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Key Points for Andrew MacLeod

  • Andrew has worked extensively with a range of Australian companies and universities, including: Dairy Australia, Gartner Australia, Filex Leaders, Tasmanian Leaders, The Faculty & CPO Forum, Rotary Australia, CDAA Career Development Australia, RMIT University, Victorian Building Authority, University of Wollongong, Griffith University, Pivot Productions.
  • Andrew MacLeod is Visiting Professor International Forensics at King's College London; Chairman of Griffin Law, Professor at Kings College London; non-Executive Director for New York based Cornerstone Capital and was the CEO of the Committee for Melbourne.
  • He was previously General Manager Community, Communications and External Relations for Rio Tinto (Copper) and a Senior United Nations and International Committee for the Red Cross humanitarian official.
  • He provides deep insight into the mindset of terrorist organisations and their impact on the globe. From negotiating with terrorists, to coordinating with military dictators.
  • He was Chief of Operations to the UN’s Emergency Operation Centre in Pakistan in 2005 in the wake of the devastating earthquakes.
  • Andrew received the Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal by Australia for work in the Balkans and a second time for work in Rwanda.
  • He received the Australian Defence Medal for service as an officer in the Australian Infantry, was awarded the Silver Medal for Humanity from the Montenegrin Red Cross and was recognised by the Australian Government for his work in East Timor.
  • Opportunity not fear - TEDx Melbourne 2015.

Topics for Andrew MacLeod

  • Post Corona Virus planning
    MacLeod’s extensive experience in emergency and recovery planning allows him to bring insights and perspectives into how to buckle down for the Corona virus and more importantly how to plan your way out.
  • What is happening in the world today?
    Trump, Brexit, the return not rise of China? What to make of the world today. Andrew gives a compelling historical narrative, places it in today’s context and asks audiences to think: How do I maximise opportunities and avoid risk in today’s world. He finishes with the unusual call that today is the most exciting time to be alive in human history.
  • Corporate leadership and finance
    Andrew brings a unique knowledge set as a provider of capital through the superannuation fund he manages and the US based bank he is a director of, combined with his part experiences as an aid and community worker. He like few others, is well placed to chart a course through the delicate path of profitability and licence to operate. The world of finance is changing. Increased transparency both by community advocacy groups and the providers of capital put more and more pressure on companies to understand and adjust their business practices for greater external expectations around community behaviour and social risk. As an experienced business advisor, former member of Shared Value leadership council at Harvard University, a Visiting Professor at Kings College London and a provider of capital, Andrew can give direction to companies on how to maximise both community performance and profitability.
  • Leadership and life
    Six wars and numerous natural disasters - Andrew has had to deal with them all. From negotiating with terrorists, to coordinating with military dictators. Andrew has faced life and death situations for him and for many thousands of people. Learn how he dealt with the circumstances and what lessons can be applied to business and to life.
  • Risks and conflict
    What is happening to the world today? Risk confronts us from war to terrorism with Islamic State now managing to reach deep into the suburbs of Australia to recruit their new front line. Andrew has negotiated with terrorists and generals, he understands the motivation, methodology and modus operandi of these groups. He also understands the threats and ways for us to defeat the threat. If you want to understand where the world is at and how to map a path way forward, Andrew is your man.
  • General
    Andrew is a dynamic and engaging speaker who works closely with conference organisers to ensure that his keynote is designed and tailored specifically for the audience and to meet the expectations of conference organisers. Andrew does not deliver a standard stump speech, rather each one is tailored for your audiences' needs.


Testimonials for Andrew MacLeod

Andrew was amazing. So engaging and with so much worthwhile, relatable and interesting examples.

Andrew MacLeod came to Wollongong to speak for me at the Students 4 Students Leadership Conference. Andrew was very easy to deal with and was excellent in the follow up for the event. Andrew sat on a Q&A panel at my event, and was provocative and engaging on what he said. Following on from his talk, Andrew, spent a lot of time mingling with students and answering all of their questions. I have now collated the feedback about the Conference, and many people have listed him as their favourite speaker of the Conference. Andrew is definitely a speaker that I would look at getting back to speak and comes recommended in the highest possible terms.
Program Coordinator - Leadership
Centre for Student Engagement
University of Wollongong

Andrew is an impressive and inspirational speaker on leadership, as well as a highly respected leader in his own right. When he has presented on leadership, audiences have consistently rated him highly on delivery and practical advice. His motivating style and progressive thinking are impressive aspects of his delivery. With a wealth of knowledge and experience from a highly successful track record of taking teams forward and delivering results, Andrew understands what is necessary to motivate people, and equally is able to impart this knowledge to his audience.
Rotary Australia

Andrew MacLeod is a leading thinker and pioneer in driving partnerships that are profitable for both business and the community. He is a compelling speaker with a commanding approach that had our entire audience engaged and inspired to shift their thinking and take initiative toward a much smarter way of operating. Andrew was a pleasure to work with and his professional manner and interest in meeting client expectations and delivering a high quality result stood out as a real point of difference. Andrew has the courage to ask the hard questions and challenge people to work at a higher level of meaning and purpose! 
The Faculty and CPO Forum