07 Jun 2022

Out & About: Mike Smith

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Mike Smith believes that radical transparency is the silver bullet of our times – and he’s already well on his way to proving it! Mike is an adventurer, entrepreneur and not-for-profit founder with a huge heart and a powerful message.

Over the past 15 years Mike has founded multiple start-ups in the surfing, wine and sustainability industries. He’s even created a non-for-profit that has built 2 schools in Myanmar. Even more impressive however, is Mike’s latest eco-conscious mission Zero Co, which looks to top them all by helping solve the global plastic problem. Through the power of community connection, this ground-breaking project is already well on the way to revolutionising global sustainability practices through large-scale ocean clean-ups that in turn feed a closed-loop solution for plastic products. By harnessing a $5M crowdfunding campaign that smashed the Australian equity crowdfunding record in 2021 (as well as an enormous $8M funding boost from some of Australia’s largest VC funds), Zero Co has skyrocketed within a year to a projected revenue of $1M a month.

Mike Smith is a trailblazer in building community and raising funds for planet-friendly causes, but he’s also infectiously passionate about inspiring others to dare to dream just like he did. This radical changemaker is ready, willing and able to share his ground-breaking lessons from his experience in sustainability innovation and entrepreneurialism. He is an expert in circular economy solutions to climate change and has a powerful keynote to share about how brands can and do lead the way in tackling and talking about carbon. Mike is out to convince the world that a product can be good for both business and the earth, for the future of our planet is dependent on sustainable business models.


We’re beyond excited to work with Mike as an Exclusive Speaker for ICMI. We are all in awe of Mike’s powerful message and conscious wisdom, and we have no doubt that you will be too.


Find out more about Mike here 

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