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Key Points for Cam Greenwood

  • Co-founder (alongside his wife, Elise) and chief pioneer of Zorali.
  • Number 11 on Smart Company’s 2018 ‘Smart 30 Under 30’.
  • Created the wildly popular Monsta Surf brand at age 18, receiving a tribe-like following with customers from over 40 countries. After a legal opposition from a multinational corporation, Cam and his wife Elise led their Monsta Surf community on a journey towards their new eco-innovative outdoor brand, Zorali.
  • Successfully raised $300,000 to over 550 investors to launch the Zorali brand, becoming the fastest company in Australia to reach their minimum target in an equity crowdfund raise and just the 5th company to reach their maximum target.
  • Advocate for a sustainable approach to life and business. Zorali plants 10 trees for each product they sell, as well as using organic and recycled materials across their ranges.
  • Producer of the Live Passionately film, which has been watched in over 30 countries.
  • One of Australia’s most in demand speakers under 30, speaking across Australia in many different forums, sharing his unique style business and leadership to thousands.

Topics for Cam Greenwood

  • The Zorali journey
    How to conquer fear and discover a life of possibility.

    The Zorali story was born from Cam and Elise Greenwood’s passion for life, love for nature and their heart to see people experience the fullness of life.

    Cam uses snapshots of their story to inspire his audience to believe that all things are possible when we actively engage in a life driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear.

    Throughout the talk, Cam describes how they have both learned to conquer fear and follow ‘the voice of possibility’ in order to overcome setbacks and become who they are today, as leaders of the Zorali brand and beyond.

    Cam’s laid back personality and presenting style is mixed with deep learnings as he shares important insights into the path of possibility and success.

  • The pioneer path
    The strategic value of risk, agility and doing things differently.

    Cam’s story speaks to the power of the pioneering spirit. The co-founder and “Chief Pioneer” of Zorali has repeatedly used unconventional strategies in order to overcome obstacles and build the brand that is loved across Australia and beyond.

    In an age where it’s increasingly difficult to gain traction among saturated marketplaces, Cam explains the strategic value of risk, agility and doing things differently in order to explore new territories of life and business.

    He challenges his audience to expand their thinking of what’s possible and shares some person lessons from navigating the road less travelled.

  • How to build a fire
    Cultivating communities that burn bright.

    In an age where it’s increasingly difficult to gain traction among saturated marketplaces, Cam explains how he leveraged the power of people to launch and grow the Zorali brand.

    Throughout the talk, Cam challenges leaders to find the value of their community in what motivates their most passionate fans and their company. He asks, “why are we coming together”, and explains why communities demand this shared purpose and dedication.

    Get ready to shift your mindset and stoke the fire as Cam shares critical lessons from his journey in community building.


Testimonials for Cam Greenwood

Cam is a one of a kind human whose passion to live an adventurous life is contagious; constantly inspiring others to chase dreams and adventure. Starting any brand, product or movement is an incredibly hard feat. Cam has done all 3 from such a young age and by his very nature, won’t let challenges slow him down, pushing the boundaries on what’s possible every day.
Daniel Flynn
Co-founder & Managing Director, Thankyou

Cam has a gift to deliver stories and help people to realise the importance of following their passion! Thanks Cam for making us laugh, smile and feel something through your presentation. Can’t wait to have you back again!
YLead Australia

Cam has been an ambassador for Reach since October 2016 and in that time he’s been an inspiring influence to so many of the young people we work with.
National Communications Manager
The Reach Foundation

Nimbleness is something we have recognised in Cam Greenwood - one of Australia's most creative young entrepreneurs who has been leveraging the power of social media to build his brand.
Chief Executive Officer
Westpac Group

Cam Greenwood is a truly inspirational speaker whose personal story and approach to life resonates deeply with the youth of today.
Year Level Coordinator
Prince Alfred College

Our students related to his message of conquering the voice of fear to discover a life of possibility and commented on how inspiring and empowering they found Cam. The Q&A session at the end was special - leaving the students inspired to get past their fears and follow their calling.
University of the Sunshine Coast