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Key Points for Adam Ferrier

  • Adam Ferrier is the founder of THINKBELL.
  • He is the author of The Advertising Effect.
  • Adam is a regular on the Gruen Transfer, as well as featuring on The Project, Celebrity Apprentice and ABC Radio.
  • Adam is a winner of the rare Cannes Gold Lion and Gold Effie double.

Topics for Adam Ferrier

  • The role of reinvention
    Embracing evidence-based creativity to transform business
    In these crazy and off-kilter times, some businesses will flourish, others disappear and many will struggle. Brands that have the ability to draw on their resources and reinvent themselves to take advantage of new conditions are off to a good start.
    Adam has transformed his own businesses as well as helped his clients transform during the past few years. Recently Adam has:
    • Taken his experiential festival company s p a c e, and turned it into Australia’s largest virtual dinner party.
    • Transferred 13cabs from a cab business to a courier business called 13things.
    • Helped to launch a new streaming service called Binge with Inactive Wear (perfect for lounging around the house in).
    • Helped Bega launch a new honey business called B Honey off the back of some purpose-led technology that will keep Australia’s bee population safe from the deadly Varroa mite.
      Adam takes a brand-led approach to business and an evidenced-based approach to creativity. Adam breaks transformation down into 3 things; a) clear brand meaning, b) clear brand codes, c) and as much fame as possible.
  • Building brands with creativity
    Creativity is often the competitive advantage that makes all the difference but how do you capture and apply it?
    For years marketers were obsessed with understanding ‘the boardroom’ however, the worm has turned and now businesses and boardrooms are obsessed with understanding marketers and their weapon of choice ‘creativity’.
    Adam has helped many organisations, including some of Australia’s most iconic brands embrace and apply creativity for brand growth.
    Adam can, with real-world examples, and evidence-based applications, show how to apply creativity to build brands via:
    • Creating a clear brand meaning and ensuring everyone is clear on what the brand stands for (marketing from the inside out).
    • Creating clear brand codes: Ensuring that the brand turns up looking, sounding and acting like the brand always should. Thus ensuring that everything the organisation does is always heavily branded.
    • Creating as much fame and attention as possible: Attention is the new consumer currency, and brand fame is the highest correlate with business success so time to get famous.
      Adam will also give tips and advice on how individuals and organisations can increase motivation for creativity, and create environments to make creative solutions easier to happen.
  • Stop listening to the customer
    In today’s data swamped world we are at risk of being blindsided and taking our attention off our companies most valuable asset – our brand.
    Understanding the customer, and their needs and wants has always been a part of building a brand and growing a successful business. However, in today’s ‘customer-obsessed’ world the more you listen to the customer the more you’re at risk of forgetting what your own point of view on the world is.
    In this entertaining and informative keynote, Adam Ferrier looks at the role of the customer in building a business, what drives a customer’s decisions, and how to use this information to build your brand or business.
    Peppered with his signature wry humour and wit, Adam tackles the issues head-on by combining marketing science with case studies, acute personal observations and insights from around the world to deliver a truly unique perspective that is thought-provoking and makes a whole lot of sense.
    In this keynote you will learn:
    • How to embrace customer insights – the right way.
    • Brand first thinking.
    • Rules for strong brand building (building brand intelligence).
  • If Batman owned your business
    Whether it be your business, your brand or your people, everyone seems to be obsessed with finding and communicating their strengths. Seems like the right thing to do, the problem is everyone else is doing it too. Our strengths are very likely to be generic. There is an alternative path to growth – we can learn from Batman, someone who gets his strength paradoxically by embracing (and amplifying) his weaknesses. Adam Ferrier will talk about the science behind this counter-intuitive approach, and why it’s already working for many businesses around the world.
    This talk draws on the fundamental drivers of human behaviour, and explains why we are all more attracted to businesses, brands, and people brave enough to be vulnerable. In this talk Adam will:
    • Encourage delegates to explore a new path to growth – embracing weakness.
    • Demonstrate the body of psychological and cultural evidence why this is such an effective path to growth.
    • Provide tactics and tools people can apply.
    • Use, and draw upon a number of case studies he has personally been involved in.
  • The advertising effect
    How to change behaviour
    We all want people to change; whether we want consumers to buy more, employees to work more or colleagues to think more – if people did exactly what we wanted them to we would all be happier… and richer. In this provocative presentation, based on his best-selling book, Adam Ferrier, the man driving consumer engagement for brands such as Levi’s and Pepsi, arms delegates with a new way of thinking around, and inspiring, lasting tangible change using a potent blend of human psychology and advertising know-how.
    Sharing his understanding of the fundamentals of why humans do what they do and buy what they buy Adam will:
    • Encourage delegates to utilize the behavioural science behind motivation theory.
    • Shed light on the key factors that must exist to create lasting change.
    • Provide tools and techniques to put this new knowledge into practice.
    • Flip everything you thought you knew about why we do what we do on its head.

Testimonials for Adam Ferrier

Adam’s unique thinking and consumer insights had a massive impact on our delegates. His quirky presentation was a breath of fresh air that was amazing and thought provoking. His message cuts cleanly through all the noise, and is quickly and deeply absorbed.
B&D Group

Adam was outstanding and his presentation was relevant and thought-provoking.
Australian Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association

Adam Ferrier rates as the number one speaker for both inspiring and enlightening the audience with his wisdom and engaging presence.
Elite Media Group

Adam was one of the highlights of the festival. His insights into Social and Consumer Behavior provided were both enlightening and entertaining.
South West Development Commission

Adam possesses a rare gift to be able to communicate often very complex human psychological issues at a level which our directors could absorb. His presentation delivered its message with clarity and single mindedness.
IFAA - Independent Fund Administrators & Advisers

100% of delegates rated Adam Ferrier’s presentation “How to change people’s behaviour (yes really)” at Mumbrella360 as either ‘Excellent’, or ‘very good’.

He has the ability to make people who are not used to thinking differently, do so! Australian boardrooms need more Adam Ferriers.
IFAA - Independent Fund Administrators & Advisers

Adam’s session was a great mix of taking people out of their comfort zones, impactful thinking, humour.
Chief Executive Officer
SOCAP Australia