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Key Points for Alvin Quah

  • Alvin Quah is still one of Australia’s most loved personalities to come out of any MasterChef series. 
  • Host of 7Two's Malaysian Kitchen.
  • Ambassador for Ayam and Blanco Kitchen Appliances.
  • Has worked nationally and internationally of high profile food events.
  • Biochemistry degree (Bachelors of Science), cell biology and biochemistry of diabetic retinopathy (PhD), proteomics in motor neuron disease (post doctorate).

Topics for Alvin Quah

  • Food and wine 
  • Asian food and wine influence 
  • Life after MasterChef
  • Travel
  • Cooking demos, cooking classes, food related activities eg. Judging cooking contests (all good team building activity)

Testimonials for Alvin Quah

Alvin is very polite, interesting and easy to work with. The audience really enjoyed listening to him and asking questions.  
Global Life Sciences Solutions Australia Pty. Ltd.

Alvin was absolutely fabulous and a joy to have onsite. He certainly did not disappoint and I can't wait to have him at events in the future.
Strathfield Food Festival

Alvin was fabulous - I would have no hesitation in booking him again.
Cabramatta Moon Festival

We’ve had some really fantastic feedback from everyone who attended, particularly about how much they learnt in regards to preparation and uses for the fruits but also about how much fun it was. His recipe went down a treat too!
Papaya & Paw Paw Ambassador