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Key Points for Allison Mooney

  • An International Speaker of vast experience, Allison has not only gained respect, but built a powerful brand inspiring high profile companies such as Air New Zealand, Pharmac, Fonterra, Ministry of Justice, Commerce Commission, AMP, NZI, ANZ Bank, Drake Int. Toyota, L'Oreal Professional, Harcourts, Works Infrastructure Tourism NZ to name a few.
  • Regardless of what organisation we are in, the common thread is that we all deal with people. Business transformation occurs when we understand, respect and celebrate each other's differences. By understanding what motivates us, we find greater significance in who we are, and value in what we do, resulting in greater productivity.
  • Her "call to action" challenges any audience to significantly increase their own performance capability, while constantly improving the quality of their lives, and the lives of those they come in contact with.

Topics for Allison Mooney

  • Pressing the right buttons
    • Workplace
    • At home
    • Leadership
    • Customer experience
    • Sales
    • Team
    • Educators

Testimonials for Allison Mooney

The responses have been a consistent " Wow " from everyone. Your performance, I have hailed as one of the most passionate presentations of all time. Everyone loved your pace, your commitment to the message and your spirited delivery, a personal congratulations, excellent work. It’s great to be a part of something special and make a difference in people lives. This is where I see the magic in life. Your contribution added great value to everyone and great insight. The conference junkies claim it to be the best conference they have ever attended. I believe overall we captured their attention, built on their intrigue, wowed them with surprises and won their hearts and their minds for a lifetime.
Matrix Australia

Thank you for the Team Building Day your ran for me and my team. I have been with Carter Holt Harvey over 11 years now and out of the numerous exercises I have been on, this one was the best hands down. I couldn’t fault your presentation or speech and this is probably why I am taking the time to write to you (something I don’t normally do). Full credit to your professionalism. I’m positive with the day my team and I spent with yourself, we along with my company will benefit. Actually I can already say that both my home and working life has already improved.
Carter Holt Harvey

I had heard Allison some months ago at a local community women’s forum and was sure that the organization could benefit from her knowledge, style and advice. At orientation for new staff I talk about how we are a “family” because the reality for many is that we spend more of our waking time with the people we work with than those at home. Research also tells us that the number one determinant for staff retention and “happiness” in the workplace is having friends at work. As with our family members we do not always get along and we have to find ways to work around those funny attributes we all have – the workplace is no different. We do not choose our family nor do we generally have a choice over who we work with. The difference in the workplace is that we have objectives and targets to meet and a determined code of how we should behave – the relevance of what Allison brought to our place was – she made this real, gave us some tools, made us laugh and showed us a little of the ways we can improve both our family and work relationships. Home relationships impact on our work and Allison acknowledged this. These two environments do not work in isolation and it was so refreshing to have this laid out so eloquently with dashings of humour. Three days later, I can still hear staff laughing and talking about the time they had with Allison – I am confident the effect will last. I cannot thank Allison enough – she has lifted some low spirits, brought orange into our place and provided some valuable skills for us to use amongst ourselves, with our customers and family – THANK YOU.
Whanganui District Health Board