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Key Points for Chris Blowes

  • Chris Blowes is co author of the book, Caught Inside.
  • He is 2022 Australian Adaptive Surf Champion – Para Surfing Stand 3 Division.
  • Chris was listed in the 2015 Top 10 Inspirational People of South Australia – The Advertiser.
  • He is the Managing Director of Concept Design Build.

Topics for Chris Blowes

  • Overcoming adversity
    Chris was attacked by a Great White Shark leaving him with a permanent disability and changing his life forever. Life will throw all kinds of challenges at you, and Chris highlights how there can be so much to gain if you can come out the other side. 
  • Dealing with your inner critic
    Everyone has that voice inside their head that tells you - “you’re not good enough” or “you can’t do it”. Having the courage to recognise and stand up to these limiting beliefs is important so you can achieve your full potential.
  • Stepping outside of your comfort zone
    It’s easy to stay within your comfort zone, but the true magic happens when we push the boundaries. When we take risks and do something that scares us, that’s when the biggest growth happens.
  • Overcoming fear of failure
    So often we look at failure as something bad or negative. But if we can change our thinking to embrace our failures and view them as an answer and an opportunity for learning there can be so much to gain.
  • The power of gratitude
    Even in the darkest of times, Chris still had plenty to be grateful for. Research shows that a regular gratitude practice improves your wellbeing and ability to cope with stresses. Learn gratitude strategies to help get you through moments of hardship or those tough days. 
  • Finding purpose in your trauma
    Everyone has a story and everyone carries their own trauma which is often associated with negative connotations. Chris inspires you to look at your trauma through a different lens and find a bigger purpose beyond the heartache.

Testimonials for Chris Blowes

Engaging, personable, honest and inspiring. All the things you could want from a speaker.
Sky City

I am writing to thank you and the college for hosting another wonderful Father’s Day breakfast. Chris Blowes was a tremendous choice for guest speaker. His inspiring story was one of strength, courage and determination. The college community was captivated by the challenges he has overcome and the character of this young man. Not only has Chris fought a tremendous battle, he has shown great compassion and care for those that helped him. Our society and social media often portray Athletes, Artists or wealthy business people as role models for our younger generations. Often this is contrived and for commercial reasons. Although Chris is “just” a normal Chippy who loves to surf, he has shown through his resilience and positive attitude that he is an inspiring role model. With VCE exams fast approaching, it was timely to hear Chris say: “Regret is worse than Failure”
Communications and Events Manager
St Joseph's College, Mildura

Chris's presentation is honest and authentic. His story is remarkable and his strength and determination admirable. His friendly and open personality made him an ideal presenter for our event.   
Master Builders Association of South Australia Inc.

I have been privileged to hear Chris Blowes speak on two occasions. For me, Chris’s story resonates on many levels. Of course his survival was extraordinary, but that was largely out of his hands. The courage shown on the day of the shark attack can be credited to his surfing mates. The skill and tenacity demonstrated is a tribute to the many health professionals involved. Where Chris had to step up was from the moment he awoke from the sedation in the hospital ICU. His recovery and rehab is a wonderful tale of mental strength and willpower. To finally return to his highly physical work as a builder and to resume his surfing is a measure of his character. And in his telling of the story in a typically understated, laconic Aussie fashion, there is a message for all of us about the power of positivity.
Dr Richard Harris SC OAM
2019 Joint Australian of the Year

We had Chris speak at our recent team building event and his life story was interesting, inspirational and well presented. He held the attention of the audience throughout the speech and the number of people who engaged in the Q&A afterwards was testament to how much they were invested in his story. Our team members were still talking about Chris’s speech days later, saying it was inspiring and thought provoking. We would recommend Chris to anyone looking for an inspirational speaker.
Maxima Training Group (Aust) Limited

Chris spoke with real emotion and humanity. There were parts of his incredible story that made the hairs on my arm stand to attention. Surviving the shark attack itself was simply the beginning of a truly inspirational come back and rebuild of his whole way of life. To say I was inspired and moved by what Chris has achieved is an understatement. With a view to continue doing the things he loved (like surfing) after being told it was not going to be possible is a real lesson in strength, courage, persistence, love and perseverance. All qualities of a great leader and a remarkable human being.
President of Urban Development Institute of Australia
Director of Palumbo Constructions

Chris Blowes was an exceptional keynote speaker for our Business Awards night. From the moment he took to the microphone he had the whole audience captivated by his remarkable story. Audience members went on a journey with him as he not only spoke about overcoming adversity but how he overcame his fear of failure to regain his life and ultimately find a deeper purpose in his trauma. The feedback has been overwhelming with audience members commenting on how touched they were by his inspirational story and still speaking about it for the following days. I would highly recommend Chris for any corporate events, he will not only engage your audience but instigate thought provoking content suitable for all audience members.
Port Lincoln Chamber of Commerce & Tourism

Chris is a wonderful speaking talent with a great heart and a tremendously powerful story. Having survived the most horrific ordeal imaginable, his willingness to relive the terror he faced and share his experience for the sole purpose of helping others is incredibly inspiring. It’s very rare that you come across someone who can render any audience speechless, regardless of who they are and you can guarantee anyone who hears Chris present will leave feeling more grateful to be alive.
Young Blood Men’s Health Matters
(Best Wellbeing Podcast 2020)