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Key Points
  • Wayne Baskin was named for the fifth time as one of Inside Retail Australia's Top 50 people in e-commerce 2021.
  • 2019 winner of the Industry Recognition Award at the Online Retailer Awards, cementing Wayne as an industry leader.
  • Advisor to a number of businesses including Afterpay and a Director of Car Next Door.
  • An expert in Conversion Rate Optimisation, Product and User Experience.
  • Built all systems for Booktopia, allowing them to grow to $130M in Revenue including Booktopia’s website, Warehouse Management System and Content, Customer and Order Management System.
  • Is a specialist on all-things eCommerce including “the Booktopia Story”, logistics, customer experience and Distribution Centre automation.
  • The Booktopia story
    How we built a $130 million online business from $10.
  • The tricks of building a high converting ecommerce business
    Putting the customer first
  • How Booktopia's customer obsessed approach has made it succeed.
  • Learnings from Booktopia's head of Operations, Technology and Strategy
  • Using Data to build your business - The Booktopia approach

In any given year I place over 200 speakers in various roles at our retail conferences in Australia and the USA. Wayne Baskin is at the top of our list. Wayne’s business success is undisputed and world class. He deals in facts and his experience speaks volumes. He is a generous communicator and provides great value to his audience.  I highly recommend Wayne.
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