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Key Points for Annie Gibbins

  • Annie Gibbins has over 25 years of academic and professional experience, including a Master of Education, Bachelor of Health Science, Lean six Sigma.
  • Her awards include: Momentum Empowerment Women of the Year 2023; Australian Small Business Champions Awards Finalist 2023; Australian Small Business Champions Awards Finalist 2022; Herrington Publications Global Women’s Business Icon 2023; CIO Times Most Dynamic Women Leading Their Industry 2022; Global Women in Leadership Award Winner 2022; Ausmumprenuer Business Coach Finalist 2022; Beam Magazine Woman to Watch Finalist 2022; Top Woman Change Manager 2021.
  • She was G100 Australian Chair Equity and Equality and is a Global Goodwill Ambassador.
  • Annie is the go-to guru for Women’s Biz Global, LeadHERship Global, LinkedIn, Australian Media outlets, Source Bottle.
  • Annie has 4 #1 bestselling books – Becoming Annie The Biography of a curious woman, TWINS Double Trouble Doble Treat, A Woman’s guide to Business Domination, Lady Diversity Power and 52 ebooks on key business building topics.
  • Annie’s influence as a media personality with a TV show, magazine, podcast and summits, viewable by millions of subscribers in 91 countries is powerful.
  • She has been a MC, speaker, spokesperson or Magazine Cover and Feature for global brands such as Allergan, Alcon, Bausch and Lomb, CIO Times, Lady America Power, LeadHERship Global, GE, Novartis, OPSM, Pfizer, Specsavers, Toshiba.

Topics for Annie Gibbins

  • Branding for success: How to build a strong brand that resonates with your target audience
    Presentation Points:
    • Introduction to branding and its importance for businesses.
    • Understanding your target audience: How to identify their needs, preferences, and behaviours.
    • Brand messaging: How to create a compelling brand story that resonates with your target audience.
    • Visual branding: How to create a strong visual identity that communicates your brand values and personality.
    • Consistency and coherence: How to ensure that all your brand elements work together to create a consistent and coherent brand image.
    • Brand differentiation: How to stand out from your competitors and create a unique brand proposition.
    • Brand building: How to build a brand that lasts and evolves over time.
  • Gender equality and leadership: Strategies for creating inclusive workplaces
    Presentation Points:
    • Introduction to the importance of gender equality in the workplace and how it benefits both employees and businesses.
    • Understanding gender-based discrimination and bias, and how it can manifest in the workplace.
    • Strategies for creating an inclusive workplace culture, including policies and practices that promote diversity and inclusion.
      The role of leadership in creating an inclusive workplace culture, and how to develop leadership skills that support gender equality.
    • Addressing unconscious bias and promoting awareness of gender-based assumptions and stereotypes.
    • Strategies for promoting and advancing women's leadership and career development opportunities.
    • Measuring progress towards gender equality and creating accountability systems.
  • The power of networking: How to build meaningful connections that can help you grow your business or career
    Presentation Points:
    • Introduction to the importance of networking and how it can help you grow your business or advance your career.
    • Defining your networking goals and identifying your target audience.
    • Tips for making a positive first impression and building rapport with potential connections.
    • Strategies for creating meaningful connections and maintaining them over time.
    • Leveraging social media and online networking platforms to expand your network and reach a wider audience.
    • The dos and don'ts of networking, including common mistakes to avoid and best practices to follow.
    • How to measure the success of your networking efforts and make adjustments as needed.
  • Digital marketing for business growth: Strategies and tactics for success
    Presentation Points:
    • Introduction to the importance of digital marketing and how it can help businesses grow and reach new audiences.
    • Overview of the different digital marketing channels, including social media, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.
    • Strategies for developing a digital marketing plan that aligns with your business goals and target audience.
    • Tips for creating high-quality content that resonates with your audience and drives engagement.
    • Best practices for optimizing your website and online presence for search engines and improving your visibility online.
    • How to measure the success of your digital marketing efforts and make adjustments as needed to improve results.
    • Advanced tactics for scaling your digital marketing efforts, such as marketing automation, retargeting, and influencer marketing.
  • Empowering omen in business: Insights and perspectives on overcoming gender-based challenges
    Presentation Points:
    • Introduction to the gender-based challenges faced by women in business, including bias, discrimination, and unequal opportunities.
    • Sharing insights and experiences of successful women leaders who have overcome these challenges and achieved success in their careers.
    • Strategies for building confidence and resilience in the face of gender-based challenges, such as imposter syndrome and gender stereotypes.
    • Best practices for advocating for oneself and negotiating for better opportunities and pay.
    • The importance of mentorship and networking in supporting women's career development and advancement.
    • How to promote gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace and create a more equitable and supportive environment for all employees.
    • Practical tips for building a career path that aligns with your goals and values and overcoming obstacles along the way.
  • Driving diversity and inclusion: How to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace culture
    Presentation Points:
    • Introduction to the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and how it can benefit organizations.
    • Overview of the different dimensions of diversity, including race, gender, ethnicity, age, and sexual orientation, and the importance of recognizing and valuing these differences.
    • Strategies for creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace culture, including education and training, policy changes, and employee engagement.
    • Best practices for recruiting and retaining diverse talent, including reducing bias in the hiring process and creating a supportive and welcoming environment for all employees.
    • The importance of leadership and accountability in driving diversity and inclusion initiatives and creating a culture of belonging.
    • How to measure the success of diversity and inclusion efforts and make adjustments as needed to continually improve results.
  • Mastering the art of negotiation: Tips and strategies for successful business deals and partnerships
    Presentation Points:
    • Introduction to the importance of negotiation skills in business and how they can benefit organizations.
    • Overview of different negotiation styles and strategies, including collaborative, competitive, and compromise-based approaches.
    • Tips for preparing for a negotiation, including researching the other party and setting clear goals and objectives.
    • Best practices for effective communication during negotiations, including active listening, empathy, and clear communication of your own needs and goals.
    • How to manage difficult or unexpected situations during a negotiation, including conflict resolution and overcoming impasse.
    • The importance of maintaining positive relationships during and after negotiations, including follow-up and relationship-building strategies.
  • Innovation and creativity: How to foster a culture of innovation and create breakthroughs in your industry
    Presentation Points:
    • Introduction to the importance of innovation and creativity in today's business world and how they can benefit organizations.
    • Overview of the different types of innovation, including product, process, and business model innovation, and their impact on industry disruption and growth.
    • Strategies for fostering a culture of innovation within an organization, including creating a supportive environment, encouraging risk-taking, and empowering employees to experiment and try new ideas.
    • Techniques for generating and nurturing creative ideas, including brainstorming, design thinking, and other ideation methods.
    • Best practices for evaluating and implementing innovative ideas, including prototyping, user testing, and iteration.
    • The importance of continuous learning and improvement in driving innovation and creating breakthroughs in your industry.
  • Leadership and change management: How to lead your team through times of transition and uncertainty
    Presentation Points:
    • Introduction to the importance of leadership and change management in navigating times of transition and uncertainty in the workplace.
    • Overview of different change management models and how they can be applied to different situations.
    • Strategies for effective communication and collaboration with team members during times of change, including establishing clear goals and expectations, fostering a sense of urgency, and maintaining transparency and openness.
    • Best practices for managing resistance to change, including identifying and addressing concerns, soliciting feedback, and providing training and support.
    • Tips for building a culture of resilience and adaptability, including emphasizing learning and growth, encouraging risk-taking, and celebrating successes.
    • The importance of ongoing assessment and evaluation in monitoring the success of change initiatives and making adjustments as needed.
  • The future of business: Trends and insights on emerging technologies and business models that will shape the future of work
    Presentation Points:
    • Introduction to emerging technologies and business models that are transforming the way we work and do business.
    • Overview of key trends in technology, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the internet of things, and their impact on business operations and customer experience.
    • Analysis of changing consumer expectations and how businesses can adapt to meet these evolving needs.
    • Exploration of new business models, such as the sharing economy and subscription-based services, and how they are disrupting traditional industries.
    • Discussion of the future of work and how technology will impact the workforce, including the rise of remote work and the importance of upskilling and reskilling employees.
    • Strategies for businesses to stay competitive in the future, including embracing new technologies, fostering a culture of innovation, and prioritizing customer experience.
  • Master of Ceremonies
    Annie is a highly accomplished and in demand Master of Ceremonies with clients including Allergan, Alcon, Bausch and Lomb, CIO Times, Lady America Power, LeadHERship Global, GE, Novartis, OPSM, Pfizer, Specsavers, Toshiba.

Testimonials for Annie Gibbins

Annie Gibbins is a game-changing, revenue-building, performance-boosting change expert, and a top leadership development coach, highly respected authority on the growing and building businesses through empowered leadership. In the current times, leaders need an uplifting and motivating experience with practical and actionable insight based on real-world experience. Leaders need direction and guidance to deal with the current challenges that need to be tackled, and insight that helps them develop high-performing teams, goal-oriented teams. Better outcomes and successful results are driven by knowing how to do things differently in order to get a different result. It has never been more critical for leaders to become more mindful, intentional and knowledgeable on leading change with confidence in a rapidly changing world. And, that’s the difference that that Annie Gibbins offers. Annie’s keynotes are the perfect balance of uplifting motivation and actionable takeaways. Importantly, Annie’s keynotes are highly customized, and she takes the time to learn firsthand about the specific needs of the audience, as well as the culture, goals and challenges of the audience. Annie is a top expert in her field, but also one of the most approachable and easy going people to work with and makes the entire experience enjoyable!
CEO of LeadHERship Global
WBAF Senator
TEDx Speaker
5x Best Selling Author

Annie Gibbins is a force of nature. She brings dynamic realness to life and energized life to business. It is rare, indeed, to encounter a woman with it all - heart, intelligence, kindness, humour, creativity, vibrance, power, ingenuity, deep goodness and commitment to community. Much like words cannot capture the heat of the sun, descriptions fail in describing the high quality of Annie's business acumen and human understanding. Her excellence and ease of being express themselves congruently in her Women's Business Incubator, in her coaching, her training, her podcast, her book writing... and the list goes on. Happily, Annie is one of the people who surprises you at the first meeting for the accolades don't quite do justice to the stunning women you will encounter. If you are serious about taking your profession, your business, your life to a level of excellence beyond what you've known, and enjoy an uplifting robust process along the way, Annie is hands down who you want as your guide.
Executive Coach
Forbes Coaches Council
Strategic Business Consultant

Annie is nothing short of a true inspiration to all of those she works with. She is diligent, driven and willing to listen. I have worked with Annie in her capacity as a CEO and seen the impact she has made on organisations, she takes on advice, drills into a businesses needs, and, applies the required rigor to create success. Annie also does this in her coaching and I would strongly recommend working with her and look forward to the opportunity in doing so in the future.
Technology Strategist
Cyber Security

In the era demanding personal brands and authentic storytelling, many are trying to find a way to create this, Annie Gibbins is simply collecting her story and being a powerhouse with it. I’ve shared stages with Annie, observed her impact with people in this medium, as well as her 1-2-1 connection and influence she has on me, and others. I once spoke of her from stage claiming “Annie Gibbins has made her character her title, leading and influencing with it every day, with everyone.” For me, this is the epitome of the foundation of a brand, of your story. It is an honour to recommend and endorse her. Leadership - by example. Character - as her title. Focus - a single-mindedness to raise others. Annie’s ability as a speaker to move an audience; a Mentor to inspire you to act is why this honour is mine.
Human Intelligence Strategist
Leadership Expert

Annie is an internationally renowned CEO, speaker, entrepreneur, podcast host, author, and heart warrior. She recently presented at the Lady Americas Power Global leadership conference, where she spoke about women's empowerment. Annie's presentation on “Barriers and Bias: the status of women in leadership was simply amazing. I highly recommend her as a public speaker for your next event. Her commitment to the goal of encouraging more women to get involved in business and leadership has been an inspiration to many young women who are looking to get into that field. She is a fantastic role model!
Board Member
Marketing Expert