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Key Points for Ashley Fell

  • Ashley Fell is the Director of Communications as McCrindle.
  • She conducts training days for corporate and not for profit clients.
  • She has academic qualifications in communications.
  • Ashley Fell is the co-author of Generation Alpha, a book on the newest generation.
  • The Visual Mind; Why storytelling is so powerful in this digital era - TEDx UniMelb.

Topics for Ashley Fell

  • Leadership
    • Work wellbeing: Leading thriving teams in rapidly changing times
      Over the last few years wellbeing has risen to the top of the agenda. It is one of the key challenges and opportunities that our society faces. In any given week, we spend more than a third of our waking hours at work, so it is the place we most need to get wellbeing right. It is also a key priority for workers, with 83% saying it is up to the employer to facilitate. Based on her book Work Wellbeing: Leading thriving teams in rapidly changing times, in this session Ashley Fell will provide a practical, data-driven and engaging guide to work wellbeing; equipping leaders, managers and employees with a thorough understanding of what work wellbeing is, why it is a non-negotiable for the future and how to achieve it.
    • Recruiting, retaining & training the new generations at work
      The future is shaped not just by the technological changes but also the sociological changes. It is critical to understand the attitudes, values and expectations of the diverse generations comprising today’s workforce. This session will outline the new demographics and the social trends which have shaped Gen Y and Gen Z and will identify the HR implications of these new attitudes, values, and workplace priorities of today’s employees. Ashley Fell will highlight the implications of this for effective employer branding, attraction and retention strategies, workplace communications and leadership styles.

  • Generational change
    • Gen Z and Alpha defined: The 5 key factors of this global generation
      There are 4.6 million reasons to engage Generation Z and Generation Alpha, the students of today and university graduates, employees, and consumers of tomorrow. They are truly the 21st Century generation, with the whole of their formative years lived in this century. They are mobile, digital, global, visual and social. Their lives are post-life stage, their learning is post-linear and their careers post-structural. In this session Ashley Fell will outline how to best engage with the most formally educated, technologically literate and materially endowed generation in history.
    • The millennial workforce; Creating culture, purpose, and impact
      Generations Y and Z will soon comprise more than half of the workforce and so understanding their preferred way of work is essential for effective engagement. In this session Ashley Fell will give an overview of creating an engaging culture for a multigenerational workforce, ways to create a culture of wellbeing in the workplace and how to attract and retain top talent.

  • Future trends
    • The new world of work: Understanding the emerging workforce, adapting to the new workplace
      Over the last couple of years, the world of work has undergone a massive transformation. From COVID-19 to remote working, portfolio careers and the growth of the start-up culture - how, where and when we work has significantly changed. This session looks at how to recruit, retain and lead top talent, how to create an engaging workplace culture and engage a diverse workforce to bring about greater productivity, engagement, and wellbeing.
    • Future proofing careers: The skills needed to thrive in changing times
      From an ageing population to changing household structures, from population growth to generational change, and from housing mobility to a global pandemic, our society continues to change rapidly, with big implications for careers and the workplace. In this session Ashley Fell will provide an overview of the key megatrends transforming the workplace and careers of the future. She will deliver a snapshot of Australia now and by 2030, giving a forecast of the transformative changes and insights.
  • Demographic insights
    • A demographic snapshot of Australia: Now and towards 2030
      To engage with people and connect with communities, we need to understand the data and the demographics. Population analysis tells a fascinating story of Australia today and reveals clear trend lines. In this session, Ashley uses the latest demographic data to give a snapshot of the changes, the trends, the challenges and the opportunities for your brand, organisation, and sector.
    • Changing times, emerging trends
      This session gives an analysis of our fast-moving times and a snapshot of the key trends redefining our society. It will deliver an overview of the changes and insights to help organisations not just respond to the trends but to shape them. From technological trends to demographic shifts, from social change to generational transitions and a defining global pandemic, in this session Ashley Fell will define and strategically respond to each of these mega-trends.

  • Marketing and communications
    • Engaging with consumers in an online world: Thriving in the screen age and engaging with digital and global communities
      In an era of message-saturation, the challenge for organisations is to deliver quality content that will get cut-through. In this session, Ashley Fell, who leads the communications strategy at McCrindle, will share the latest research findings into media consumption, emerging technologies and the key influences on decision-making. She will define the elements of effective communication, means to maximise retention, and the trends in online communities.
    • The power of storytelling in a digital era: How to connect and communicate in changing times
      In an era of message saturation and digital disruption, it can be difficult to cut through the noise, capture attention, and make our voice heard. In this session, Ashley Fell will highlight how to communicate important information in visual ways, and how to effectively transform your data into a story. She shows how, even in our world of screens, social media and ever-emerging technology, it is the timeless power of storytelling, harnessing the unmatched visual platform that is the human mind, that best informs, instructs, involves and inspires audiences.

Testimonials for Ashley Fell

Passionate, energetic and insightful, Ashley Fell has become a favourite on the Future of Leadership stage. She always delivers the most relevant research in a fun and engaging style, and even in a virtual environment we could still feel the energy, laugh at her jokes, and soak up the data.
Future of Leadership

Ashley Fell’s excellent keynote was an enthusiastic success. I know the crowd was glued to their seats and taking in the insights like sponges. Her sense of humour, great visual flow and jam-packed findings made for a power-packed 45 minutes. 
Kidscreen Summit 2020, Miami Florida

Ashley Fell was absolutely amazing and the feedback has been fantastic. Everyone loved her presentation and the way she delivered it, with humour throughout. Great insights for our team and great choice of speaker!

The feedback has been fantastic and we were really happy with Ashley Fell’s presentations - engaging, fun and full of great conversation starters - exactly what we were after for this crowd. Absolute pleasure to work with Ashley and the team.

Ashley Fell’s presentation was really engaging, insightful and really well delivered with good touches of humour. All the feedback we received was very, very positive. I wish we gave her the full hour instead of 30 mins!
People’s Choice Credit Union

Ashley Fell is a fantastic presenter. She is warm and engaging, smart and brings humour to what could be dry content. You can always tell how good a presenter is come question time and this is where Ashley shines, no question is too curly for her! She is always very well received by our delegates.    
Leading Aged Services Australia

Topic was engaging. Presentation was well received. Ashley Fell was also engaging and really connected with the group.

Ashley Fell’s presentation was outstanding, vibrant, engaging, and fascinating. Presenting to a group of talented and curious educators is no small feat but Ashley captivated and held the audience beautifully.

The content aligned exactly to the brief and although we conducted two long sessions Ashley Fell’s delivery and then interaction held the team’s attention throughout.

Ashley Fell was polished, succinct, poised and in every way, a truly professional speaker that engaged at a deep and personal level with my clients. Of the 20 speakers I engaged this year, Ashley ranks among the best, if not the best.
Investors Edge Finance

Ashley Fell’s presentation was extremely well received. A great balance of data and information with effective storytelling and an engaging presentation style. We have received nothing but positive feedback and many commented on how poised and effective Ashley’s communication style was.  
Australian Association of Graduate Employers

I’m so glad we went with Ashley Fell. She enthused and inspired the group and her use of generational related humour connected with the team. The data was up-to-date, perfectly relevant to our work and presented with great skill. Ash was very human in her approach, she engaged with individuals and was warm and affable.
St Ignatius College Riverview

Outstanding by all reports.
City of Sydney

Ashley Fell was informative, entertaining, and perfectly on topic.
Country Fire

Authority Ashley Fell’s presentation on leading teams in changing times was one of the most interesting of the forum. It was honour for Netball NSW to have her as one of our speakers.
Netball NSW