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Key Points for Anthony Laye

  • Anthony Laye is a mentalist, Master of Ceremonies, keynote speaker.
  • Anthony is Australia's premier Mind Reader.
  • He is able to empower his audience with simple tactics to be more effective at listening, observing, communicating, and building influence at work or home.
  • Anthony brings to the table his skills as a mentalist, his showmanship as an entertainer, and his rapport-building capabilities as a keynote speaker.
  • Anthony Laye is a pioneer in the changing world of corporate entertainment and online communication.

Topics for Anthony Laye

  • Master of Ceremonies
  • The virtualist
    In this new era of communication the way we interact has changed, we need to explore and find new ways of creating experiences that can take a group of people, separated by distance and bring them together making them feel present and connected; these moments are now more important and valuable than ever.
    Virtualism - an online experience that captures the same excitement, interaction and astonishment of Anthony Laye’s stage show, the only difference being you’ll interact with him through the magic of the internet.
    Are You Ready To Enter The World Of Virtualism?
    This is a virtual experience full of laughs and wonder, leaving you with a sense that you’re not the only one in control of your thoughts. A 30 minute show packed full of audience engagement and interaction, that will be remembered and talked about for years to come.
  • Consciousness is key
    In a world that is constantly distracting us and fighting for our attention, being a better leader, influencer and communicator requires a unique edge.
    Anthony’s mission is to inspire that in you. And he does this by teaching you to live a more conscious life.
    Using his talent as a mentalist, Anthony Laye shares his amazing business and mindset skills as he demonstrates the importance and power of being conscious. A dynamic, energetic and exciting speaker, Anthony engages, empowers and connects his audience, as he delivers the edge you need to help you develop a more cohesive team, build stronger business relationships, sharpen your sales speak or improve customer experience.
    And when you start to live a conscious life, you’ll find yourself being happier, more productive, and more business will be won and retained.
    Living consciously is your secret to standing out from the crowd, and being part of the top 1%.
    • Conscious Mindset
      "Stop living on autopilot, take control and become conscious"
      Having a conscious mindset is about stopping the autopilot mentality and checking in with yourself, making every moment deliberate. Anthony shares a simple tool that will not only give the audience daily clarity, but will put them in a deliberate mindset for the conference
    • Conscious Confidence
      "The tools that I share don't just make you more successful in business, they make you more successful in life"
      Your ability to connect and influence starts with you. To display authority and be seen as a leader we must be able to consciously control our state. One of the biggest killers of trust is lack of confidence, so maintaining confidence even when under pressure is critical. Cultivating confidence is a huge passion for Anthony and an area in which he wants to help everyone.
    • Conscious Communication
      "I'm in the business of human connection and I'm here to show you how to be awesome at it so you can be more confident, more popular and more productive in every area of your life"
      To be an effective, leader, influencer and communicator, being conscious in the way you communicate is critical. You must ensure that your messages are delivered in a way that builds trust. Anthony reveals why we must focus on the reptilian brain, and how we can do it effectively.
    • Conscious Rapport
      "These are not ideas based on theories, these are practical tools that I have used to become one of Australia’s most successful speakers and entertainers"
      Before a prospect will buy into your service or product, they need to buy in to you first. You need to be armed with the skills to connect quickly with anyone. With only 7% of communication being words, when building rapport are you focused on the other 93%? Anthony shares his non-verbal rapport building tool ‘The M.E.E.T.S Strategy’
    • Conscious Impressions
      "Being a master of rapport, influence and leadership starts from within"
      How fast do people decide what they think of us? Less than a second!
      Having instant impact when it comes to first impressions is often overlooked, however a first impression will influence an entire interaction, and could be the deciding factor as to whether a client will work with you or not.
  • Certainty and belief
    • Anthony Laye opens the keynote with a bang, performing a nail biting performance to show the audience why becoming a master of influence, leadership and success actually starts from within. Understanding yourself, what are your goals and what do you want to achieve is vital, but this knowledge is useless unless you take action, you need to consistently take action to move forward and grow.
  • Focus and clarity
    • Anthony Laye shares the technique he uses consistently to map out his route for achieving success, be it a demonstration of mentalism or a business goal. The audience will learn a valuable tool, giving them a strategy to plan and deal with any situation, be it personal or business.
  • Act 'as if'
    • A psychological technique that produces a rapid change not just visually but on a much deeper level. When Anthony Laye walks on stage and tells everyone that he is a mind reader there is an invisible ingredient to back up his claims.
    • Anthony Laye shares with the audience a technique that ensures they are perceived the correct way in the business world. We make assumptions about people within the first few seconds, normally before a word has even been spoken it is critical that the right message is being transmitted from the outset.
  • Rapport
    • Anthony Laye teaches the audience a simple and easy to remember system to create rapport with anyone... it all comes down to one word ‘M.E.E.T’. Rapport creates and builds relationships, putting you in the position of influence and leadership. Anthony demonstrates just how powerful rapport can be when it comes to leadership and influence by having an audience member read HIS mind.
  • Body language - The five step formula
    • Understanding the way that others are thinking is essential, you need to know if they are coming along with you or resisting. They may say one thing but really mean another. Anthony Laye shares his five step formula for decoding non verbal communication that gives you instant feedback, which is so valuable in todays fast moving world. Not only does Anthony share the formula he also demonstrates and explains live, with a lie detection test with 4 members of the audience.
    • To wrap up the session Anthony Laye performs a demonstration that combines all the tools and strategies together to literally bring the audience to their feet, he takes what most would consider impossible and makes it a reality, leaving them inspired and ready to take their business skills to the next level.

Testimonials for Anthony Laye

We had Anthony Laye perform at 2 of our national conference events with over 500 delegates in attendance - both audiences rated him as one of their top entertainers/speakers. His highly engaging presentation style and interactive entertainment make for a fun and energised session which is just what we wanted to break up the conference. Anthony is a true professional and so easy to work with, I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any audience - he appeals to everyone!

We had the pleasure of having Anthony Laye give a keynote at our recent conference. His presentation was entertaining and on point. I would recommend him for a conference or event that you may be having in the future.
Janine Allis
Founder, Boost Juice

I just wanted to say Thank you so much for all your hard work that you helped with in yet another successful business breakfast! I actually ran back down to email you and I have walked back into the office with the floor raving about how amazing he was and trying to figure out how he does what he does! He had the venue in a laugh and more importantly his insight was exactly what we needed and asked for! He is so super easy to work with! Communication with him was so easy and perfect! You can pass this on to any client that is looking to have Anthony at their events! He was beyond amazing! His show was beyond – My only wish was I could sit all day and watch him.
Robert Half

It was a wonderful night! He was incredible, so engaging and I couldn’t believe how he did it.
Macquarie Bank

Anthony Laye was an exceptional talent – one of the best I have seen in a long time.
Coca Cola

Anthony Laye was absolutely brilliant and professional – he most certainly held the attention of our guests – I think they were hanging on every word and every (often scary!) action! He worked in with us so beautifully and I have nothing but praise for him. Everything I heard directly from guests was overwhelmingly positive and he was definitely a favourite.
Hair Expo Australia

Anthony Laye was definitely a highlight and we look forward to using him again for the Rally in July.
Imagine Experiences

As always Anthony Laye was a true professional.  Loved the way he incorporated the theme into his presentation
Gener8 Events

Anthony Laye was very entertaining and also maintained a great message. As much as the audience was wowed they also had some key take out messages.
NAB Wealth

Anthony Laye was very engaging and had the audience rapt from the word go.
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

That was amazing.
Molly Meldrum

How did, how did, how did you do that?
Kylie Gillies
The Morning Show

I'm absolutely freaking out.
Dannii Minogue

That was sensational.
Kyle Sandilands

If this goes wrong you will be audited for the rest of your life.
Joe Hockey

One of the best things I have ever seen.
Brian McFadden

WHAT! How did you know?
Jackie O

Super smooth mentalist Anthony Laye unleashes his psychic powers on the audience.
The Age

Awesome, dazzling, amazing, unbelievable, incredible, Australia’s pre-eminent Mind Reader
Jean Kittson
Performer, Writer, Comedian

This is phenomenal.

Loads of fun and highly entertaining. It’s almost guaranteed that when you leave his show, your entire conversation home will be about trying to figure out exactly how he did what he did.
Nova FM

Continually interacting with his audience, Anthony Laye is simply captivating.
Lowdown Magazine

One-half freak of nature and one-half awe inspiring mind reader.
RIP IT UP Magazine

Nothing bogus about his act.
The Advertiser

Anthony Laye is a truly great performer and entertainer. He engages the audience and makes you feel that he is speaking directly to you, making you feel a real part of his performance. What he does is amazing, incredible and clever. He is an artist of exceptional quality. He is also a very likeable person and acts in the most professional manner with his clients.
Julie Heraghty
CEO, Mascular Degeneration Foundation

Thankyou Anthony, where exactly did the goldfish come from?
Dave Berry
UK TV Presenter

I am going to freak out if its in this envelope?

Oh my god your kidding me, that’s unbelievable!
Mike& Monkey Breakfast Show
Coast FM, Vic

People are still talking about you, thanks for making our ball extra special!
Jeff Merret MBE
Dream-A-Way Charity

You are amazing thank you for entertaining my guests!
Nigel Mansell
F1 Driver

I have no idea how you did that!
Noel Edmonds
UK TV Presenter

Anthony Laye was very professional and our group thought he was fantastic and fun.
YUM Restaurants Internations

Anthony Laye had the whole team in the grasp of his hands. Presentation was slick and very professional
Paul Bryan