Robyn Moore

Robyn Moore

Robyn is the master of voices and communication and the expert on “The Power of the Word.” She has more than 30 years background in Education, Marketing, Advertising and Communication, Relationship Marketing, Work/Home Balance and Wellness.

Robyn Moore is a very effective communicator with a unique understanding of "The Power of the Word". She sells people back to themselves so they experience increased access to life-altering communication, effective leadership, work/home balance, satisfaction, laughter, core values, vision, and desired outcomes, attitudes and behaviour. Robyn allows people to recognise old habits and behaviours and take responsibility for choices, which create the outcomes they want in their professional and personal lives.

Key Points

  • Robyn is regarded by many as the number one speaker in Australia.
  • She is the master of voices and communication and the expert on “The Power of the Word.”
  • She has more than 40 years background in Education, Marketing, Advertising and Communication, Relationship Marketing, Work/Home Balance and Wellness.
  • Robyn is one of the most memorable and in-demand speakers in the areas of Leadership, communication & relationship building.
  • Her presentations help people re-align their Vision, Values and Goals and many clients report increased bottom line & productivity within their organisations afterwards.
  • Re-engage, re-align, re-invent, re-generate, re-store with “The Power of the Word.” delivered in Robyn's unique Passionate, Energetic, Inspiring & Entertaining style.


Robyn Moore is a highly entertaining, inspiring and thought provoking presenter, captivating audiences at national and international conferences. Robyn literally “sells people back to themselves” so they recognise old habits and behaviours and take responsibility for choices, which create the outcomes they want in their lives. Robyn’s presentations are often described as “life changing”.

She doesn’t describe herself as a ‘Motivational Speaker’ or as a ‘Personality Speaker.’ She is instead authentically Australian and is able to create a relationship with audiences (from every sector) allowing her to unfold distinctions and communication skills beyond those generally being used in business or in education today. They’re skills which help “clear the way” for the new thinking and communication required to create solutions and remarkable results in business, health, education, community, family and relationships!

Robyn has worked in Education, Advertising and the Communication/Entertainment Industry for over 40 years. Her voice has been heard in most homes in Australia and New Zealand, as well as internationally. She has provided voiceovers for ads including Mr Sheen, Snappy Tom and Kleenex, as well as the shows ‘Blinky Bill,’ ‘Flipper,’ ‘Skippy,’ ‘The Magic Pudding’ and ‘How Green was my Cactus?’ She’s also an Ambassador for the Australia Day Council, the Australian Childhood Foundation and is the National Patron of Make-A-Wish Australia.

Robyn speaks nationally and internationally at conferences, special events and training workshops and creates remarkable results. When she speaks, people listen and take the action necessary to create the outcomes they want in their lives!

Robyn delivers Keynote, Breakfast and Luncheon Presentations, Client “Thank-You” Presentations and Staff Workshops. Her corporate clients often book her to open or close their conferences.

Through humour, powerful stories and life-altering distinctions, she opens the way for:

  • Self-motivation and integrity
  • Greater productivity/better results in less time
  • Clarity in choosing what’s really important in life
  • Rediscovering passion
  • Deriving greater satisfaction at work and at home by getting the “balance right”
  • Dealing with difficult people and circumstances
  • Communications the spice of life, including the difference between men and women
  • Celebrating and honouring our accomplishments and magnificence
  • “Life-altering” Communication   (Being bigger than our complaints in order to fulfil our desires)
Presentation Topics
  • Keynote – 'The Power of the Word'
  • Communications workshop
  • Conference Opening or Closing

Everyone needs to hear Robyn Moore speak!  She is a fabulous, inspirational presenter. Her extraordinary skill as a communicator gives her the ability to transform peoples' perception, and their approach to life. 
Margaret Bennett
Northeast Health Wangaratta

Robyn worked well to brief and made her talk highly relevant to our audience. She achieved exactly what I hoped she would by setting the tone for the next 3 days. Some delegate feedback from the survey:
"Inspirational and funny. Se the tone for the whole conference"
"Robyn Moore is fabulous"
"Inspiring with a number of 'bugger me' moments! She reminded me why I do what I do and the need to keep tuning into that passion."
"Robyn's motivational talk and wonderful stories helped set the tone for the conference and it carried through to every other session, it was extremely
Mirimba Kovner
Volunteering ACT

Excellent – Magnificent. Some comments from the team.
- Staff at Yerrabi LOVED the training last night! They are all arriving in a different mood today saying how inspiring and fun it was!
- Latara said how impressed she was that the company is investing in someone so famous and good to provide us a training session.
- Dada said that this was the best training ever!
I would just like to say a huge thank you for arranging last night with Robyn Moore. It was amazing, inspirational and motivational. Everybody is excited and talking about it this morning, they all loved it and went home and shared with husbands, partners & families. Thank you again for all of the
wonderful opportunities that you arrange for us.
Donna Bush
Yerrabi Ponds Early Learning

Brilliant! Robyn made the talk so relevant to our volunteers, she had the whole audience engaged and laughing. We have had amazing feedback from those who attended the event.
Bronwyn Wilkinson
Calvary Retirement Communities

Well, what can I say, Robyn was extremely professional and down to earth with all the delegates. Robyn’s theme in her speech and breakout session was fantastic and in line with the message that TSAA was portraying to their delegates throughout the Conference ‘Believing is Achieving’ and she did!!
Deborah Lade
Tasmania School Administrator's Association

Robyn was extremely professional and very well received by our conference audience. She liaised with me prior to the event to ensure her messages were appropriate and exactly what we required on the day
Nicky Sloss
Associates of Independent Schools NSW

On behalf of the ACT Branch I would like to thank you again for the fabulous job you did at our Pharmacy Assistant Professional Development Day. The Guild staff, pharmacy assistants, pharmacy students and sponsors alike have all raved about your presentations. The day would not have been the success it was without you. Thank you for your enthusiasm, humour, passion and for sharing your many wonderful stories. I know that when I got home, I was TIRED and loving. The kids and I spent hours cuddling on the lounge and playing games. I think everyone is so busy these days that we need to be reminded of what is most important – thank you. Please keep doing what you are doing – you are EXTRAORDINARY!
Lisa Gibbons
The Pharmacy Guild of Australia

Robyn delivers a message that is like a shot of vitamin B, dark chocolate and good wine – and should be delivered regularly. She constantly pulls you from your own thoughts into the future, into the moment, and into valuing the now and the self. From laughter to tears to laughter there is not a person who cannot be moved by the integration of stories and experiences that she shares. You arrive at her session with a sense of anticipation and leave with a sense of purpose – defined.
Alzheimers Australia

'thank you' seems woefully inadequate for imparting so much of your positive energy, for bringing on the tears from hilarious anecdotes and from the breath-taking poignancy of your stories, for the take-home messages in our hearts and for giving ICPA such nice lot of kudos.
Cave Creek Station

Excellent. Robyn is by far the best speaker we have ever had at a Conference. What a dynamic presentation. Robyn had the staff as a captive audience, one minute they were holding back tears and the next laughing hysterically. Everyone has commented on how the "Power of the Word" has affected him or her in some way either on a personal level or at work. I guess when you read a brief on a speaker and testimonials from others you perhaps think to yourself, is she as good as they say she is. Well our comment is "she is as good as it gets" "EXTRAORDINARY".
Bio-Mediq DPC Pty Ltd

Excellent! Robyn was a wonderful speaker who enchanted the audience members before, during and after her performance. We have had great feedback from delegates, with many people giving her the highest rating on our feedback forms. She was entertaining and thought-provoking, and an absolute pleasure to work with.
Institute of Body Corporate Managers

Superb. Robyn was enthusiastic, committed and a very entertaining speaker. She went above and beyond expectations, particularly with her involvement in our social activities. Would highly recommend her
Institute of Municipal Management

We wanted to set the scene for open and honest communications for our state-wide conference. Robyn took us from laughter to tears; the people that listened to her speak had their lives changed that day. I would suggest that she opens every conference and seminar Australia wide, as she ensures that future communication is honest, open and frank. Because of her we accomplished more in two days than we had been able to do in ten months.

Excellent. Robyn captured the hearts and minds of the audience. 
Optus Communications

We have had wonderful feedback from our clients...“a very entertaining speaker with some great messages; “ a great choice of speaker” and “the speaker was brilliant”  Once again, thank you for making our function the “extra-ordinary event” that it was.
LAW Personnel

The quality of Robyn’s presentation was extraordinary. I was enthralled and inspired. I have actually made a change in my life since hearing her speak.

Excellent. Robyn was ‘Extraordinary’. She captivated all 500 of our staff in a highly motivated address. One staff member said “Watch out Billy Connolly”, Robyn gave us all a good belly laugh, and moved us close to tears!
Justice Department

A warm, friendly and very funny person, she is not only a vibrant and highly entertaining speaker, but one who motivates and has the ability to judge and assess her audience. Robyn’s performance as a keynote speaker received rave reviews.
Australia Day Council of New South Wales

...could have heard a pin drop as the message hit home to everyone’s very soul during your presentation to our conference delegates.
Australian Sales Institute

Your message had a wider impact on other members of the audience, with many guests and staff commenting that they felt inspired to take on a more positive and pro-active approach to life. Robyn we think you have set a benchmark for our future guest speakers that will be impossible to surpass.
Central West College of TAFE

Just a note to thank you for your contribution in making our National Conference such a huge success.  Your closing presentation was superb in that it delivered the message in such a creative and entertaining manner that we had been attempting to relay all week. It really hit the mark with our franchisees. I am sure they all left with a clear message that will not only help their businesses but will have a huge impact on their personal lives.

You drew on an amazing wide range of skills from the performing arts, including mime, mimicry, rhetoric and character acting, to engage and captivate your audience.  Your incredible emotional range – from comedy to pathos, further enhanced this engagement. "The power of the word” was much more than a fascinating entertainment, it also carried a great and obviously heartfelt message that resonated with the theme of our conference and with the mood of the delegates at the dinner. All delegates, local, interstate, and overseas, were fulsome in their praise. Many, when asked to evaluate the contribution of the overseas speakers, wrote instead in praise of your work.
Australian Secondary Principals Association

I write to thank you for the marvellous content and presentation of your material regarding Relationships at our conference. The delegate responses were overwhelmingly thankful for having the opportunity to hear you speak, and several spoke of marriages back on track and of difficult situations resolved.
BCT Communications Pty Ltd

Extra-Ordinary. We love her!!
Australia Post

Excellent. Robyn was very connected with our group and spent the time afterwards mixing with them. Very amusing yet inspirational.
WB Financial Management Pty Ltd

...we laughed and laughed, were reflective and had tears in our eyes, one after the other. It was an experience that touched us where it mattered, both lightening the load and raising our awareness of being “in life”. To quote one of the young women present, “I need a dose of Robyn every six months". If this were a report card I would have to say, “Highly recommended”!
Macquarie Bank

I have been associated with AIBF since November 1995 and in those five years I cannot remember hearing a better talk. Congratulations.  Keep up the good work. When you have a gift like you possess you should share it with the rest of the world.
Australian Institute of Banking and Finance

Excellent…without doubt, Robyn is the best public speaker I’ve heard in years! Robyn’s ability to link with her audience, her use of humour, the ability to tap into people’s emotions and her unique style create the very definition of “edutainment”. Fun, humorous, touching, provocative, stimulating, these are just a few of the adjectives I would use to describe Robyn
Telstra ICON

Excellent. Robyn Moore is extraordinary!! She is full of life, inspirational, honest, humorous, serious and down to earth. Thanks for your gift Robyn.
Ocular Sciences Australia

Excellent. Robyn Moore was extraordinary, well worth her wait and gold. She is an exceptional person and speaker. Cannot get over how she made me look at my life and ways to change. I loved her talk.
AMP Services

Excellent. Without doubt one of the best speakers I have used.
Caltex Australia

Excellent. Absolutely fantastic at setting a positive tone for our 2 day National Conference. Inspiring and very moving.”
Australian Taxation Office

Robyn's talk was entertaining, inspiring, and thought-provoking, her easy-going manner and positive outlook on life was well received by all staff. I was most impressed by Robyn's interest in finding out as much as she could about our organisation and what issues really mattered to our staff.
Yarra Valley Water

Excellent! We wept. From pleasure, from pain, from wonder and from "little miracles", we were awed and over-awed. We laughed. And in quick succession we cried. Then we laughed again. Never has there been such an emotional roller coaster as we experienced in that hour and a half. Robyn's words will live for a long time with us.
Western District Employment Access

Excellent - Bloody huge 'bugger me'
DMP Marketing

What an excellent and inspiring speaker - I don't think I have heard better. Robyn made us laugh and cry all in one presentation, kept the audience enthralled and I have certainly come back to work in very high spirits. I am really glad I attended. Robyn Moore would have to be the best speaker I have heard to date in my Professional Working Career. I still have a sore jaw from laughing.
AIOP Bendigo 

Staff were very excited with Robyn's presentations. They not only thoroughly enjoyed them at the time, but they were also talking about them over the next few days.
Calamvale Community College

Excellent. Robyn’s delivery and communication skills were absolutely fantastic! All the comments we received from our Franchise network were extremely positive.  She managed to have people laughing and crying all at the same time!  I would recommend her to anyone!  She is extremely easy to relate to and very entertaining. Everyone loved “Blinky Bill”
Elders Real Estate

Robyn’s presentation was brilliant. We have received nothing but positive feedback from those who attended.
Chris Hyde
Emmerton Park Aged Care Facility

Very engaging, provoking and entertaining.
Paul Teys

It is difficult to find words to describe Robyn. We were very blessed to have her speak for us. Prior to the Conference Robyn provided a briefing sheet so we could work together and ensure her guest speak was really geared to our conference and delegates. Following that, Robyn phoned and it was wonderful to be able to speak to her and feel that she really did want to make a difference, achieve our aim with her address and understand our organization. On the day, because arrangements allowed, Robyn spent a considerable amount of time listening to the other speakers, writing notes and then incorporating that into her guest speak. She was so very warm and generous with her time and then proceeded to engage the delegates totally. The time seemed to go all too quickly when Robyn did speak. Robyn certainly captured the essence of  what was contained in the brief, delegates enjoyed plenty of laughter and then were captivated by the emotional tales Robyn related to really illustrate the “Power of the Word”. Our audience was varied, ranging in age from 25 to 95, men, women, managers, board members, staff, volunteers – to be able to related to such a broad crossed section was no easy task – although that is where Robyn demonstrated what a professional conference speaker she is. There is so much more I could say. Anyone looking for a truly amazing speaker who can deliver a life changing message needs to have Robyn at their Conference.
Sharon Balkin
UPA North Coast

Robyn Moore is a blessing! She has inspired and set us all on a trail blazing journey of becoming global leaders.
Rotaract Club of Sandy Bay

I have rarely seen a presenter have an audience more engaged and interested in her address. She is outstanding, and can relate so well to the audience. Our Year 12 students lined up after hearing her to speak with her and share thoughts/experiences. 
Hunter Valley Grammar School

Robyn was funny and entertaining and more to the point she connected with the audience and made them laugh about the pending reforms our department is about to go through 
Department of Education

Robyn is the so much a part of our RYLA family she knows exactly how to reach our group, on so many levels. The power of her words, delivered through her stories, experiences, and in every way possible to reach us, makes the BEST impact so they see themselves as valuable human beings with purpose and she gives us the tools to help with the inevitable changes that occur deep inside after her session. Robyn is my friend whom I love everywhere in my heart.
Rotary Club of Ulverstone West RYLA

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