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Key Points for Chris Rhyss Edwards

  • Chris Rhyss Edwards embodies adaptability, transitioning from a military background to becoming a celebrated global innovator and author, advocating for embracing change in every facet of life.
  • With two decades of experience spanning digital and tech sectors, Chris has left an indelible mark on industry giants such as NewsCorp and Telstra, showcasing his prowess in product development and team leadership.
  • As the visionary founder of a pioneering health-tech startup, Chris's entrepreneurial spirit has been recognized with prestigious global awards, propelling his mission to redefine health and wellness solutions for midlife individuals across the globe.
  • Chris is a catalyst for organizational transformation, championing purpose-driven cultures and fostering intellectual agility within enterprises, a journey reflected in his compelling speaking engagements and thought-provoking literary explorations.

Topics for Chris Rhyss Edwards

  • Transform your thinking, transform your life: Strategies for success
    In this energetic and inspiring keynote, Chris argues that a winning mindset is the key to conquering obstacles and achieving your dreams, despite all the crappy cards life may have dealt you. He'll equip you with practical strategies to build resilience, embrace growth, and unlock your full potential, leaving you empowered to transform your thinking and propel yourself towards success.
  • Optimizing the human machine: Practical strategies for peak physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing
    This dynamic keynote dives deep into the science of high performance. Industry experts will reveal how your physical, emotional, and mental well-being all play a crucial role in achieving extraordinary results. You'll learn practical techniques to boost productivity, sharpen focus, and cultivate unwavering discipline. Get ready to unlock your potential and maximize your performance in every aspect of life.
  • The future of work: Thriving in an ever-evolving landscape
    This captivating keynote explores the cutting edge of work. Leveraging insight from leading experts, Crhris will shed light on emerging trends, technologies, and organizational practices that are redefining the professional landscape. Gain insights on remote work models, navigating automation, and navigating the dynamics of a diverse and evolving workforce. You'll leave equipped with strategies to thrive in this new era, shaping meaningful and future-proof workplaces for yourself and your teams.
  • Reignite your fire: Redefining midlife with oomph
    Feeling stuck in a rut? This empowering keynote speech will reignite your passion and purpose as you enter midlife. You'll discover how to tap into your unique wellspring of "oomph" – that potent blend of power and purpose. Chris will guide you through a process of redefining and reshaping your life, helping you rediscover your passions and propel yourself toward a fulfilling future. Get ready to break free from limitations, embrace new possibilities, and design a midlife brimming with power and purpose.

Testimonials for Chris Rhyss Edwards

Chris’ lived experience provides him an exceptional platform to articulate the journey of a defence veteran to corporate civilian. We had the pleasure of Chris forming part of a panel conversation prior to Invictus Games 2018, speaking to a room of first responders; Ambulance, Police and Fire Fighters. Chris’ passion for helping others and articulate manner made for a compelling story which provided hope and inspiration for those in the room regarding their own mental well-being and more broadly the importance of finding purpose in life beyond being defined by what you do.
Client Engagement Manager

I first saw Chris on stage at an iMedia event and recognized his unstoppable and infectious energy, coupled with a deep knowledge and passion for everything digital. On stage he binds all those qualities together coupled with just the right level of humour…audiences love him for it and are always deeply engaged as a result.
Regional Marketing Director, Asia 
Electronic Arts

I had the pleasure of working closely with Chris at the iMedia SEA Summit. And if I had one word to describe that experience, it would be ‘phenomenal’. The depth of industry knowledge, a great sense of current trends and a sincere care for attendees walking away with insights that they can use is what Chris clearly demonstrates.
Director Marketing, Customer and Marketing Experiences Group Asia Pacific and Japan
Intel Corporation

Chris was an incredible speaker. His presentation greatly added to the day and was received well by the audience.
Event Producer
Toshiba APAC Partners Conference 2019

It was great to have Chris as part of our national road show, his presentation was very well received!
Head of Marketing, General Insurance 
Zurich Financial Services Australia

Chris was wonderfully witty and entertaining during our time together on stage at ad:tech Australia.


Chris and I had one of the most entertaining and engaging fireside chats I’ve been involved in. Was great fun!

TV Radio & Digital presenter, Founder