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Key Points
  • Business leader and CEO who has been in the thick of business change and growth, with major companies like Yum Restaurants and Caltex Australia
  • Has grown a small business into a successful award winning franchise chain, voted in the Top 10 franchise systems in Australia for 8 consecutive years, and 2010 International Master Franchise of the year
  • Has spoken around the world at industry conventions, Dubai, Singapore, New Zealand and the International Franchise Convention in Las Vegas
  • Is a double Australian Rally Champion and accomplished off shore sailor, and use stories from these sports on how to guide teams to success
  • Business Unplugged – Real World Issues For Emerging Businesses
    • How to grow with minimal capital, how to access finance, how to benchmark in small business, how to innovate, how to deal with aggressive competitors – real world business questions and answers form someone who has actually done it.
  • The Power of One - Igniting Everyone Behind a Common Purpose
    • Most of us want to be part of a team, to share a sense of belonging, and then once we are in, promptly forget all that and start doing it “our own way”.  Andrew reminds everyone about the value of being a team, and the importance of sticking together.
  • Taking Responsibility for Growth - Everyone Has a Role in Growing a Great Business
    • It is easy to blame others, particularly the marketing department or the franchisor when times are tough and sales are down.  Andrew shows everyone how they have a role in growing a great business, and how everyone doing a little, adds up to a lot
  • Playing the Game - Build a Great Team, Have a Plan and Most Importantly Keep Score
    • You wouldn’t watch your favourite team play sport if there was no score.  Andrew explains why it is important to set rules and keep score in business.