26 Oct 2021

The top 5 mental health speakers in Canberra, ACT for your next virtual or live event.

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If there’s anything to be learned from this pandemic, it’s that we could all use a bit of mental health support every now and again.

In the ACT, months of lockdown and stagnant case numbers have taken their toll. Many people are separated from their nearest and dearest by border closures and lockdowns. But it doesn’t necessarily take a pandemic to leave our mental health feeling less than stellar. These five speakers have both personal and professional experience in the mental health space. They will leave your audience inspired and equipped to take their mental health journey into their own hands.



Andrew Lock OAM

Andrew Lock has many achievements under his belt, among them being the only Australian to have successfully climbed all 14 of the world’s 8000m peaks. Surviving in harsh, inhospitable environments has made him uniquely resilient, a trait he channels into his work.

Andrew works with teams in uncertain environments, a skill that has particular relevance to the current Covid-19 pandemic and its effects.

More on Andrew here



Wayne Herbert

Wayne Herbert is a disability and LGBTIQ advocate, and best-selling author. He uses his many wide-reaching platforms to inform, educate and advocate for issues facing the disability and LGBTIQ communities. He is a member of the ACT Government’s LGBTIQ+ ministerial advisory council, providing insight and guiding policymaking.

Wayne is also the author of the best-selling Anecdotes of a Disabled Guy and his TEDxCanberra talk of the same name has been viewed by thousands.

 More on Wayne here



Osher Günsberg (virtual events – NSW based)

Osher Günsberg is a household name. Seen on popular reality shows like Australian Idol, the Bachelor and The Masked Singer, Osher has almost two decades of hosting experience under his belt.

Behind the camera, however, Osher has other passions. Having first-hand experience with depression and anxiety, Osher has become a keen mental health advocate. He is a Movember ambassador and focuses on men’s mental health.

 More on Osher here



Jelena Dokic (virtual events – VIC based)

The former tennis world no. 4, Jelena Dokic skyrocketed to tennis stardom at a young age. Her story is one of dizzying professional success and incredible personal hardship. She has come through these events more resilient and determined than ever.

Jelena is the best-selling author of her autobiography, unbreakable, in which she tells her remarkable story of survival.

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Gus Worland (virtual events – NSW based)

Losing a close friend and mentor to suicide prompted Gus Worland to found Gotcha4life, a suicide prevention initiative. Gotcha4life funds education workshops and training initiatives for individuals, companies, and communities.

With his work in this area, Gus hopes to create real change in the lives of those living with mental health challenges. His key aim is to lower the devastating suicide statistic in Australia of eight lives lost to suicide daily.

More on Gus here




Kath Koschel (virtual events – NSW based)

Kath Koschel’s extraordinary road to recovery has traversed both mental and physical hardship. She has survived breaking her back twice and losing her fiancé to suicide. Kath’s experiences have triggered an appetite for more kindness in the world, and a renewed sense of personal resilience.

She shares her journey of turning adversity into triumph, leaving her audience inspired and motivated with the keys to building resilience, overcoming adversity and accepting change.

Kath is the founder of The Kindness Factory. Its mission is to make the world a kinder place, one small act at a time. Kath speaks from the heart, and her tenacity and refusal to let life beat her down will engage and inspire your audience.

More on Kath here



These speakers have been through some incredibly tough times and come out the other side resilient and ready to inspire. They work to support the mental health of communities, companies, and individuals. Get in touch with us here to find out more or to book any of these speakers for your in-person or virtual events today!

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