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Key Points for Andrew Lark

  • Andy Lark has built a successful SaaS startup into a global software powerhouse, led the transformation of Australia's leading financial services brand, and developed one of the largest eCommerce sites worldwide.
  • During his tenure as chief business officer of Xero, Forbes named it the world’s most innovative growth company. He has also held senior executive roles at Dell, Dubber, Sun Microsystems, Nortel, Commonwealth Bank, and Foxtel.
  • As the chief business officer of Liven, a prominent Web 3 company, Andy oversees a platform used by over 6,000 businesses and millions of users. He holds advisory board roles with several innovative companies and has raised hundreds of millions in investments.
  • Andy founded Group Lark, a consultancy driving digital and Web 3.0 transformations, and is a sought-after keynote speaker. His book, *Augmented: Life in the Smart Lane*, was an international bestseller. He also serves as an honorary professor at Deakin University and has received prestigious awards for his contributions to technology and entrepreneurship.

Topics for Andrew Lark

  • Change or die: The Ai transformation imperative
    We overestimate technologies' impact in the short term and underestimate them in the long term. Today, old timelines are being replaced by dramatically accelerated technology adoption and deployment, requiring a new framework for understanding and embracing technology. How you respond to Ai and act shortly will determine your success in the long term. As Ai hype explodes, how can we understand Ai's new potential to re-imagine processes, products, and the role of people in society and work? How quickly will the rise of technological intelligence occur? What are its practical implications today versus future potential? How will companies rethink the structural underpinnings of their businesses and strategies as machines take on increasing workloads and automation? By understanding Ai’s pragmatic potential, marketers can make better-informed decisions and apply them to their workloads today. Rich with examples and tips, Andy’s keynote will show how marketers and leaders use Ai to create capacity and generate creativity. Andy will put Ai into the context of everyday tasks and functions. Through live demonstrations and examples, he will show how Ai is one of several trends converging to recreate how we experience work, life and play. Critically, Andy will spotlight and address the Ai myths, including why Ai will be a critical tool for human survival rather than a threat to human existence, jobs and well-being.
    • Key takeaways:
    • Where Ai fits into an ongoing pattern of societal and technological evolution.
    • How does Ai relate to Web 3, the metaverse, and parallel trends.
    • How will Ai transform products, customer and employee experience.
    • What Ai is and why it matters - insights into the magnitude of what’s coming How Ai can and is being applied today.
    • What you need to do next to navigate the shift to Ai. 
  • Marketing myths & mayhem
    How brands and marketing must work - and how you might be able to learn a few things from Taylor Swift.
    Marketing must return to core principles and disciplines to succeed, putting hyperbole and punditry in its place. How does a business develop high-impact marketing and brands and rally employees around them? How do we challenge frames like funnels and product lead growth to understand how our companies can thrive? Andy is rated in the Top 100 CMOs globally and has developed high-performance marketing organisations and brands for the world's largest and smallest companies. Discover how marketing’s key principles remain as true today as ever and how to apply them in the context of new media and consumer needs.
    • Key takeaways:
    • How to connect marketing and brands to customer experience.
    • What a brand is and why mental, physical and digital availability matter more than ever.
    • Why all consumers and businesses buy infrequently and how to meet them in the buying moment.
    • Why funnels and data are vastly overstated in their importance.
    • The new role of data in marketing and how to deploy efficient and cost-effective marketing technology.
    • How to build effective marketing ROI and attribution models.
    • Why marketing leaders must balance managing and making.
    • How innovators are deploying new methods to drive advantage.
  • Creating your leadership playbook
    How to achieve high performance for yourself and your teams. The world’s leading sports teams are often held up as models of high performance, yet many of their lessons fall short when applied to business. How can you and your teams cross the performance chasm and increase your business's win rate? What can you learn and discard from winners as diverse as the All Blacks, Team NZ, and Formula One?
    Every great sports team was born from the ashes of losses. Yet, in business, we too often bury failure and only seek to learn from successes. What can companies to learn from the world's leading sports teams? How can you use failure as an event to create new pathways to success? What are the everyday routines and rituals used to drive change and consistent execution? Why is team cohesion the leading predictor of success? Businesses need new approaches to acknowledging and sharing failure - and - creating cultures of accountability without fear. See how businesses use new frameworks to drive exceptional performance by being willing to fail and learning as they did.

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