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Key Points for Alexandra Smart

  • Alexandra Smart founded and scaled Ginger & Smart, exemplifying entrepreneurial vision in the competitive fashion industry.
  • As Managing Director, Alexandra orchestrated Ginger & Smart's strategic expansion across national and international markets, digital platforms, wholesale avenues, and corporate partnerships.
  • Alexandra's fusion of creative thinking and commercial imperatives propelled Ginger & Smart's success, showcasing her modern leadership style and strategic acumen.
  • Leveraging experience in media, digital sectors, and fashion, Alexandra offers invaluable insights as a business advisor and executive coach, enriched by her involvement in the arts and fashion industry development.

Topics for Alexandra Smart

  • The GINGER & SMART journey 
    The story behind building one of Australia’s most loved designer brands - and the lessons learnt that can help others
  • On building a brand
    The art of taking a creative idea and turning it into a brand
  • Creativity is your edge
    How creative solutions drive all business success
  • On leadership
    The heart of the matter
  • On social responsibility and sustainability as a business practice
    Infusing a sustainability mindset


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