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Key Points for Aaron Williams

  • Aaron Williams is an experienced speaker, CEO and Co-founder of national corporate wellbeing organisation Mindstar; he is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and Executive Coach.
  • After a life-changing experience of grief and depression following the tragic death of a young mate, Aaron left his corporate career to become a mental health clinician, working in Emergency Departments.
  • Known for his passionate, entertaining approach, Aaron uses light-hearted story-telling and clinical insight to teach about resilience, rediscovering joy and living a more balanced “mentally healthy” life.
  • Aaron teaches how our brains work, how we have more control over our thoughts and feelings than we think, and teaches us all the simple, practical tips and tools to change our life - today.
  • As an entertaining authority on wellbeing and mental health, Aaron has appeared widely in the media including Channels 7, 9, 10 news, Triple J Breakfast, ABC News 24, A Current Affair and ABC Drive Radio.
  • Aaron’s include ANZ, NAB / MLC, Zurich Australia, NRL Men of League Association, Telstra Business, Sunsuper, St Hillier’s Construction, AIA Insurance and Queensland University.

Topics for Aaron Williams

  • Work well - Webinar training
    Mental fitness in a work from home world / team training
    Live, interactive group training. Practical digital tools & resources. Connection & inspiration for remote teams.

    Many of us are feeling additional levels of anxiety, stress and concern in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and the changes to how we work and live. Everything from social isolation, financial instability, or needing to now juggle family and work can make anyone feel uneasy.

    The WORK WELL webinar provides much needed inspiration, education and tools to help everyone stay mentally fit & healthy during these challenging times. The two live, interactive webinars will cover:
    • Positive Planning
      • How to develop a positive mindset around working from home.
      • Rituals and plans to set you up to Work Well remotely.
      • Keeping connected.
      • Work/life integration.
    • Mental Fitness and Self-Care
      • What is mental health?
      • How do our brains work in times of stress.
      • Signs that someone may be struggling.
      • Looking out for each other .
      • Looking after your own wellbeing?
    • Included
      • Q&A session.
      • Digital learning assets during and post webinar.
      • Options available for post-training Executive Coaching or Wellbeing Coach ongoing support.

  • Lead well - Webinar training
    Stress-resilient leadership training program
    Live, interactive webinar training. Practical digital tools and resources. Connection and inspiration for your remote workforce.

    Rapid change and uncertainty within a crisis situation effects everyone, including leaders. There is often an increase in private stress, fatigue, exhaustion, fear, frustration, anger and self-doubt.

    For leaders, the wellbeing and mental health challenges from such a crisis can't be ignored, as it can directly affect the ability to calmly navigate and react to the unfolding situation.

    While it’s reasonable to be concerned, there are simple and effective steps for leaders to learn how to best take care of themselves and their team.

    The LEAD WELL webinar provides leaders with practical education and tools to successfully manage the wellbeing and resilience of their teams remotely. The two live, interactive webinars will cover:
    • Remote Leadership.
      • Get the basics right Authenticity, Empathy and Vulnerability.
      • Non-verbal communication & how it can work for you.
      • Stress-Resilient Leadership & Psychological Flexibility.
    • Mental Fitness and Self-Care
      • What is mental health?
      • What does a mentally healthy remote workplace look like?
      • Signs that someone may be struggling.
      • How to best respond to an employee who may be struggling or not performing.
      • Looking after your own wellbeing!
    • Included
      • Digital learning assets during and post webinar.
      • Options available for post-training Executive Coaching or Wellbeing Coach ongoing support.

  • How to be happier, healthier and more successful - Secrets to a strong, healthy mind
    • WHY - wellbeing and mental health is important to discuss.
    • HOW - your brain works.
    • WHAT - Practical tools to improve your wellbeing today.
      • Work / Life Transition.
      • Stress-Less via mindfulness.
      • Joy and gratitude. 

  • Workplace wellbeing -  How to be happier, healthier and more productive
    Secrets to a thriving business, customers and community
    • WHY - the topic of Workplace wellbeing and mental health is so important for businesses.
    • HOW - your brain works.
    • WHAT - you can do to be happier, healthier & more successful  – not only for you, but also for your employees, your customers and the people you love and care about in your life.

  • Are You Okay? The why, how and what of wellbeing and mental health?
    Workplace wellbeing / Breakout workshop
    • Common Mental Illnesses and what do they look and feel like?
    • How to spot signs and recognise when someone is struggling?
    • How do you approach someone who is struggling? How to ask are you okay?

  • Stress-resilient mindful leadership
    Keynote / Workshop
    An important quality in a leader is “stress-resiliency”, an ability to recover from adversity and respond effectively. Leaders learn how to manage their thinking and emotions during stressful situations, and how to lead others during stress or crisis.

  • Being the best you!
    We live in an increasingly uncertain world, where anxiety, stress and overwhelm are becoming the norm. Learn inspirational tips and wellbeing tools to help you stress-less and gain gratitude and perspective to help you be the best you can be – every single day. 

Testimonials for Aaron Williams

Aaron was invited to join LinkedIn Live show ‘Together In Business’ to share his expertise and wellness tips for professionals during the pandemic crisis. Aaron was an approachable and engaging guest, offering tangible advice and guidance on mental health wellbeing and adapting to new ways of working — kindly answering live questions from LinkedIn members. Viewed more than 6,000 times by professionals across industries including technology, manufacturing and education, feedback on Aaron’s “great ideas” and particularly his “buffer time tip” was overwhelmingly positive.  
News Editor

Aaron was a guest speaker for our recent webinar offered to our support team. Aaron spoke about how to improve our wellbeing, dealing with stress and uncertainty and the importance of self-care. Aaron was authentic, engaging and could apply his expertise to everyday examples as his life as a mental health professional and dad. We had over 100 team members join the webinar, receiving really positive feedback for Aaron's session post the event. From one of our team members - "Aaron’s talk was my highlight as it was in the context of Covid 19. He provided some great insight into mental health and I think that he should give a similar presentation to all employees as it would help everyone to better understand themselves and others.
Head of Marketing Enablement
The Woolworths Group

In my view he is one of the top speakers in the mental health area in Australia, and I highly recommend him.
AFA Vice President
2018 National Conference Chair

... Aaron’s messages about the power you have over your thoughts, as well as how you can train your mind as well as your body really hit a chord with the audience. I would thoroughly recommend engaging Aaron to speak with anyone who is in the business of dealing with human beings and understanding what makes them tick a bit better and how you might help someone really in need.
Queensland State Manager, MLC Advice Partnerships
Consumer Banking & Wealth, National Australia Bank Limited

... We highly recommend Aaron’s presentation for others who are looking for an informed, insightful and optimistic take on mental health today.
Internal Communications Manager, Zurich Life & Investments
Zurich Financial Services Australia Limited

... Aaron was our key speaker and presented on “Being the Best You: How to be healthier, happier & more productive.” His presentation focused on why is it important for us to be aware of mental health and wellbeing and how we have incredible power over our thoughts and emotions. Aaron also gave delegates practical tips and tools to improve their own mental health and wellbeing. We received so much positive response from our delegates who really resonated with Aaron – his presentation was warm, lively, personal, engaging and funny - he captured the audience perfectly and was so well received. His key note was a big hit with our people.
Head of People & Culture

... Aaron’s keynote was titled “Being Your Best” and focused on why it’s important to be aware of mental health and wellbeing, and how to identify people who are struggling with their health and wellness. Aaron shared with delegates tips and strategies for helping advisors and their clients with mental health and wellbeing, provided access to online tools and resources, and presented a helpful outline on how to
have the sometimes difficult conversation “Are you okay?”. The feedback we received from attending guests was very positive and Aaron’s ‘can-do’ attitude made it a pleasure to work with him.
Head of Mental Health & Wellness
Life Insurance, Australia Wealth

I’m constantly surprised at all the amazing feedback we’ve been getting about this event across the country. I shouldn’t be surprised but I really didn’t realise how much of an impact that issue is on our clients and the people in their lives. Thanks for being so open, honest and flexible, taking on feedback so positively and pivoting messages when we needed you to. I can’t wait to work with you again.
Sales Strategy Manager
ANZ Wealth

THANK YOU for delivering such an incredible presentation at each of our events. I’m so glad we chose this as our topic and so proud that we seemed to have ignited conversation in so many who have previously been silent. I keep hearing more stories from all events of people admitting they struggle or know those who do – just further proof of what we all know, that mental health will affect us all in some way. I’m so, so pleased that attending our events can help people take that first step in finding out more and hopefully improving their own mental health and those around them – can’t really ask for more than that! Really appreciate your passion and enthusiasm throughout, I hope that our advisers take up all the opportunities your wellbeing portal and coaching can provide and I look forward to working with you again. Thank you for being part of a wonderful experience.
Sponsorships & Events Specialist
ANZ Wealth