01 Jan 2024

Top mental health speakers in Canberra, ACT for your next event

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Life is full of challenges, many of which can be overwhelming. With our roster of local mental health speakers, Canberra based organisations can take positive steps towards encouraging open dialogue about these challenges. Their lessons can also help equip each of us with the skills and resources to manage challenging times at home and work. With 45% of Australians experiencing a mental health issue at some point in their life, it’s critical to nurture skills around resilience and determination as well as the importance of speaking up. This strikes at the heart of the meaning behind R U OK? Day 2024. For many of us, it can feel as though being open about the struggles you face can burden other people. Reminding people that it’s okay to talk is important for creating healthy environments in our communities, workplaces, homes and social lives.

By inviting a mental health speaker to your next event in the ACT, you can take a positive step towards empowering your audience on their journey to improved mental wellness. These speakers have both personal and professional experience in the mental health space. Their insights will leave your audience inspired and equipped to take their mental health journey into their own hands.


Michael Milton OAM

Michael Milton OAM is one of Australia’s best-known athletes. His four gold medal haul at the 2002 Winter Paralympic Games at just 14 years old endeared him to a sport-loving nation and earned him the title of Laureus World Sportsperson of the Year with a Disability. A cancer survivor, his battles and challenges through life give him a unique and helpful perspective on overcoming challenges and adversity in life.

Michael has overcome his natural shyness to become a talented public speaker. He has achieved at the highest levels and never stops planning to meet the next challenge.

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Wayne Herbert

Wayne Herbert is an ACT-based disability and LGBTIQ advocate, and best-selling author. He uses his many wide-reaching platforms to inform, educate and advocate for issues facing the disability and LGBTIQ communities. He is a member of the ACT Government’s LGBTIQ+ ministerial advisory council, providing insight and guiding policymaking.

Wayne is also the author of the best-selling Anecdotes of a Disabled Guy and his TEDxCanberra talk of the same name has been viewed by thousands.

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Emma GreyEmma Grey

Emma Grey is an award-winning author of five books, one of which was written as a fictional tribute to her husband following his death and a way to articulate the significant, unexpected loss. Based in the ACT, she is an incredible storyteller, with the ability to inspire audiences on topics such as grief, trauma, parenting, persistence, rejection, creativity and ambition.

She’s also the director of the life-balance consultancy WorkLifeBliss, aimed at helping people weave together all the things that matter most, and co-founder of My 15 Minutes — a fresh approach to productivity that focuses on making big changes with little steps.

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Alan Tongue - mental health speakers Canberra

Alan Tongue

NRL champion turned youth mentor and educator, Alan Tongue followed his stellar rugby career by becoming the face of the NRL Voice against Violence program, which aims to prevent violence against women and children. He has also founded the Mentoring Thru Fitness program, aiming to motivate and empower young people to better their lives with a unique combination of social messages and rugby drills.

His activities both on and off the field have equipped him with unique insights on resilience, mental fortitude and importance of community programs to improve the lives and wellbeing of people in the ACT from all walks of life.

More on Alan here


When looking for mental health and wellbeing speakers, Canberra audiences fortunately don’t have to look far to hear motivating and inspiring tales of determination and resilience in the face of adversity. ICMI is proud to have a strong and diverse roster of talent who can share engaging stories with actionable insights, whether you’re after mental health speakers for schools, events or in the workplace.

We also specialise in finding specific speakers to suit your organisation, particular event or theme of an event, whether that’s a men’s mental health speaker, women’s mental health speaker or a motivational speaker who can imbue wisdom through exciting tales of their personal and professional journeys.

These speakers have been through some incredibly tough times and come out the other side resilient and ready to inspire. They work to support the mental health of communities, companies, and individuals. Get in touch with us here to find out more or to book any of these speakers for your events today!


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Article by Kristy Egglestone.

Kristy is a seasoned talent management and major events professional. She’s played a pivotal role in shaping the careers and commercial portfolios of some of Australia’s best-known talent, making her a highly sought after expert in the talent and events industries.




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