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Key Points for Candice Harvey

  • Candice Harvey has 15 years human resources experiences, including a Bachelor of Business Communications (Organisational Communication), and studied at The Coaching Institute, Australasia’s largest coaching school.
  • She has worked for global organisations in London, Texas and Australia.
  • Candice works with a range of private clients through to larger corporate organisations, helping improve their effectiveness and results by coaching them on managing their own emotional and social intelligence.
  • Candice is the host of The Shake Up Podcast, a podcast focused on helping people to shake things up, think differently, in order to create and live a life you love.

Topics for Candice Harvey

  • Not done yet
    This session eliminates excuses and will give participants the inspiration and motivation to achieve what they're more than capable of achieving (but haven't achieved yet) in the workplace. NOT DONE YET simplifies how to get what you want, by teaching a process that removes obstacles before they even occur.
    Participants walk away with their own big important goal, and a bulletproof way to achieve it. (Imagine everyone in your team having THAT!)
    Key take aways:
    • How to ensure the remainder of the year is exceptional - by teaching participants how to simplify (and get clear) on exactly what they need to focus on (as well as realising small changes that may need to be made).
    • Learning the 3-step process to remove obstacles before they even occur, resulting in participants having no choice but to throw their excuses in the bin.
    • Creating their ideal year ahead, with participants walking away busting for Monday, and with a bulletproof way to achieve whatever they want to achieve.
  • Happiness first
    Research has found that happiness doesn’t necessarily follow success. In fact, it’s just the opposite - Happiness leads to Success.
    HAPPINESS FIRST provides participants with an overall reality check - a deep dive into who they’re currently being, and more importantly who they want to be. This session focuses on recreating a happier working environment that delivers outstanding long-term benefits and will help retain your valuable staff.
    Key take aways:
    • A deep dive into who participants are currently being, and more importantly who they want to be (both in and out of work).
    • Understanding the 3 components of Happiness, which are the foundation of well-being - to identify which components they are nailing and which components need more time and attention.
    • Providing the team with a mindset shake up by learning how to choose better thoughts in order to make the remainder of 2023 their best year yet.
  • Chaos to calm
    For people experiencing "busy" - CHAOS TO CALM provides participants with the three crucial steps to get them out of overwhelm and into order. Participants will also learn what "not to do" when life and work feels chaotic and exhausting - which they can apply in both their personal and professional lives.
    After this session teams will walk away knowing how to "Keep Calm" and able to be the most productive they have ever been.
    Key take aways:
    • Bringing awareness to what each participant brings - what their individual strong points are, and what they have achieved so far this year (get ready to flex those celebratory muscles!).
    • Resetting boundaries for the remainder of the year - and realising the difference that small changes can make for decreasing (and often eliminating) stress in the workplace.
    • The Three Steps required when wanting to move from Chaos to Calm - getting crystal clear on what needs your time and what really doesn't.
  • Discomfort is key
    This session provides participants with a serious shakeup - as growth doesn't come from staying comfortable. Participants will become clear on WHY uncomfortable is crucial, and why staying comfortable is not an option for business/life success. This session goes through 2 x (SERIOUSLY FUN) team activities that will get hearts racing and have the team working better together as a result. DISCOMFORT IS KEY ends with a CHALLENGE that goes into the following week - where employees will be required to stretch themselves and practice getting uncomfortable, by connecting better with each other.
    Key take aways:
    • The importance of getting uncomfortable and the difference it makes to life in and out of the workplace.
    • The impact of getting outside of your comfort zone.
    • A challenge that goes into the following week – to work out that uncomfortable muscle and prove to yourself what you’re capable of.
  • Reboot, reset and refocus
    This workshop provides participants with a fresh start, that will have them realising the difference they can individually make, as well as get them excited for what's to come. After REBOOT, RESET & REFOCUS- new ways of thinking, self-responsibility, inspiration, motivation - the team will walk away with the energy to get out there and contribute to making THIS YEAR the businesses best year yet.
    Key take aways:
    • What would make 2023 their best year yet - giving participants the opportunity to get clear on what their intentions are for the new year.
    • Digging into self-responsibility and the role they play in the workplace (not to be mistaken for their PD - we will be focusing on their individual impact and value they have at work).
    • Creating NEW STANDARDS for the new year, with participants walking away busting for 2023 to officially get going.

Testimonials for Candice Harvey

Candice has the ability to engage with the audience on their level. She is knowledgeable, funny, inciteful, fearless, and above all else engaging. Her workshop flowed well and got everyone talking, laughing and really thinking.
UQ Sport

If a business values their team and their engagement, working with Candice is a no brainer.
Managing Partner

There may have been 10,226 miles separating us all that day, but the feedback from all our delegates was fantastic. Candice brought our vision to life and delivered a really thought provoking and positive experience for the whole team.
Client Director
Kaplan (UK)

I have engaged Candice Harvey for numerous workshops now, both for my team and fellow industry peers. She's always inspirational and you walk away feeling bullet proof and ready to tackle the world! Cannot wait for our next one.
Helloworld, Buderim & Caloundra

Candice has held multiple workshops for the OzeIT team over the last 12 months, and without a doubt what the team has gained is invaluable. Her ability to communicate and involve everyone is out of this world.
Managing Director

My clients always feel so inspired by Candice. She is amazing at what she does. She gets you to stop sitting on your goals and take action. Her energy is infectious, and you can't help but come away from time with her completely motivated and raring to go.
Business Owner