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Key Points for Carl Bates

  • Carl Bates was first appointed as an independent director at the age of 18 and has held leadership roles in a variety of international companies large and small since then.
  • Speaking from practical experience, Carl has worked with companies worldwide to support their boards to become truly high performance and value creating.
  • His understanding of high performing teams is unique in that it focuses on their natural energy, ensuring the individual’s role is aligned for maximum performance.
  • Is a published author and recognised global speaker on practical boardroom activity that drives shareholder value and regularly features in all forms of media.
  • Has spoken and facilitated globally for companies and groups as diverse as business and industry organisations and chambers, university and MBA graduates to YPO Chapters.

Topics for Carl Bates

  • High-performance boards that drive company value
    Practical insights from a world-renowned expert based on proven methodologies that are specifically focused on successful boards for privately held and family businesses.
  • Leadership is a choice not a title
    How directors, managers and employees can choose maximise results by taking charge of their ‘sweet spot’ path to maximised, meaningful contribution.
  • What if everything you knew about appointing directors to a board was wrong?
    Insights from Carl’s journey over many years in appointing directors to privately-held companies and family businesses, which challenge the conventional views of director selection and performance .
  • The path of least resistance to entrepreneur wealth
    Understanding how your natural energy and time can be deeply aligned to become a successful entrepreneur and accelerate business growth.
  • Can you be fired from the company you founded? Yes!
    Practical insights and approaches from inside the boardrooms of companies on what it takes to performance manage and develop chief executives who are also shareholder-managers / founders.
  • Taking your board to new heights
    High-performing companies require highly effective boards that are balanced and focused on ethical and collective company growth with each director being able to maximise his or her contribution.
  • Businesses make promises, not money
    Understanding the essence of entrepreneurship and applying it like the business giants do, thereby elaborating on the concept of promise and how applying it effectively will grow your business.
  • Is your board focussed on the past or the future?
    Challenging what you think about board performance reporting. Boards may think they are focused on growth and shareholder value, yet the majority focus solely on past performance.

Testimonials for Carl Bates

I believe Carl is a true prodigy. He plays the game of entrepreneurship better than many seasoned entrepreneurs who have been in business for decades. What's more, he effectively teaches others how he does it. This is a true blessing for anyone who gets to experience his insights.
Founder and Managing Director, South Africa

Reluctantly I accepted an invite to listen to a Kiwi speaking, and boy was I surprised! Carl impressed me with his insights into entrepreneurship and business leadership. He conveyed his message in an easily digestible, humorous and understandable manner.
Chief Economist
Efficient Group, South Africa

It was without any doubt, the best, the most impactful speech I've heard in my years.
Paul Dunn
Globally Acclaimed Serial Entrepreneur and Business Mentor, Australia

We chose to invite Carl Bates as our guest speaker for our Annual Convention. Despite of his young age, Carl had a good sense of entrepreneurship and could relate to our business needs. His intervention was fluid, easy and was impactful with core business messages, to which our audience could relate.
Group Director – People and Engagement
Sun Limited, Mauritius

Carl’s sessions on Corporate Governance and entrepreneurship are down to earth, practical and very insightful for any entrepreneur-cum-corporate governance practitioner wishing to take their business to the next level!
Chief Executive
Tanzania Institute of Directors