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Key Points for Cindy Tien

  • Cindy Tien’s personal life experiences add up to a powerful message on their own. She speaks from a place of authenticity with a heart full of humility to inspire change.
  • Her sessions are guaranteed to be fun, energetic, interactive and impactful! Your audience will be left feeling engaged and empowered.
  • Cindy Tien believes that action is a big step to success, and her sessions provide practical strategies and takeaways for the audience to apply as they work towards their desired transformation.
  • Having worked in a corporate environment and with corporate clients over the last 20 years, Cindy Tien interacts well with people across many levels and understands corporate needs.
  • Cindy Tien is known for having the courage to say what others often avoid. Her audience has described her as riveting, with the ability to connect on an emotional level.

Topics for Cindy Tien

  • ABC of your personal brand
    In today's fast-paced economy, you and I need both substance and form to make our mark in an ever-changing, competitive landscape. While our knowledge, experience and expertise enable us to carry out our functional roles efficiently, many individuals have lost opportunities because they fail to manage and be aware of how people perceive them which is essentially taking charge of building a personal brand.
    Have you ever wondered why certain people seem to have more favor and influence with people at work and in relationships? Cindy breaks down the art and science through the ABCs of your personal brand; Appearance, Behaviour, Communications.

Testimonials for Cindy Tien

Cindy facilitated an insightful 2-day personal branding programme with Citibank in which I was a participant. The programme was filled with interactive activities, meaningful discussions, and reflective learnings with excellent facilitation standards. Cindy is an authentic and impactful speaker and coach who has the ability to inspire transformation."
Legal Entity Controller

I had the privilege of working with Cindy this year and last on our internal Johnson & Johnson pillar program known as Women's Diversity and Inclusion for elevating presence and engaging crucial stakeholders within our region. Her content was leveraged to enhance our leadership profiles in Singapore and Asia Pacific. She carries a wonderful presence about her, is extremely engaging and professional, and is an incredible delight to work with. We are so truly lucky to have discovered a partner in Cindy.
APAC Lead, Change and Communications
Johnson & Johnson

Cindy is an inspiring role model for many young women like me. I had the pleasure of attending her practical and enjoyable training on building one’s personal brand and professional presence. She is a confident and eloquent presenter who generously shares relevant tips and personal experiences with her trainees. Her positivity and energy is infectious in class! I really admire her ability to facilitate meaningful and reflective discussions. Above all, I was impressed with Cindy’s commitment to empowering others to reach their full potential. She is an authentic leader who makes a positive impact in the lives of the people she trains and mentors. Thank you, Cindy, for inspiring me to learn more, do more and become more!
Graduate Talent

Cindy performed her excellent keynote at our sold out Social Selling 2019 event in Singapore and she rocked the floor. Cindy is always positive, cool and captivating on stage and she didn't let me down with a wonderful performance that truly engaged and inspired our audience. The crowd loved her. If you would like a keynote speaker to really make a difference you can't go wrong with Cindy, I'd have her speak again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended.
Black Marketing