested map to healing. Gallan Goorringen!
Director, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Programs
Relationships Australia

Cynthia shows us that patience, persistence and personal effort can achieve emotional fitness despite tragic experiences.
Australian Medical Assoc of Qld (1999 – 2000)

Cynthia has been kindly volunteering her time and energy facilitating Emotional Fitness groups as part of the Drug and Alcohol treatment program at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital for approximately 16 years. Her inspirational story of recovery, helpful tools and advice compliment the treatment program offered at the RBWH. Through the loved experience and connectedness of those who have recovered from addiction clients are provided with hope and support. Cynthia’s Emotional Fitness Groups instil confidence and are always well-received and appreciated.
Nurse Unit Manager, Alcohol and Drug Service
Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital

When I first heard Cynthia speak, to be perfectly honest I was incredibly impressed by her raw gut wrenching honesty it was immensely moving… I introduced myself and immediately raised the idea of writing something together.
Psychologist & co-author of Emotional Fitness
Managing Director
Happiness Institute Sydney

Cynthia is the most amazing woman, she has changed the life of in excess of 7000 Australians with her Emotional Fitness program.   
Lifeline Northern Territory