24 Aug 2022

The Honourable Greg Hunt: Out and About

Greg Hunt - out and about

Can you imagine being tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the national response to the Covid-19 pandemic… let alone with absolutely no warning?! As the Minister for Health at the time the pandemic started, that’s exactly what the Honourable Greg Hunt had to do. Luckily, with a huge range of Ministerial roles under his belt and over 20 years in office as a Federal MP, Greg was the best man for the job.

It was a globally challenging time when we needed strong leaders more than ever, and Greg stepped up to the challenge by implementing many important strategies that helped to save Australian lives. His successful integration of telehealth into the Medicare system, a program that has proved hugely valuable both during the pandemic and beyond, is just one of many important policies testament to this. Greg also held many other Ministerial portfolios over the years. As Minister for the Environment, he established the Emissions Reduction Fund and $1 billion Reef Trust. As the Minister for Industry, Innovation & Science, he even laid the foundation for the Australian Space Agency! Greg was also Parliamentary Secretary and the longest-serving Federal Parliament member for Flinders before his recent retirement in the lead-up to the 2022 elections. It’s no wonder he was named Best Minister in the World at the World Government Summit in 2016!

With so much knowledge and experience, his well-earned retirement from politics comes with a silver lining. While his opinion has always been in demand, he now has more time to share his wisdom as a passionate, compelling and knowledgeable speaker and presenter – and he’s now exclusive to ICMI!

Greg is an expert in politics and leading through a crisis, and he clearly knows his stuff when it comes to policy, business and strategy. However, Greg is also a huge advocate for prioritising mental health – whether it be as an individual, organisation or as a nation – and he has a long list of clients who will testify to this. As a nationally and internationally experienced legislator, negotiator, strategic thinker, stakeholder manager and administrator, Greg has invaluable knowledge to share about creativity, innovation and forward-thinking.

While you’re sure to recognise him from his time as a highly experienced politician, Greg Hunt is now focused on preparing for 2030 and megatrends of the future. He may have already shaped our political landscape – and contemporary Australian society as we know it! – but he still has so much more wisdom to share as one of Australia’s most compelling speakers and educators.


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