13 Dec 2023

Meet Joe Brumm and Celebrate With Bluey this Christmas

joe brum

For close to 70 years, Myer’s Bourke St Christmas windows have enchanted Melbourne families, with visits becoming an annual tradition. This year, the windows star beloved Australian icon Bluey, telling the story of Christmas with the Heelers in all new scenes as well as some recreated from the hit kid’s TV series. 

The display showcases 53 characters with Bluey, Bingo, Bandit and Chilli appearing in all six scenes. Each individual character took over 250 hours to complete from creating the digital models and 3D printing, to building the sceneries, fitting animatronics and hand painting to create an immersive live storytelling experience.

The story starts with Bluey at home with her family opening presents before preparing and enjoying Christmas lunch, then going to Uncle Stripe’s for an afternoon swim, followed by a game of beach cricket and culminating with a magical light show of the Heeler’s House.

The windows are open to the public from now until January 6.

Meet Bluey Creator Joe Brumm


While bringing a show to life that kids and parents alike can enjoy, Bluey creator Joe Brumm has created a global juggernaut. Bluey remains the number 1 children’s show in Australia across all age groups. Meanwhile in the US, it ranks among the top 10 most streamed programs. Millions of people across over 60 countries tune in to watch the antics of these loveable pups.

When setting out to make Bluey, Joe realised there was a gap in the market for shows targeted towards the preschool demographics that parents could genuinely enjoy too. Bluey is praised for its fun, wholesome premise, with episodes primarily structured around playing silly, made-up games. The hit series is notable in how it strikes the right balance between humour and teaching valuable lessons while avoiding the formulaic pitfalls of many other kids TV shows.

It’s this distinctive approach that has contributed to its widespread global appeal, being the most streamed show on Disney Plus, breaking all ABC iview viewership records, winning an Emmy and making it on Rolling Stone’s top 100 sitcoms of all time. The show has now expanded with a huge collection of merchandise, a live show and now, a display at the iconic Myers Christmas windows. 

Hear Joe’s Story at Your Next Event


ICMI is proud to have Joe on our roster as an exclusive speaker. Hearing about his career and journey making Bluey into the hit show it is today is always fascinating for audiences, especially with Joe’s unique, down-to-earth charm. 

Like Bandit and Chilli, the parents of the Heeler family in Bluey, Joe has two daughters. When asked whether he relates to the parents like other parents do, he commented that he believes the show has had such a positive response because it does a great job of showing how despite the ups and down, the Heeler parents really love their kids and want what’s best for them. 

“Kids love it because it’s silly and it reminds them of themselves, and parents enjoy it and get emotional because having kids is emotional and it’s just a mirror to you. It reminds you how much you love your kid and all the joy and positivity that comes with being a parent.”


Interested in booking Joe as a speaker for your event? Call us now on 1800 334 625 or make an enquiry online.



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