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Key Points for Alison Venter

  • Alison Venter was born with a rare physical condition resulting in her facing significant prejudice and hardship in her early years.
  • She was the first student with a disability to attend mainstream school in her province (Durban, South Africa). 
  • She holds a Bachelor and two Masters degrees.
  • Is an ACEL New Voice in Educational Leadership Research Award recipient.
  • She has presented research at the International Literacy Association Conference, USA.
  • She shares her unique story of gaining her first job, driving, and the challenges of the education system both as a student and as an educator.

Topics for Alison Venter

  • University of Adversity
    My life story.
  • The Value of Life
    Making a small difference in the lives of students with trauma and disadvantage by demonstrating resilience, perseverance and grit.
  • Getting stuck in the glass elevator
    Tackling the continued prejudice and assumptions that disabled people quit or can’t advance in life.
  • Ready, Willing and Disabled
    Entering the workforce, facing discrimination from employers and employees.
  • Am I God’s Mistake?
    Addressing the value of my difference.
  • Being angry doesn’t make you taller
    Addressing ownership of attitude and actions when faced with adversity.
  • Push gets you everywhere except through a door marked pull!
    A guide to traveling overseas with an electric wheelchair and a sense of humour.


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