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Key Points for Adam Spencer

  • Adam Spencer is a famous Australian media personality and public mathematician.
  • Adam won a national Raw Comedy championship with Triple J, Australia’s youth radio station, while completing a PhD in Pure Mathematics at the University of Sydney.
  • Adam Spencer is one of Australia’s most respected, wittiest and thought provoking breakfast radio commentators across Triple J and later ABC 702.
  • He is the author of 7 best-selling books for talented maths students, including his latest book, Maths 101, for Dumb Dads and Desperate Mums.
  • Adam Spencer is currently the Ambassador for Science and Mathematics at the University of Sydney.

Topics for Adam Spencer

  • Winning the Numbers Game in our digital world
    Australia’s favourite and most entertaining mathematician Adam Spencer shows you how factors like AI, Cyber Security and ChatGPT are disrupting business. Learn how you can win in this digital world.
    Audience takeaways:
    • How Artificial Intelligence will impact every industry and how to harness its potential.
    • The crucial role every worker plays in your cyber security.
    • The business potential of holding a supercomputer in your hands.
    • How to keep up if the pace of digital disruption feels overwhelming.
  • Cyber security - Beware the cat video!
    A cybercrime is reported in Australia every seven minutes. Whether it’s catphishing, ransomware, deep fake videos - cyber is a new game altogether. It is slick. It is personalised. And it is everywhere. As Adam likes to say, “You’re only as strong as your weakest link … and that link is Gary from accounts - who just LOVES cat videos.”
    Audience takeaways:
    • The cutting-edge best - or should I say, worst - examples of cybercrime.
    • The sheer scope and types of cybercrime in Australia.
    • Practical tips you can employ right now to improve your cyber security.
    • Why protecting your business is a people and culture issue as much as a software one.
  • How digital transformation will change work and business forever
    Your mobile phone has the power of what 20 years ago was the most powerful supercomputer in the world. Artificial Intelligence can already do multiple aspects of your job faster and more accurately than you can. Don’t put all this in the too-hard basket - let Adam Spencer show you how to make AI technology work for you today and carry you into tomorrow.
    Audience takeaways:
    • The power of everyday devices - you’re carrying a supercomputer in your pocket!
    • Why you must understand how AI, and in particular large language models like ChatGPT, can help your business.
    • Tips for keeping up if you feel overwhelmed by the pace of change.
    • The power to be drawn from the youngest people in your workforce.
  • Mathematics education and the importance of numeracy
    As Australia’s most famous popular mathematician, Adam Spencer has been entertaining and inspiring educators, parents and kids with his joy for all things mathematical. His TED Talk on Monster Prime Numbers has had over 2 million views and is regularly voted one of the top 10 best TED maths and science talks and he was one of the featured speakers in Carmen Gallo’s 2022 book Talk Like Ted - the 9 public speaking secrets of the world’s top minds.
    Audience takeaways:
    • The joy of mathematics.
    • The importance of maths and STEM education.
    • Encouraging girls into maths and science.
    • Cool maths facts you can use to blow other people’s minds.

Testimonials for Adam Spencer

Adam is the very best MC I have ever worked with. His attention to detail, understanding of the needs and requirements of our particular group and responsiveness to change, ad lib etc is beyond outstanding. I would recommend him to anyone who wants their event to run smoothly and without fault. He is entertaining, smart, funny, and very personable. Nothing is too much trouble! 
Victorian Association of Catholic Primary School Principals

Adam was not only informative and knowledgeable, he was engaging and humorous in his delivery and a pleasure to work with. 
Municipal Association of Victoria
Adam was extremely engaging and kept our audience interested. He was on point and met the client's expectations with content and delivery. Adam is a true professional. 
ID Events Australia
The things Adam Spencer talks and writes about should be taught in every school worldwide.
Author - The Tipping Point
Blink, Outliers
I’ve never laughed harder on a corporate stage. What a chat!
Adam nailed it … smart, funny … keeping the audience engaged, laughing and interested.
Google Aust & NZ
I’ve been to nine Congresses and that was the best opening I’ve seen.
‘The Science Guy’
68th International Astronautical Congress
Our first ever on stage interview and we couldn’t have been in better hands.
Craig Challen
Thai Cave diver rescuer
Adam held a room of Nobel Prize Winners in the palm of his hand.
Brian Schmidt
2011 Nobel prize for Physics
To celebrate our $1 billion ‘Inspired’ philanthropic campaign, Adam was the perfect MC.
VC University of Sydney
The best interview of GE CEO Jeff Immelt I’ve ever seen.
VP Marketing and Comms
One of the most motivational and well constructed conversations I’ve ever been part of.
John Longmire
Head Coach Sydney Swans

When Adam Spencer gets his geek on, it is a joy to behold.
Russell Crowe
Legendary Actor

The perfect deep dive into the life and mind of a titan of business [Indra Nooyi, CEO Pepsico].
Growth Faculty

The MC of choice for the tech industry.
Account Executive

Across the detail - and so quick on his feet.
Head of Events

Chatting AI with Adam and Garry Kasparov was incredible. Watching Garry destroy Adam at chess was hilarious.
CTO Microsoft Startups

Funny and smart; Adam was the perfect host for our campaign to get Aussie families holidaying at home.
Destination NSW
Adam Spencer was fantastic and I am quite sure he engaged with every single person at the event both before and after dinner. His talk was spot on and I did hear from others who have listened to him before that it was quite a different presentation. He also read the audience well and was prepared and professional.
Animal Medicines Australia

Adam Spencer was amazing. Great speaker, terrific content. He was perfect as a closing speaker for our conference.  Smart, articulate, all round great guy.
Leishman Associates

Adam Spencer was well prepared, knowledgeable and engaged with our speakers and guests alike.  His ability to connect the elements of the day in his MC role was excellent and improved the quality of the experience for our attendees.  I found Adam wonderful to work with, his level of professionalism, humour and attention to detail in regards to the event was much appreciated and made my job considerably easier.
Property Exchange Australia Limited

Adam Spencer is an exceptional MC - he has the ability to engage with any audience and I would not hesitate to recommend him to future clients. Adam was a delight to work with - extremely professional. 
The Launch Box

Excellent. Very professional and most relevant to the audience.
University of Sydney

Adam Spencer's role as the MC for the CIO Executive Council Awards night was a perfect compliment for the audience present and the topic of the evening, which was to acknowledge and identify the exemplary efforts of Australia's top CEOs. His level of professionalism partnered with his knowledge of the industry and his incredible wit and humour had everyone commenting on how well orchestrated and executed the evening was. I have attended a lot of events where the MCs over do it, under do it, or are just not the right fit for what needs to be achieved, whereby Adam adapted to the audience and delivered a perfect flawless evening that captured the spirit of the night and his humour added flavour and laughter. An absolutely brilliant, intelligent man.
IDG Communications

Excellent. Adam Spencer never fails to deliver a professional and engaging performance, his attention to detail and commitment to our event has proved once again the highlight of the NSW Training Awards.
NSW Department of Education and Training