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Key Points
  • Sarah Wilson is a New York Timeand Amazon #1 bestselling author, entrepreneur and philanthropist.
  • She is the founder of I Quit Sugar, whose 8-Week Program has been completed by 1.5 million people in 133 countries.
  • She is a former news journalist and editor of Cosmopolitan.
  • She is the author of over 16 titles including Simplicious Flow, I Quit Sugar and I Quit Sugar For Life.
  • How to live a life / career of meaning
    Sarah ties in the tips and tricks from her I Quit Sugar/Wellness work, her New York Times bestseller First, We Make the Beast Beautiful (anxiety) and her recent decision to close (not sell!!) her business and give the money to charity. 
  • Master of Ceremonies

Sarah’s insights are supremely energetic and always go beyond cliched thinking and conclusions. Her speaking style is inspiring and polished. She is a rare conduit between coolhunting and the mainstream.

In what is a complexly layered media environment today, Sarah Wilson identifies and communicates insights into the young women's market that can save marketers time and budget. There is a plethora of media vehicles available today. What we want is the connection with female consumers that translates into meaningful business. Wilson takes that young women's market, explains the blurring of media messages, and gives intelligent insights as to how these women receive and process messages, and importantly, make choices . Informative, entertaining and highly qualified in this arena, Wilson is a great reference for anyone wanting to understand and communicate effectively with young women today.
Corporate Communications Director-Asia/Pacific