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Amanda Stevens

Key Points

  • Professional, veteran speaker
    Amanda is the best-selling author of five books and has spoken at over 700 conferences in 14 countries. She’s a speaker, author, business owner and entrepreneur. She’s a sure bet!
  • Current insights and depth of research
    Amanda’s background in research and consulting gives her a unique perspective when it comes to deciphering trends and data relevant to your industry. She also commissions her own large quantitative studies to understand social trends impacting consumer behaviour and decision making. Her finger is firmly on the pulse of what makes consumers tick.
  • Energetic and entertaining
    Amanda is renowned for her comedic style — combining strong and current content with a fast-paced and highly entertaining delivery. Amanda’s audiences are taken on a journey of motivation and inspiration, enabling her to deliver a serious message in a fun and memorable way.
  • Meaningful, customised content
    With a background in marketing consulting, Amanda is more than just a great speaker - she knows how to deliver ideas that energise and motivate audiences into action.
  • Easy to work with
    Amanda not only creates powerful connections with her audiences, but she works closely with her clients before and after the event, producing added value bonuses for audiences to ensure the message lingers.
  • Becomes part of your team
    Amanda is able to tie her message into the broader conference theme or strategic objective, ensuring her insights are aligned with your organizational culture and direction. She’ll speak your language.
  • Strategic thinker, problem solver
    Amanda will immerse herself in your brand to ensure she sees it from every angle. She will mystery shop, she will research and she will learn and understand everything about your business and industry that there is to know, ensuring she can nail the message on stage and add value off stage

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