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Key Points for Abbie White

  • Abbie White specializes in bridging the gap between sales and marketing, yielding exceptional ROI on lead-generation campaigns.
  • She has a strong sales track record, having facilitated over $500 million in sales and worked with major companies like CBA, Telstra, and IBM.
  • Abbie held the role of National Sales Manager at IBM, overseeing a $100 million AUD portfolio and transforming her team's performance.
  • As a recognized thought leader, Forbes Australia Contributor, and one of two LinkedIn Sales Insiders for APAC, Abbie's keynotes provide actionable strategies for immediate growth, drawing from her background in Business Management, Positive Psychology, and emotional intelligence certification.

Topics for Abbie White

  • The future of sales
    Sales and go-to-market models have been disrupted, buyer profiles and preferences have shifted, AI has changed the game and attention spans are dwindling. However, most sales approaches are still the same: there is a disconnect. We're at the sales crossroads: Evolution or extinction?
    This keynote will unpack how you can evolve and embrace the future of sales and AI to gain a competitive advantage.
    Abbie is best known for her infectious energy, tailored keynotes, and ability to empower audiences with actionable insights.
    Key takeaways
    • Unpack the future of sales from AI to buyer preferences to changing go-to-market.
    • Learn how 75% of top performers are leveraging AI.
    • Explore where competitive advantages lie.
    • Learn what high-performance sales teams do differently to the rest of the pack.
    • How to future-proof your business and drive hypergrowth. 
  • AI + sales = growth
    75% of high-performance sellers are already leveraging AI; rather than seeing AI as a threat to their role, they are embracing their new virtual sidekick to maximise their efficiency and boost business growth.
    Abbie will unpack the top user cases for AI in sales, the best practices to follow, and the AI pitfalls to avoid.
    She'll leave attendees with highly practical and actionable takeaways to take the next step on their AI for sales journey. 
    Key Takeaways
    • Top user cases for AI in sales.
    • How top-performing sellers are leveraging AI.
    • AI for sales best practices and pitfalls.
    • How to take your next step on your AI for sales journey.
  • High-performance sales habits
    High-performance sellers share three common habits, which double their likelihood of exceeding quota compared to those who do not engage in any of these habits, who are six times less likely to even hit quota.
    Learn what high-performance sellers do differently to consistently overachieve.
    Abbie will break high-performance down into highly practical and actionable takeaways that can be executed immediately.
    Key takeaways
    • Abbie will share what high-performing sales professionals who exceed quota do differently from the rest.
    • Learn what is working and converting in high-performance sales.
    • How to build high-performance habits and disciplines that take revenue-generating teams from reactive to proactive.
    • Unpack best sales practices in today's market conditions and break the mould on prospecting to win net new business.
    • How to differentiate and stand out in a crowded and noisy market.
  • REV UP your Growth
    Abbie will unpack how to REV UP your growth and achieve hypergrowth. The greatest opportunity lies in businesses ability to unite and align revenue-generating teams to provide a seamless end-to-end customer journey.
    Attendees will learn the method, which has generated 2000% ROI and 7-figure outcomes in an action packed session.
    This session is dynamite for revenue growth!
    Key takeaways
    • Learn the Rev Up System for growth.
    • Highly practical learning with examples.
    • Unite and align your revenue-generating teams for growth.

Testimonials for Abbie White

What stood out to us was the level of detail Abbie went into to really understand our business, the team and exactly the outcomes we desired for our conference. Abbie was phenomenal at getting our teams engaged, creating instant traction with live activities and ensuring everyone walked away with achievable and realistic goals while being fully motivated and entertained.
Frontline Recruitment

We thoroughly enjoyed the Future of Sales content. The session structure was fresh, and the content was rich in real-world experience, delivered with equal part’s candour, and enthusiasm. Thank you for setting the tone and raising the bar in conference keynote sessions.
Pierre Fabre

Abbie delivered an outstanding keynote for our conference, working with our Leaders to identify real actions they could take to build high-performing sales teams. She invested time to understand our business and needs and tailored her content beautifully. Abbie brought great energy to our event – she was relatable, knowledgeable, and challenged our Leaders to think differently about the roles of sales & marketing in today’s environment.

Abbie White is a force. Her presentation style is so engaging, informative and fun. Her recent Masterclass for Business Chicks was delivered to hundreds of hundred of women in our community with huge success. Abbie makes every viewer feel like she is uniquely talking to them.
Business Chicks

Abbie White presented on one of our Experts Angles webinars and she was fantastic. A great upbeat presenter, who knows her topic and engages well with her audience. Abbie is also well organised and made the organisation and the event very easy to run. We would gladly have Abbie back for another webinar or face to face presentation.
Business Facilitator
Davidson Institute, Westpac

This was my first conference where I have not heard historical content being repeated, learnt something. One of the most empowering sessions I have sat through in my 22 years in Sales.
Sales Director