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Key Points for Clifton Warren

  • Founder of Corporate Eye Consulting, guiding medium to large-sized financial services firms on growth strategies
  • Joined US Navy after high school in Sacramento serving abroad the USS Midway aircraft carrier
  • Award-winning financial services sales leader with AIG
  • Completed MBA with Henley College UK
  • Publishes a monthly industry newsletter, readership includes financial services professionals across the United States, Australasia and Europe
  • Published two books; Financial Services Sales Handbook: A Professional Guide to Becoming a Top Performer and Cross-Selling Financial Services: Professionals Guide to Account Development due for release in early 2018

Topics for Clifton Warren

  • Getting Attention
    • How to package and position your value and expertise
  • Accelerating Growth
    • Leveraging existing client to get new ones
  • Target Marketing
    • How to steal market share from your competitors
  • Personal Strategic Planning
    • Turning your strategy and plans into reality
  • Cross-Selling
    • Unlocking the full potential of your client base
  • Becoming a Natural
    • Mastering the art of financial services selling
  • Attraction Marketing
    • How to get prospective clients to come to you
  • Let's Do Something about Prospecting
    • Discovering your natural prospects and clients

Testimonials for Clifton Warren

When it comes to sales there are loads of people who talk a good game, Clifton actually makes things happen. Clifton has made a significant difference to our business. We have secured more new business leads than we have ever had
Managing Director, RentCover

I would recommend Clifton to anyone looking to receive a unique training for sales and marketing staff of all levels. His insights into the industry, marketing tips and innovated thoughts on cross-selling are worth listening to
Vice President, Accident & Health, Liberty International Underwriters

There are a number of things that I have both learned and importantly benefited from the High Touch Selling Program.These extend from raising my eyes on my business goals, aiming for higher revenue, breaking down goals into bite size pieces and additionally how to develop and implement goals and ideas.
Managing Director, Future First

I would recommend Clifton to anyone looking to receive a unique training plan for sales and marketing staff of all levels. His insights into the industry, marketing tips and innovated thoughts on cross selling are also well worth listening to.
Head of Consumer, Australia AIG

Thanks Clifton for a very thought provoking workshop. I leave with lots of great ideas on improvements I can make within my own agency and how we can improve cross-selling opportunities.
Advice Partner

I came away with a new perspective on the potential value of my current client list. Our future success is in our hands, Clifton has shown us ways of making this happen. 
AMA Insurance Brokers

Clifton has a wealth of knowledge and experience and a great way of passing that in a relaxed and entertaining style. I left with a lot of great ideas and the means to implement them.
CLM Insurance Services

Clifton’s session has reenergised me to focus on reconnecting and rebuilding client relationships that have lapsed during the current economic climate to review where crossselling opportunities arise.
CPS General Insurance Agencies Pty Ltd

Interesting information on how to correctly classify clients and how to research and prepare before client appointments.
General Manager, Business Insurance Australia

I found the High Touch Selling Program useful for identifying other areas to generate new business. There were many I have not thought of before as an areas of potential for leads. If you need someone to hold your hand and slap you at the same time, Clifton’s your man!
Director, Homestead Financial Group

Clifton worked with us to establish our Sales Marketing Plan, focus our efforts on our natural target markets and then provided some great practical guidance along the way with our plan. With his industry knowledge, we felt he could speak with authority about what works and what doesn’t. And we appreciated his efforts to keep us on track and focused on our goals.
Practice Manager, Amicus Insurance Services Pty Ltd

Clifton Warren spoke at our professional development day, on maximising our competitive market position. With his extensive sales and industry experience, he was able to interact as a peer with all our members, regardless of their age or experience. Clifton effectively led us to uncover new avenues for our products and services.
Director, Business Insurance Australia Pty Ltd