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Key Points for Anthony Hart

  • Anthony Hart is a passionate social entrepreneur and a mental health advocate who is on a mission to change attitudes around mental health in Australia.
  • He shares his personal experience of surviving walking off the 21st story of a building in the heart of Sydney due to depression.
  • The journey back was beyond gruelling but through true resilience Anthony Hart transformed his life.
  • Anthony is the founder of Lifeback Tracker program, an award winning mental health support program.
  • Anthony Hart, along with his brother and father, built an 8-store PETstock franchise group into Australia’s leading pet retailer.

Topics for Anthony Hart

  • What happens when you live?
    Anthony Hart shares his life-changing, confronting yet powerful story about how he reached the lowest point of his life but, more importantly, how he got his life back. He gives permission to share vulnerable, yet real life lessons, deeply connecting with listeners.  Anthony offers learnings that will inspire and motivate individuals to make changes with a goal to improve their mind health and wellbeing.
    • Personal resilience, strength and overcoming adversity
  • How to spot the signs of poor mind health
    Audiences will walk away from this presentation inspired by Anthony Hart's personal journey from pain to purpose and how to spot the early signs of poor mind health. They will also gain unique insights into what it is to live with depression and anxiety, and how to be proactive through living purposefully and embracing change as a catalyst for personal growth.
    • Examine mind health challenges, spot the early signs and how to be proactive
  • 4 easy steps to better mind health
    Anthony Hart takes a deep dive into the current belief systems held by us all around the stigma of mind health. At the heart of Anthony's message is a focus on the 4 simple steps that he stumbled across during his own recovery, which helped him find emotional peace. By talking about his experience he not only helped himself, but connected with others.
    • Explore the positive health and wellbeing options we have to improve our own mind health

Testimonials for Anthony Hart

Anthony Hart is a fantastic presenter, who speaks passionately about the importance of suicide prevention. His story is incredibly moving, and helps to break down the stigma associated with mental illness. Thank you, Anthony.

Anthony Hart recently presented to our work team as part of our Wellbeing journey. We have previously had several professional presenters speak on the subject of mental health. However Anthony’s high impact, deeply personal story cut through with our staff in a way that other speakers had been unable. In the days following his presentation, there were many lunchroom conversations about mental health issues that we weren’t having before. It has been a very practical way to highlight to our staff the need to find trusted confidants to talk about how they are feeling, before it is too late.
Operations & Business Improvement Manager, Textures

Anthony Hart's presentation was exceptional, the response from our members overwhelmingly positive. I’ve never seen so many members keen to stay after the conclusion of the event to continue discussion far beyond the original presentation.
Executive Officer
Entrepreneur Organisation SA

Anthony Hart in his own unique way, with ‘heart’, humility and humour he had such a powerful story to tell about his own experiences around suicide and mental health.
Lyndoch Resident

75 men and women, came from as far as Adelaide to hear us address as a community, the effects mental health illness is having on rural South Australia. Anthony shared his powerful confronting story, the take away learnings from the night were life long.
Shed Happens York Peninsula